Aspire's Revenues Increased Significantly in 2021

21 february 2022
Author: James Burton
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Aspire Global's turnover reached $ 242.3 million in 2021. This figure exceeded the result of 2020 by almost 32%.

Financial growth occurred in particular due to the intention of the NeoGames operator to acquire 100% of the manufacturer's shares. Aspire Global's assets were valued at SEK 4.3 billion ($ 476 million).

It is expected that the final decision on the sale of the assets will be made before May 3, 2022. The deal will be fully completed in the first half of the year.

Aspire's revenues increased significantly in 2021

The provider's high income was also conditioned by its fruitful work in the B2C sector, in particular, the sale of its assets to Esports Technologies. The deal brought the studio $ 75.9 million. The lion's share of the firm’s revenues (almost $ 132 million) came from its online platform.

The operation in the B2B segment brought the supplier more than $ 33 million:

  • Aspire acquired the operator Pariplay in 2019;
  • the company bought the assets of the betting brand BtoBet in 2020.

The Provider’s Profits and Expenses

Consider the key figures:

  • operating expenses — 175.2 million euros;
  • distribution costs — 138.1 million euros;
  • taxes — 15.9 million euros;
  • administrative expenses — 21.2 million euros;
  • depreciation costs — 35 million euros.

The company's net profit, including all taxes, amounted to 24.1 million euros in 2021.

In the fourth quarter, the vendor's revenues made up 50.9 million:

  • core assets — 28.2 million euros;
  • gaming content — 7.5 million euros;
  • sports betting — 3.5 million euros;
  • B2C segment — 11.8 million euros.

Expenses in the fourth quarter, including depreciation charges, amounted to 45.7 million euros.

The Expansion of the International Influence

Aspire continued to scale up its global activities in 2021:

  • The Pariplay brand was licensed in West Virginia.
  • BtoBet entered the Polish market after making a deal with BestBet24
  • The manufacturer acquired a 25% stake in the famous bingo project End 2 End.

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