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Bally's Group Strives to Become the Best in the iGaming Industry

24 january 2022
Author: James Burton
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In this article, Casino Market experts have analysed the latest trends and conditions of the North American gambling market to tell about the potential of Bally's Group. Among the information below, the reasons for the success of the organisation are given.

Bally's Corporation: merger and potential

North American Multichannel Giant

Lee Fenton, a former director of Gamesys, says that despite successfully operating his company in 2019, he has not given up on opportunities and has started cooperation with the Twin River representative Soo Kim.

Mr Fenton tells about Kim’s first announcement that states about the creation of a first-digital business in the industry and the need for missing elements.

Throughout the year, after the words were spoken, he collected the parts that were needed and took such steps to achieve the goal, namely:

  • bought casinos in 3 states;
  • acquired Bally's and Bet. works;
  • signed an agreement with Sinclair Broadcasting Group;
  • renamed Fox Sports to Bally Sports.

The manager of Gamesys says that the new corporation had everything the operator needed. Specifically, Mr Fenton notes, the organisation had access to the North American market and sports betting technologies.

The addition of a distributor to Bally’s Group gave the company the leader in the interactive gaming industry and an excellent team of top management. It was Lee Fenton who later became the CEO of the American giant.

Despite all previous purchases, it was the addition of Gamesys that made observers realise the seriousness of Kim’s intentions to turn the organisation into the best multi-channel corporation in the US iGaming.

Successful Cooperation of Companies

Gamesys & Bally's land-based casinos

After the merger, the new CEO, supported by retail manager George Papanier, began to explore land-based casino systems. It is worth noting that the transaction is unique because the revenues from retail sales and digital technologies bring equal shares.

Mr Fenton notes that companies' philosophies have common points of intersection, making the work much easier. Bally’s core business is now focused on engaging clients. Managers are confident that only after the implementation of this aspect the revenue will flow undoubtedly.

The European leader will gradually recognise the American market by running a huge company. He says that a gambling company requires 2 factors to implement and that is trust and entertainment.

Limitless Horizon

Bally's Group is an organisation that operates perfectly in the legal market of the United States but also shows mind-blowing results in the Asian region.

The Eastern direction is one of the fastest-growing. And almost 30% of Gamesys' income came from this market. At the moment, the company’s focus is mainly on high-tech Japan. According to Mr Fenton, it was the area that generated the most stable profit in 8 years.

In Japan, land-based casinos are regulated by the government. The company assumes that soon the online industry will be completely legal.

The head assures that he fully supports state regulation because it creates the same opportunities to start for everyone. In this case, the group is obliged to show a performance that will outshine the competitors. To accomplish this, Bally's needs to provide customer service at the highest level and give unique content to consumers.

Mr Fenton notes that there may not be a corresponding law in Japan. However, the organisation obtained a licence for sports betting in New York City, despite a stunning tax of 51%. This town has a huge population allowing Bally's to operate in the state. Fenton notes that even with high taxation, success is possible by changing the way work is done.

Great Goals for Achieving

BallyBet betting software: application

The new team has hard and long work ahead. And first of all, it is all about the renewal of the brand. Representatives of the company say that the process of reconstruction will be completed soon. They note that only a few of the external visual elements are to be reformed.

The organisation says that future investments will be judged by the level of technology and how they can improve the client’s experience. Moreover, Bally's launches the first app for its casino in New Jersey.

Lee Fenton says that with the help of the group’s assets in Atlantic City, they can test their designs to increase the value of real estate among clients. The director notes that during the visit to the location he discovered the need for work. Director also adds that there is potential in the transition to online space.

After the revolution of land-based assets, BallyBet, available in only 2 states, will be reformed. The product, released quickly after the purchase of Bet. works, has minimal impact within the territories involved. The redeemed platform has excellent betting algorithms, but the app is not sufficiently customer-oriented for its active promotion, Fenton claims.

BallyBet will be finalised by Degree53, a studio purchased by the organisation. And also, it will have:

  • a management platform of the account from Gamesys;
  • the system of rates and power aggregation

The new version of the app will have console 2.0 and will be supported by Bally Sports. Dissemination channels will work to raise brand awareness and trust.

The group’s plans are not limited to naming rights. The organisation has already taken actions to move away from passive trackings, such as:

  • broadcasting of free games;
  • promoting ethers;
  • synchronising with the stream.

Mr Fenton claims that this year is a time of action. To create the newest product, Bally's has already been able to get:

  • cool specialists;
  • high technology;
  • incredible know-how.

The new company is unique. However, as the top management themselves note, much more needs to be done to achieve the omnichannel group. In summary, Bally's will persevere to its goal and strive for the perfect work of all aspects synchronously.

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