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Basic Slot Game Settings: Offerings for Virtual Casinos

20 march 2020
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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Experienced business owners have long known that the adjustment of casino games directly affects the number of regular customers because the majority of them prefer slots, rather than card and table games.

Slot game settings: offerings for online casinos

Today, our experts will tell you how to properly customise the software options so that players visit the gaming site more often, thus bringing you higher profits. From us, you can buy or rent popular slots with various plots. Free demo versions are also available.

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Online Casino Setup: Key Options

The gameplay can be divided into 2 stages:

  1. Preparatory stage. Players study the basic technical parameters of the games they like (the RTP percentage, the bonus system, the number of paylines, and a minimum and maximum rate). For gamblers, setting up slots in a casino is extremely important in order to correctly distribute their budget and win as often as possible.
  2. Principle stage. This is actually a slot machine itself. Whether the user will receive small prizes often, or, conversely, large amounts, but much less often depends on how the online platform was pre-configured, and how much it can pay.

Basic Slot Game Settings

Gamblers can adjust these 2 options:

  • The number of paylines. Casino visitors can activate at least one payline and no more than the maximum number allowed. The size of prizes that a player will receive per session depends on the number of lines involved. As a rule, such slot game settings are made by users via a special button, and operators cannot influence the choice of their clients and the final sum of money that they win.
  • The size of a bet per line. These limits are set by the manufacturer. Such a type of online casino setup is available for business owners. It all depends on the features of the software.

There are options that neither the owner of the website nor the visitors can affect. Thus, the main type of structural slot game settings is the number of reels. It is defined by the manufacturer and remains unchanged.

Selection of the Game Mode

Game modes: types, pros and cons

Such a process as setting up slots in a casino includes such an option as automatic or manual reels. Both options have advantages and disadvantages.

The play mode



Automatic spins

By choosing this option, users can take a break or even set up another slot.

The gameplay continues without the active participation of the gambler, and he can only calculate his winnings.

Automatic spins are considered beneficial for operators since they increase the income of a casino

Players concentrate less on the game and can be carried away by the process too much since they have almost nothing left to control. Eventually, it may cause a recoil

Manual launch

Gamers feel excitement and euphoria, completely delving themselves into the gameplay.

Such emotions make them return to the casino, and that is how entrepreneurs get regular customers

Manually, users often spin the reels fewer times than they do in the auto mode

Users can turn on the selected mode using special buttons. Automatic spins are configured in advance (in a special window, the specified number of spins and current changes during the gameplay are displayed). After the reels are activated, the session ends.

The Main Things about the Adjustment of Gaming Sites

Setting up slots in a casino is an important part of an operator's work. It is necessary to adjust the main options (RTP per cent, bonuses, and limits) in such a way that the gambling establishment gets the maximum profit but at the same time, it should remain interesting for players. It can be difficult for beginning entrepreneurs to find a balance but Casino Market specialists will be glad to help.

We will advise you on many issues, such as an online casino setup, and offer the best solutions from well-known suppliers. From us, you can also order the development of a turnkey platform.

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