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BGaming Doubles GGR and Bets in 2021, Its “Most Successful” Year Ever

14 january 2022
Author: James Burton
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Recently, the major provider BGaming has published its summary of 2021. The firm considers that period to be the most profitable in its history due to some great achievements. The revenue of the company, as well as their total amount of wagers from the clients, has grown twice in comparison to the previous year. Also, the organisation has expanded its development regarding cryptocurrency.

The main cause of such progress is the firm receiving their licence and broadening the business on the Latin American market by establishing new partnerships there. Besides, in comparison to 405 casino providers that represented their services in 2020, the number rose to 709 in 2021.

BGaming doubles GGR and bets in 2021

A large part of the studio’s new partners appeared due to their cryptocurrency-related projects. Currently, this innovation is highly popular among gamblers. Therefore, BGaming became the leading software provider that supports crypto payments, and they are still moving in this direction.

Executive Director’s Comments

The business establishment’s executive director stressed the importance of constantly growing and progressing. She made emphasis on the significance of a good team behind the success.

The representative pointed out that the company has hired twice more employees than only a short while ago. In her words, the group is flexible and able to communicate their expectations of each other. This leads to the increase of production efficiency and innovative solutions.

New Slots

In the last year, the number of slots by the supplier has increased by 11. These new games were equipped with cutting-edge technologies, such as reels with the ability to refill. Aside from that, some titles now have a multiplayer option.

The slot that demonstrated the biggest growth in 2021 was Fruit Million, which had an innovative theme and a feature of changing its design for special occasions, such as holidays. It was highly rated by both regular gamblers and experts, the latter of whom paved the way for the game to be nominated for a few major awards.

Followed by the sensational title’s success, it ended up inspiring a new list of games, known as Brand Exclusives. Ever since the studio has hit a goldmine with its most successful slot, it has also released 32 customised ones for a few major brands who ordered them specifically to distribute on their sites.

Other Opinions

The provider’s manager of marketing said that they majorly owe these accomplishments to their team’s abilities to know what the market and specific players need. In her words, they also focus deeply on their partners and provide them with the most distinctive and high-quality products and experiences.

In the official company speech directed at the press, it was stated that they are excited for 2022 and feel that there will be many more improvements in the upcoming months. The business is planning to officially receive a few licences that they have not had before, as well as seek various new solutions for cryptocurrency and work on the system of jackpots.

Another official representative of BGaming concluded by stating that they learned a lot from 2021, including their new strategy for growth. He called 2022 a favourable year for establishing their authority in the industry.

The business development specialist commented that the organisation will continue polishing their selection of game titles to make them more diverse and inspiring for players who want to engage. Finally, cryptocurrency will once again become a deep focus, and there will be a lot of related projects to keep up with the trends.

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