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How to Open a Big Fish Casino with Popular Games in the USA — Casino Market Explains

06 october 2020
Online casino, Management
Author: James Burton
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Entering the online gambling market in the USA is a unique possibility to start a lucrative casino website on the territory of the biggest consumer of this entertainment. Consequently, an operator will need a reliable software provider with the finest gaming and administrative content. Big Fish casino games are among the most popular in the online casinos from Florida to Alaska.

Big Fish casino games

Casino Market provides you with a unique opportunity to cooperate with the top-rated software supplier in the country. Any operator can start the best casino with Fishing games. Just reach the customer support of the Casino Market company and ask how to open Big Fish casino with astonishing games in the USA.

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Big Fish Popularity in the USA

The company was founded in 2002 in Seattle. Big Fish casino games were always popular among Americans. As a result, the company was bought by Churchill Downs for $885 million, in 2014. A proficient team of designers, marketers, engineers, and producers boosted the parent company significantly, especially in the field of social games.

Big Fish online casinos in the USA were originally designed as social entertainment. Through the years of its development, the company’s assortment of games now includes:

  • online slot machines;
  • blackjack;
  • Texas Hold’em Poker;
  • internet roulette;
  • social casino;
  • premium paid content.

A few years after its consolidation with Churchill Downs, Big Fish became a part of an Australian gambling tycoon Aristocrat Leisure. The purchase was worth a whopping $990 million. Since then, Big Fish games by Aristocrat are incredibly popular all around the US.

Nowadays, the organization’s two main American offices are situated in Oakland and Seattle. In total, games for Big Fish online casinos in the USA are developed by four company’s studios:

  1. ARC Studios.
  2. Triton Studios.
  3. Self Aware Games.
  4. Epic Ventures.

After merging with Aristocrat, Big Fish reinforced its positions on the American gambling market. A strong move was made from social gaming focus to online casino entertainment. Eventually, the company earned significant recognition among players from California to Ohio.

Main Features of Big Fish Entertainment

If an operator wants to open Aristocrat Big Fish games to the visitors of his website, he can be completely confident in the professionalism of the company’s specialists. The opportunities that the company offers are backed up by exclusive features of the gaming content.

Big Fish casino games are highly demanded and characterized by:

Competitive entertainment

Casual players make up the majority of the audience in the USA. At the same time, the company also offers unique solutions for competitive visitors. Regular tournaments can be held in a casino with Big Fish games. The company’s programming engineers consider the preferences of all types of visitors

Enormous jackpots

Big Fish games by Aristocrat feature more than 35K regular jackpots. Their peculiar feature is an accumulating nature that allows visitors of low-budget establishments have similar chances of winning as more popular casinos. A joint pot has already proven its efficiency on several websites in the US

Premium access

When an operator buys Big Fish slots in the USA, he receives a chance to integrate a premium system for the visitors. Those punters who obtained VIP access can participate in exclusive events, including elite slot tournaments with increased jackpots

Animated design

The experience in social gaming allowed the company to continue developing casino content in a similar style. A proficient team of designers always strive to impress players as well as bring innovative animation methods to their game developing process

Cultural variety

The United States is a unique country that combines several dozen different cultures. A smart operator understands that it is essential to adjust to as many of them as possible. Therefore, all new Big Fish casino games that are developed for a particular region consider the local peculiarities of players. It allows to maximize the acquisition and target specific people

Benefits of Working with the Big Fish Company

Big Fish casino: benefits

The online gambling market in the US is diverse. In some states, it is allowed to enjoy the most popular types of gambling content (Nevada, New Jersey, etc.). Other states relate to this sphere much more conservative (for example Hawaii). When an operator starts utilizing Big Fish games, he understands how beneficial it is to work with this popular software provider in the US.

The main pros of working with Big Fish from Aristocrat are:

  1. Increased level of the game-developing process with the finest performance rates available.
  2. Profitable RTP rates for operators on the most demanded gaming entertainment in the USA.
  3. The possibility to buy Big Fish slots in the USA and integrate them not only on desktop platforms but also on mobile in a form of applications.
  4. One-of-its-kind graphical design of each game due to an individual approach of the designers’ team.
  5. An extensive settings menu that allows configuring bonus spins, consistency of Wild items, and many other in-game possibilities.
  6. Presence of social games that are the analogues of casino content but can be played for free to gain the necessary experience and just enjoy the process.

After a detailed acquaintance with the company and a positive impression, operators will understand why it is so beneficial to work towards opening Fish table gambling games in online casinos. It is a perfect opportunity to start a lucrative business project in one of the most profitable markets in the world. Americans enjoy casino games. Therefore, it will be extremely easy to acquire the desired audience.

The Main Things about Big Fish in the USA

A consolidation with Aristocrat made a huge impact on Big Fish. The most important influence concerned the demand. A much bigger marketing department involved more entrepreneurs, eager to open an Aristocrat casino with Big Fish games.

Exclusive gambling features, social entertainment background, and stunning animation made the company stand out from the crowd of other software manufacturers.

Apart from that, the key notions about Big Fish in the USA are:

  • a close focus on the American audience and the presence of four big gaming studios (ARC Studios, Triton Studios, Self Aware Games, Epic Ventures) that consider the demand of different player groups in the content development;
  • unique features of the gaming content — competitive entertainment possibilities, enormous accumulating jackpots, premium access for players, astonishing animated designs of games, consideration of cultural variety within the operational area;
  • impactful advantages of cooperating with Big Fish that include a proficient level of the game-developing process, profitable RTP rates for operators, focus on mobile applications, extensive settings menu, demo and social versions of casino games.

Casino Market receives a lot of requests on launching Big Fish slot games in the United States. Such high demand is explained with the dedication and professionalism that the company devotes to the development of the software. Therefore, if you are still wondering how to open a Big Fish casino with a variety of games in the USA, just contact our company.

We have cooperated with this software supplier for more than 5 years and are sure about their proficiency. Buy Big Fish slots in the USA and order provider's gambling services at Casino Market.

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