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BiS Will Showcase Latin America Largest Betting Event

27 april 2022
Author: James Burton
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The largest in Brazilian history, the betting event will begin with a series of debates, talks, and presentations. It features visitors at the top of their game as well as individuals with a lot of clout in worldwide betting. The event was created to improve the entire experience of the national/international players that attended.

BiS showcases Latin America largest betting event

What is the Brazilian iGaming Summit?

This summit intends to present guests with up-to-date and relevant information about the growth of the gaming and betting sector in Brazil's domestic market. Because the country has become a key area for sports betting and online gaming, numerous organisations worldwide are looking for information on regulatory processes, licences, and wagering frameworks.

High-level delegates from government, industry, sports betting, affiliate segments, and lottery operators will convene to chart the industry's course.

The Plan and Purpose of the Event

In 2022, BiS plans to deliver the spectacular appeal of globally renowned brands from all corners of the earth to newcomers in the developing Brazilian market. Furthermore, the BiS 2022 seminars encourage information exchange and collaboration between gaming or betting business executives and Federal Government of Brazil officials.

During the event, planners will pay close attention to recent trends, figures, and tendencies in developing Brazil's fast-increasing business. There will be a large number of people presenting, including government officials, lawmakers, business owners, regulators, and suppliers.

BIS Unique Award

One of the centrepieces of this edition of the Brazilian iGaming Summit is a particular award for the iGaming sector — the Brazilian iGaming Awards. The goal is to recognise the top-performing entities — professionals, brands, and operators who excelled over the year.

The famous awards ceremony is scheduled for June 28, 2022, and the BiS program is specifically intended to improve the whole experience for participants — both national and international players.

Following the tragedies of the epidemic, this face-to-face meeting of industry admirers and players is a watershed event. The official schedule will feature rigorous debate, displays, and encounters amongst industry-leading individuals with an in-depth understanding of betting, affiliates, lotteries, and other gambling-related activities.

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