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Casino Affiliate Program: a Proven Method of Promotion from Casino Market

26 august 2022
Online casino, Marketing
Author: James Burton
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The promotion of an iGaming site with the help of partner services is beneficial for many reasons. Operators pay only for the final result, which is correlated with the received profit and the attracted traffic. Advertising costs are borne by the contractor — a private webmaster or an affiliated company.

Affiliate program: proven promotion tool

The Casino Market studio offers entrepreneurs to order a turnkey gambling project. The solution contains a proven partner service, a payment aggregator, a CRM system, and games from the best software vendors.

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What Is a Casino Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is an effective way to promote an iGaming business on the Internet. Operators can delegate this function to the webmaster (publisher).

A hired specialist or a whole team of experts actively advertises the casino platform and is paid for their work: a fixed fee or a percentage of the customer's profit.

The interaction can be built directly between project owners and the webmaster or include a third party — an affiliated network. In this case, the site takes a commission fee for its services (usually 3–8% of the transaction’s amount).

Casino affiliate programs bring to operators the following tangible benefits:

  • access to thousands of attractive offers (contracts), that is, customers can sign any contract based on the needs of the iGaming business;
  • appointment of a personal manager who will help operators to resolve technical issues;
  • insurance in case of force-majeure circumstances;
  • a wide range of settings and reporting for effective management.

Key Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing: advantages

The list of positive aspects related to partner programs includes:

Interaction with the target audience

Parameters of the targeted traffic are specified in the offer. Typically, the analysis of users is based on their age, gender, country of residence, interests, income, and other factors.

Reliable casino affiliate programs generate only the internet traffic that will bring real profit to operators

Payment for the result

The payment format is specified in the contract. Common options include a fee per action and a percentage of the profits.

Whatever type of cooperation the advertiser chooses, he is always safe from unreasonable expenses: there is no direct income from the affiliate program, so there are no payments to the webmaster

Simple scaling

To change the line of business (for example, from slot machines to sports betting solutions) or promote a new game (a casino platform or a loyalty system), entrepreneurs do not need to hire marketing staff. It is enough to make a profitable offer using an affiliated network

Easy management

The advertiser can control the promotion of the website: monitor both the quantity and quality of traffic, publish interesting contracts, and analyse financial indicators.

All information is presented in the form of convenient tables (graphs, diagrams) with clear navigation and hierarchy

Cost optimisation

The establishment of a casino business using affiliate programs always reduces operating costs. The webmaster bears all expenses (publication of advertising, rent of a dedicated server, and hosting), and the customer pays only for the result

The Nuances of Payments via Affiliated Systems

Popular payment methods include:

Revenue Sharing (Income Distribution)

The advertiser gives the publisher a part of the profit received from the attracted internet traffic.

During the initial registration, the user is assigned to a specific webmaster. Then, the system automatically calculates a percentage (6–14% depending on the offer) from each loss of the client. The result is adjusted on the size of winnings and current expenses (bonuses, random gifts).

Payment to the publisher can be temporary (1–5 months) or lifelong — as long as the gaming site exists.

Cost per Action

The advertiser pays the webmaster for the registration of new users or when they make the first deposit from 5 to 150 dollars, depending on the terms of the contract. Traditionally, the foreign gambling business offers high payouts but good offers can also be found in the CIS market.

In CPA schemes, conversion rates are often used. This is the percentage of casino visitors who completed the required action out of the total number of players.

The use of the Conversion rate optimises the operator’s costs since there is no need to pay for disinterested persons who, for example, have registered on the platform but have not made a deposit.

There are several types of conversion:

  1. SOI (Single Opt-In). This option provides for 1 action which usually means the registration on a gaming site. The payouts are small: 0.5–2 dollars for each new punter.
  2. DOI (Double Opt-In). For example, here, there are 2 actions — registration and making a deposit. The cost of payments under the DOI scheme is already higher: from 2–5 dollars.
  3. Complex actions. To earn money, a webmaster must attract players to a gambling platform, encourage them to register, make a deposit, and place a bet of 100 dollars. Offers with such conditions are paid at the highest rate — 50 dollars and more.

The Main Sources of Affiliate Traffic

To open a profitable online casino, entrepreneurs need to use as many sources of internet traffic as possible.

Affiliate networks interact with the following web platforms:

  1. Social networks. These are such popular platforms as Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte, Telegram, and others. They are distinguished by a large volume of traffic, as well as a wide range of additional tools. Users can be sorted by gender, age, and geography.
  2. Search engines. In this case, we are talking about Google Adwords, Yandex Direct, Microsoft, and other sources of high-quality online traffic. Search engines contain useful elements for the creation of an effective advertising campaign: trackers, cloud storage, keyword generators, and tools for drawing banners.
  3. Mobile platforms. An excellent option for mobile casino operators aimed at a solvent audience: users of Android, iOS, and Blackberry OS. Webmasters and advertisers can set up targeting based on mobile operators, IP addresses, and partner site identifiers.

Best Affiliate Networks for the Monetisation of Websites

From Casino Market, you can buy a gambling project along with the built-in services.

We offer high-quality products from reliable providers with a good reputation in the gaming market:

  1. Income Access. The affiliate network unites more than 100 companies: casino operators, organisers of lottery drawings, and the owners of online sweepstakes. The brand offers a demo version of the solution, a large selection of digital tools, and premium versions of products for regular customers.
  2. NetRefer. The developer supports different payment schemes (CPA, RevShare, and “hybrid”) based on built-in KPI metrics and targeted traffic sources. The company assigns a personal manager to each advertiser. There are also options to launch a joint marketing campaign with NetRefer or a partner operator based on the cross-selling scheme.
  3. DirectTrack. This is an international affiliated network: you can work from anywhere in the world, regardless of the jurisdiction. The program includes a well-thought-out risk management system to protect the perimeter of the website and its payments.

The Main Things about the Effective Promotion of a Gambling Platform

Casino promotion: key features

The Casino Market company offers entrepreneurs to buy or rent a ready-made project. The product already has built-in affiliate services, as well as entertainment content, a financial aggregator, a CRM system, and other reliable components.

  • Promotion of an online casino with the help of a partner network allows to reduce marketing costs, reach out to the target audience, and scale up the advertising campaign in case of a release of new products or a change in the format of work.
  • Affiliate services contain a wide range of targeting settings. It is possible to specify the parameters of the audience (age, interests, geolocation) and select the traffic source (social networks, mobile platforms). All this affects the quality of the targeted audience and the profitability of operators.
  • Common payment schemes in affiliate programs: CPA, RevShare, and “hybrid”. Casino owners also use conversion rates to increase the return from the attracted target audience.

To connect a free demo version of a turnkey solution or an affiliate network, please contact our managers.

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