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Casino Esport Conference Offered New Ways of Boosting Performance

25 may 2022
Author: James Burton
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The sixth edition of Casino Esport Conference (CEC) was held at Alexis Park Resort on 23 and 24 March 2022.

Casino Esport Conference: March 23–24, 2022

The event was aimed at uniting all participants of the following spheres:

Talking Heads and Agenda

The Fox brothers, the founders of the grand event, presented the schedule and leading experts.

Among experts, there were such outstanding personalities as:

  • Tyler Bushnell, a director of Polycade;
  • Laila Mintas, an ex CEO of PlayUp;
  • Seth Schorr from Fifth Street Gaming;
  • Giovanna Fessenden, a juridical specialist in the field of eSports;
  • Tael Tamar, a co-director of SolidBlock, etc.

Among the topics planned for the event, visitors were able to find everything from online casinos to state regulations.

The CEC programme consisted of:

  • cybersports in iGaming;
  • finances;
  • the global scenery of industry;
  • cryptocurrencies and their scope;
  • table games;
  • youth targeting;
  • casino upgrade;
  • new state regulations.

Particular attention was given to the expansion of the legislative update in states such as Nevada and New Jersey. An additional focal point on this topic was the impact of cybersports and its potential for legal sector extension.

What Companies Were Able to Find out?

Ari Fox talked of the importance of this event in connection with the new state of the industry, on which Covid-19 had a significant influence. He said that the changes that have come must be taken into account because the environment of the iGaming sphere is changing intensively.

Mr Fox insisted that businesses get information that would give them a good boost and that they might not even know.

Modern Directions for Extension

Meta-universe as an important aspect of video games

The organiser claimed that eSports should become an integral part of the casino, as this direction is rapidly gaining momentum and not going to stop. Unfortunately, many companies do not yet realise this.

Fox discussed the meta-universe as a new and important aspect of video games.

He noted the value of the new direction in:

  • its constant contact with customers;
  • generating a modern gambler's experience.

Co-owner pointed out that most providers and operators are missing a new opportunity for their expansion in the digital world. Moreover, not only do organisations lose sight of new possibilities, but states tend also to overlook them.

Nevada does not take into account the widening of the iGaming sphere. However, the direction of the digital world will help to develop new practices for players and launch the area of cyber betting.

According to Mr Fox, with the help of virtual reality technology, gambling companies will benefit regardless of the location of their client. Thanks to modern devices such as virtual headphones, players will be able to virtually travel to the event itself, thus getting a new and exciting experience.

Revenue Increase Opportunities

Ben Fox, has made revisions to MGM Resorts International’s M Life Rewards Program, which focuses on online dimensions. The co-owner noted that the casino companies understand the internet-related opportunities for financial growth.

He said that with the help of eSports, organisations can begin to multiply their income immediately. However, the main obstacle to mitigation and the introduction of a new direction is the legal part.

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