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Casino Reward Systems: Increase Your Gambling Profits

11 july 2022
Author: James Burton
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The Casino Market team shares core ideas on how to implement the use of bonuses to attract and retain customers on online gambling portals.

Casino reward systems: importance and benefits

Key Instruments

Every sector has a universal maxim: it is cheaper and more lucrative to maintain existing clients than to bring in new ones. According to a study from Slotegrator, a 5% rise in player retention might convert into a 25% increase in proceeds.

Distributors of entertainment must strike a balance between luring fresh entrants and retaining the people they already have. Among the instruments, the key to maintaining this equilibrium is the system of rewards.

Bonuses are valuable and may draw in more participants. Whereas loyalty programmes and other promotions assist punters on a losing path and reward active gamers.

The rewards mechanism does not ensure complete client participation. Gambling platforms must create a plan regarding marketing profiling, delivering the relevant benefits to the appropriate people at the right time.

Attracting Users

Operators provide incentives for signing up new guests. Distributors can welcome gamers, make them follow the platform's policies and type private data.

Such acts provide the portal access with:

  • a potential client who has registered;
  • the possibility to get in touch with the person for promotional purposes.

Throughout site evaluation, the gambler can reduce potential losses with the aid of bonus offers. The incentives do not necessarily have to be announced on the portal. Casinos may contact registered members who still have not placed a bet via e-mail or SMS.

The usage of deposit incentives by entertainment businesses to encourage players to fund their accounts is prevalent. This is often a percentage of the first wager and occasionally includes several bonus spins.

Customer Retention

Casino player retention: core nuances

Gambling sites can keep or entice back players through such tools:

  • loyalty programs;
  • personalised offers;
  • other promotions.

Entertainment providers control and add their perks to portals. The updated bonus module of Slotegrator's latest platform, which went live on May 16, gives players unlimited options for applying the reward approach.

Increased benefits and gifts are possible with multi-level loyalty programmes for participants. People have the chance to feel more significant as a consequence, which enhances the interaction between both the player and the platform.

Users receive a specific ranking and are instantly made members of the reward club after registering. There are additional perks available as people move up the scale.

The most engaged enthusiasts can rely on:

  • personal rewards;
  • service from an individual manager;
  • cash bonuses, etc.

Businesses employ reload incentives to entice back customers who have not used the portal in a while. They may be devoted to a certain occasion or the debut of the latest entertainment.

These rewards have a fixed term of validity and are provided in the form of:

  • per cent of the player’s deposit;
  • extra free spins, etc.

Operators must provide cashback alternatives to players in order to foster long-lasting ties. No matter how the experience turns out, the customer must have a pleasant image of the gaming platform. The probability of a player’s return is considerably improved if people feel appreciated by the casino.

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