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Casino server software: what it is and why it is important

27 april 2019
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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As a casino owner, you are likely to take care of the variety of slot machines in your establishment, a perfectly designed user-friendly website, more payment systems, promotion, and marketing to attract more visitors. But all your efforts may be for nothing, and you will be in huge trouble if you store confidential information concerning your project on an unstable server that can be easily hacked.

Casino server software

What Is Casino Server Software?

Casino server software is a program the main functions of which are the following:

  • hosting the website of an online casino;
  • storing and retrieval information about casino customers: accounts, transactions, settings and so on;
  • processing requests.

This software is run on a remote server that can be accessed and controlled via the Internet.

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What to Pay Attention to While Choosing Casino Server Software?

If you are in search of server software for your establishment, you should approach the process reasonably and responsibly.

It is rather easy to make a fatal mistake since there are a lot of nuances to be considered such as:

  • The country where the server will be physically present. The matter is that in some countries (CIS countries, China, Turkey and so on) gambling is forbidden in any form. Thus, relevant authorities can arrest your server and accuse you of breaking the law.
  • As a rule, in order not to have additional troubles, many successful entrepreneurs who engage in the gambling business prefer countries where gambling is officially allowed, for example, Great Britain or Costa Rica.
  • Safety and reliability. A company that offers server software has to provide multiple security systems to ensure that data is protected and no malfunction will appear.
  • One more important point is that a provider has to supply with data backup feature so that customers will be able to recover all the necessary information in case of a disaster.
  • Trial period. Every responsible server provider gives customers an opportunity to test all the functionality available and then decide whether the value for money is suitable. Usually, test period lasts for 10 days, but there are such companies as Beget, for instance, that expand it up to 30 days.
  • If a server provider does not provide any trial period, you had better not to cooperate with it, as you are likely to pay for a low-quality service.
  • PHP, .NET, Python and other server languages support. Due to this, you will be able to integrate anything you need.

Casino SRM system

Why Is It Important to Host Casino Websites on a Reliable Server?

Gambling is closely related to big money. That is why there are at least 2 reasons why your casino website might be attacked:

Quick Money

Not everyone wants to earn money by honest work. Some people, for instance, those who are good at hacking prefer to attack websites and manipulate with transactions or block websites and blackmail owners into paying a ransom.

High Level of Competition on the Market

Nowadays, a lot of people do the casino business. Your rivals may hire hackers to attack your servers to steal valuable data, disrupt the work of your website and so on in order to put your reputation in jeopardy or even to force you to quit.

If you host your online establishment on a stable and reliable server, you leave your rivals no chances to ruin your business and ensure that your visitors do not encounter any interruptions while playing or using the website.

How to Acquire a Hosting of High Quality

  • To hire a server for your business from a provider.
  • To purchase White Label casino from Casino Market — a company that has a long experience in the gambling business — with hosting and other things like licenses, platforms, sets of slot machines, payment systems that are necessary to launch a casino project quickly. All that you have to deal with is to brand everything in the style of your establishment and focus on its promotion and marketing.

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Where to Get Quality Casino Server Software?

If you are not sure of your competence in casino server software, we advise you to consult specialists. For example, Casino Market will be ready to help you. Here you will get casino server software from approved and well-known providers and consultations on how much disk space is needed to bear all the load of your establishment’s traffic, a free domain, and many other useful services.

In addition, Casino Market offers other kinds of casino software for sale and rent such as slot machines, platforms, casino web scripts, iGaming software and so on. Here you will get a complete explanation why open source gambling software is not always a variant if you care about stability. Besides, here you can order a turnkey development solution according to all your needs and requirements and find out how much money it may cost.

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You can find a lot of gambling builder companies on the Internet, but you should be careful while choosing one of them. But if you cooperate with Casino Market, you can be sure that you will get the quality software and professional support.

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