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Casinos of the Future: Modern Changes in the Gambling Industry

Updated 23 november 2022
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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The sector is demonstrating huge growth. Having reached its peak in 2020–2021, the market volume is estimated at 546 billion dollars.

According to the forecasts of the European Gaming agency, the expected average annual growth rate will not fall below 5.79%. Experts believe that, by 2027, the global casino industry will reach 765 billion dollars.

Gambling technologies: trends and changes

The achievements of the segment are measured not only by money. The entertainment niche sets the pace for other sectors of the global economy in the development and implementation of advanced technologies.

In this article, specialists from Casino Market will share information on the most interesting and promising trends in the market.

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Decentralised Technologies and Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is one of the many digital assets that are widely used in the online casino industry.

The popularity of virtual money is growing every day, which promises gamblers a lot of unique advantages compared to traditional payment options.

Benefits of cryptocurrency bets


To participate in games for money, users do not need to go through the standard identification procedure and disclose personal data.

To place bets and withdraw the winnings, it is enough to indicate the wallet number and confirm the transfer using a personal password key

Speed of transactions

Such a process as the deposition and withdrawal of digital funds is instant. The transaction speed is not affected neither by the time of using the game service nor the frequency of requests or the volume of transfers

The absence of geographical restrictions

Crypto casinos work with an audience from all over the world and serve customers from countries where gambling is strictly prohibited.

It is almost impossible to track transactions or find out the player’s data, so all categories of users are allowed to place bets

Lack of commissions

Cryptocurrency services do not have a centralised control system, so there is simply no one to pay commission fees.

Operators can assign a certain percentage of deductions to cover their depreciation expenses

Absolute financial protection

Cryptocurrency transactions cannot be tracked, interrupted, or blocked. Users are guaranteed to receive their winnings without the need to disclose personal data or pay taxes

Decentralised services have found wide application not only in the financial sector but have also become an innovative mechanism for ensuring secure gameplay.

Thanks to the unique technical features of virtual Blockchain systems, operators can guarantee their audience an absolutely transparent outcome of any draw.

The system is set up in the following way:

  • the program generates a chain of game values, encrypts it, and transfers it to a special storage;
  • all parameters stored in the Blockchain block are automatically recorded on the devices of the network users without the possibility of their subsequent adjustment or deletion;
  • after the end of the draw, players get access to the source code and can compare the appeared values ​​with the previously generated combination.

To check the consistency of the results, gamblers can use any external resource at their discretion, while entrepreneurs act only as intermediaries between players and the slot machine and cannot influence the outcome of the game.

Big Data Technologies

Big Data in gambling: technology tasks

With the switch of the industry to the online environment, the number of tasks for data processing has increased many times over. Manual analysis and information sorting have become physically impossible tasks with a high human error factor.

Advanced Big Data technologies allow operators to process a huge amount of data through special automated algorithms and filters.

In the field of iGaming, Big Data tools are used to perform the following tasks:

  1. Personalisation. With each new visit to the gambling site, guests leave more and more personal data. Advanced technologies allow entrepreneurs to analyse the activity of the audience and quickly find out its interests. This data is used by operators to develop the most effective retention strategies and increase overall business efficiency.
  2. Fight against fraud. Unscrupulous visitors can register on the casino’s site in order to abuse bonuses or get access to content from countries that prohibit gambling entertainment (login to the portal using VPN services). Innovative methods of instant data processing and analysis allow the timely recording of any deviations from standard behavioural responses.
  3. Identification of problem clients. The security of the gambling industry is now paid special attention to. Data analysis based on Big Data technologies allows you to quickly identify any behavioural characteristics of the audience, including those that may indicate the development of addiction. By setting up a notification system, operators can instantly respond to potentially problematic customers and block their access to the resource.
  4. Evaluation of business performance. To analyse KPI data, a variety of metrics are used, including gross income, net revenue, number of deposits, churn rate, etc. Continuous collection and analysis of specified indicators will allow business owners to quickly detect any failures in the operation of the casino project and quickly adjust their strategy depending on the needs of the audience.

Games in Smartwatch

One of the most promising trends in the gambling industry is the rapid popularisation of entertainment that is launched on wearable devices.

In 2019, smartwatch content was a decade ahead of its time and therefore, it was not received well. The market was estimated by experts at only 65.4 billion dollars.

However, analysts expect wearable devices to become one of the basic trends in the global gambling market by the end of 2022.

The main factor in favour of the popularisation of casinos for smartwatches is 5G support. Network coverage in 61 countries has already increased by more than 350%. Smart gadgets with an ultra-fast internet connection can completely change the way players interact with online casinos.

There is a wide range of gambling products for iOS smartwatches on the market. Such industry giants as Microgaming, Playtech, and other international brands are working on the development of specialised gambling software.

Mobile Casino Content in PWA Format

Foreign online platforms are increasingly using Progressive Web Applications services. The technology has become an almost perfect alternative to traditional downloadable apps.

PWA-based products can be launched like a regular browser page. The casino app is installed directly through Chrome or Safari. There is no need to visit the online store. It is enough to press the Add to Home Screen button, and game services will be instantly installed on the client's device.

Benefits of the technology:

  1. The speed of interaction. PWA solutions provide customers with a high-quality experience thanks to fast loading, a native interface with a set of hotkeys, and smooth animation.
  2. Stable connection. The speed of installation and loading of animation effects, as well as the response to financial transactions, do not change since they do not depend on the quality of the network connection or the frequency of repeated logins.
  3. High engagement. To attract and retain gamblers, a wide range of specialised tools are provided, including hotkeys, the launch of slots in full-screen mode, and push notifications.

Content with Big Wins

A popular trend in 2022 is the release of casino products with high volatility. The improved winning potential has become one of the ways to quickly expand the client base and increase the loyalty of customers.

According to statistics, in 2022, games that can increase the bankroll many times over are extremely popular with gamblers.

The trend can be clearly seen in new solutions released by well-known providers. Most of the top brands add to their catalogues such slots where players can skip the main session and go straight to the bonus draws by placing a special bet.

Metaverse Casino

Metaverse casino: features and components

Metaverse is a futuristic term that was invented by Neil Stevenson and first mentioned in his “Snow Crash” novel of 1992. The word comes from the prefix “meta”, which means “beyond”, and the English “verse” meaning “universe”.

In the context of digital gambling, the Metaverse is a world with which you can interact in a wide variety of ways. For example:

  • explore it using cutting-edge VR technology;
  • change the physical reality using AR tools, as in the PokemonGO game;
  • physically move your character, just like in video entertainment of the Nintendo universe.

Matthew Ball, the author of The Metaverse Primer, believes that the iGaming world should combine such features and components as:

  1. Continuity. The Metaverse is a global space that does not end, does not stop, and is characterised by a permanent growth potential.
  2. Openness. Access to the gaming space can be obtained by anyone, and users should be able not only to interact with the digital world but also to participate in its formation and development.
  3. Economy. Like the real world, the Metaverse must have its currency and trade. Currently, the most promising candidates for the role of the main currency of the iGaming space are Bitcoin, NFT, and other types of virtual money that are based on decentralised technologies.
  4. Compatibility and duality. The online universe must provide its participants with the opportunity to stay connected and interact with both digital services and the real world.

Personalisation of the Offers with Chatbots

One of the most interesting examples of the use of programmable chat options is the online concierge at the Caesars Palace casino in Las Vegas.

The application allows guests of the gambling establishment to book a visit remotely, receive detailed information about all the provider's services, and participate in various promotional programs.

One of the main advantages of chatbots, in addition to the ability to automate administrative processes in online casinos as much as possible, is a personalised approach to customers.

The first analogue of a chatbot was launched in the form of SMS messages at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas casino. The system has selected for its users individual offers of games, restaurants, and tourist tours. According to the subsequent analysis of the effectiveness, the requests of the audience were satisfied by 80%.

With the appearance of mobile and cloud technologies, chatbots have become an integral component of successful online projects with high customer engagement and retention indicators.

The Main Things about Advanced iGaming Technologies

The market is growing rapidly, and this tendency concerns not only the financial sector. The internet gambling niche is actively increasing its audience through the constant implementation of advanced solutions.

  • Mobile casino entertainment is one of the most promising areas in the coming years. PWA technologies have become the best alternative to traditional applications. Online casino visitors have received stable access to gambling products directly through the browser, even when the internet connection is poor.
  • Cryptocurrencies are becoming the most popular payment method on gaming sites. Decentralised technologies guarantee users anonymity, the highest payment processing speed, the absence of fees, and absolute financial security.
  • The next step in the transformation of the market is the creation of a global Metaverse environment. The leading companies are already offering content with AR/VR elements, introducing new NFT-based financial systems, and developing open-source products that all internet users can make adjustments and additions to.

To find out more about the most interesting iGaming trends, please contact the Casino Market studio. We offer the best fresh solutions from the industry flagships, as well as the creation of an exclusive turnkey project.

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