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Crash Games: Next-Generation Casino Content

Updated 28 november 2022
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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In a highly competitive environment, owners of entertainment sites should closely monitor gambling trends and regularly expand their catalogue of offers.

Experts of the Casino Market studio found out that crash games have been of particular interest to the audience these days.

Crash games: general information

From this article, you will learn what crash content is, how it differs from classic slots, and why it attracts the enormous attention of users.

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About the Concept of a Crash Game

The main trend of the future is to simplify everything that surrounds us in order to make life as comfortable as possible.

The younger generation of players thinks globally and does not like to focus on little things. Hence the ever-growing interest in a simple product with intuitive controls.

Unlike poker or blackjack where winnings depend on the skills of gamblers, crash content is the quintessence of chance and luck, which is built on the basis of RNG algorithms.

The idea of ​​creating such solutions was borrowed from cryptocurrency exchanges. That is why the visualisation of any of the niche games resembles valuable asset trading.

Bets are mostly accepted in digital currency, although now, more often, you can find various analogues of such entertainment with traditional settlement methods in online casinos.

Crash gambling is also rapidly gaining popularity in the CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) community of fans. The principle of circulation remains unchanged but the prizes for winnings are paid not in money but in various skins, loot boxes, and other components that serve to:

  • upgrade characters;
  • move to the next, more difficult levels;
  • increase the time of the session, etc.

The gameplay imitates the exchange movement of currency prices. Regardless of the design elements, the basic functionality is always the same: in the centre, there is a line growing along a parabola, and on it, there is a moving object (a cat, a rocket, a coloured point, etc.)

The initial stage of the round is the placement of a bet by the gambler. As soon as the deposit is made, the object on the line starts moving, while the multiplier increases at specified intervals.

The movement continues until the user “leaves the race”, cashing out the increased bid, or the round ends at the moment determined by the random number generator.

Players can deposit any amount of funds and withdraw the prize when they see fit. The main thing is to do it before the counter is reset.

The duration of the round is programmed by the RNG system, so it is impossible to predict the peak point. At the same time, many versions have an unlimited multiplier, which allows gamblers to count on big wins.

The Principle of Participation in Crash Sessions

All content in this format is multi-user and is designed for the simultaneous participation of any number of players.

Before the start of each round, a paid bet is made. In different versions of entertainment, the size of the initial deposit may differ, but, as a rule, gamblers practically do not have any limits.

As soon as all bets are placed, the game object starts moving along the line. With each new position, the multiplier increases exponentially, starting from x1.

It grows throughout the round. There are 2 ways to end a session:

  • collect winnings at a random moment;
  • wait for automatic zeroing, which also happens randomly within the specified algorithm.

The process keeps users in constant tension since they cannot predict the time of the object crash.

Wide Range of Games

Crash content: 2 main categories

Content providers offer many versions of entertainment in the crash format but all of them are divided into 2 main categories:

Classic Mode

This is the most common option available at most crypto casinos.

All that is required from gamblers is to place bets and have time to withdraw money before the “accident”. If players react timely, the winnings will be equal to the initial deposit multiplied by the coefficient that was in effect at the end of the round.

Trenball Mode

It is a rarer type, the key feature of which is several wagering formats:

  1. Red. Basic mode, most similar to the classic version. The multipliers increase sequentially during the session with a single coefficient of x1.
  2. Green. The trajectory of the game object movement is hopping, while the bet level increases by random values ​​in the range from x2 to x10.
  3. Moon. The session has a random set of multipliers and a withdrawal limit: the reward can only be collected at peak values when the coefficient increases x10.

Advantages and Characteristics of Crash Games

Developments of this type have several unique qualities:

  • constant keeping of users on the edge of their seats;
  • dynamism and speed of draws;
  • high payout potential;
  • intuitive interface without unnecessary details, which allows people to focus on the gameplay;
  • the opportunity to receive large rewards without training and sharpening any skills.

In addition to proprietary features, crash games have borrowed several advantages from decentralised technologies, bringing draws to the next quality level.

Benefits of the Blockchain-based crash product:

  1. Decentralised nature of the content. The solution is as safe and transparent as possible. The outcome of the session can be checked using any third-party resources.
  2. Anonymity. To participate in the gameplay, users do not need to disclose personal or financial information. It is enough to place a bet via a cryptocurrency wallet and indicate the address for withdrawing prizes.
  3. Speed ​​of operations. The deposition and withdrawal of funds take place instantly, which makes it possible for gamblers to fully concentrate on the game.
  4. Social aspect. Multiplayer sessions allow casino visitors to see the stakes of other participants, follow the leaderboard, and share their success stories on social networks.
  5. Competitive environment. Users can fight for victory not with a script but with real people, which makes the gameplay even more exciting.

Strategies Used in Crash Entertainment

Crash entertainment: gaming strategies

Developments of this format instantly earned a reputation as the simplest products that depend only on luck.

However, some players choose to use different approaches to increase their prizes.

Key strategies in crash games

Small bets in the early stages

Users never know when the draw ends. The session can end even a second after its launch.

To feel more confident when getting acquainted with the game, it is worth starting with the minimum bids in the first rounds

Automatic mode

Most crash solutions have an automatic wagering feature. A fixed deposit will be applied to each round until the player switches to manual control mode.

The same algorithm can be set to withdraw rewards. As soon as the prize amount reaches the specified mark, the system will automatically interrupt the session and transfer funds to the user’s account

Low stakes after winning good prizes

After winning, some gamblers try to “fix the result” by keeping the bet at a constantly low level.

If participants plan to increase the size of the deposit, it is worth doing this with the interval of 0.1 currency units at a time after each loss

Experts of Casino Market note that none of the described strategies guarantees victory. Rules are developed and implemented by users in order to feel more confident and create the illusion of control throughout the rounds.

Examples of Popular Crash Games

Thematic products are presented in the catalogues of many providers, and some developments with almost identical functionality have found a lot of fans in various regions:

  • in the Middle East and North Asia, the Aviator project from the Spribe studio is extremely successful;
  • in Australia and Oceania, the leading games are Rocket Dice and Space XY from BGaming;
  • Zeppelin from BetSolutions is a very in-demand solution in North Africa;
  • in European markets and other regions, the Rocketman project from the Elbet supplier is found quite often.

The Main Things about Crash Content

Innovative releases based on decentralised technologies and RNG algorithms are the most interesting and promising trend in the gambling industry.

Crash content has managed to combine the advantages of traditional real-money games, cutting-edge Blockchain technologies, and the latest developments in the field of UX.

  • One of the key features of games is the simplest interface. On the screen, there are no elements that are typical for online slots. In fact, all controls come down to timely pressing the “Withdraw funds” button, and even this option can be launched automatically.
  • Most of the crash content is designed to accept bets in cryptocurrency. Decentralised payment services guarantee fast and secure transactions without the need to disclose personal data.
  • Crash games have a strong social component. All genre developments have a multiplayer option. Besides, participants can follow the actions of other gamblers, compete for a place on the leaderboard, and share their progress on social media platforms.

You can learn more about advanced solutions in the field of iGaming and order the creation of unique content based on your sketches from the Casino Market studio.

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