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Control of the Casino Honesty: the Transparency and the Protection of Games in 2021

19 may 2021
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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Gamblers are used to risking their money. But if unsuccessful bets are considered a normal thing and only stimulate users to continue playing, then cheating on the part of a casino is a serious disadvantage that can ruin the brand's reputation.

Control of the casino honesty: transparency and protection

Both gamblers and operators are interested in controlling the fairness of gameplay. Users get a guarantee of fair play, and the casino gets a loyal audience that comes back over and over again.

In this article, Casino Market experts will explain how security and transparency of sessions are ensured.

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Secure Gameplay Based on the Blockchain

Decentralisation technologies make all internal processes and game algorithms completely transparent. The very structure of the system is built in such a way as to provide free access to information blocks that cannot be hidden or replaced.

The gaming system is built in the form of a chain: each of the software components is connected to the previous one and keeps a part of the data. It makes it possible not only to analyse the outcome of a particular session but also to view the complete history of visits, including participation in different games, the frequency of transactions, the volume of unsuccessful bets, winnings, etc.

The use of blockchain algorithms guarantees not only a completely transparent game but also provides protection against any financial fraud. Funds stored in smart contracts are sent to accounts automatically in both directions. It is impossible to affect the outcome of the transaction.

MD5 Hash Algorithms

The MD5 program and similar structures (MD2, SHA256, etc.) convert information flows to a code line on a 128-bit basis.

In fact, this is a pseudo-random set of combinations, and gamblers take part in their formation.

The program is activated even before the game starts and works according to the following scheme:

  1. Generation of a numerical sequence. The service creates a list of values ​​that will appear on the panel during the game even before the session is launched. The combination goes into temporary storage and is encrypted. Access to it is additionally protected by a unique password. The finished code cannot be viewed or changed in advance since neither the users nor casino managers have access to it.
  2. The gameplay. After the start of the game, the program derives the code from the storage and implements it into the session. The visualisation of the process looks like the falling of balls in the roulette, the distribution of certain cards or a combination of symbols on the reels of the slot machine.
  3. Checking the outcome. At the end of the game, users gain access to the source code and check the data with the result. It can be done manually by opening the history of drawings or using any external resource.

Initially, the technology was used only to control the fairness of roulette and card games but today, the algorithm is used to assess the transparency of all types of entertainment for real money.

Advantages of MD5 Cryptographic Services

The use of hashing algorithms provides several benefits for both casino operators and end-users:

  1. Independent monitoring. Casino administration does not interfere in the generation of the code and its subsequent verification. For this, entrepreneurs can select any third-party resource at their discretion. This approach has a positive effect on the reputation of the gambling establishment and serves as an additional guarantee of its honesty.
  2. Multilevel data protection. The system is fully automated and eliminates the human factor. Any change in the code leads to a complete transformation of the entire chain. The algorithm additionally encrypts the game sequence and transfers it to special storage (both operators and gamblers have no access to this process). Moreover, the system generates a personal password, without entering which it is impossible to view the code.
  3. The anonymity of the verification. The work of the program code is not related to the collection and storage of user data. To access the system, businessmen do not need to enter personal information and the algorithm does not analyse the selected strategies, the number and size of the placed bets, and other personal data. The task of the tool is to control the consistency of the appeared combination and the outcome of the drawing.

SSL Security Protocols

SSL security protocols for online casinos

The constant and rapid growth of digital technologies has contributed to the development of new services that help gamblers to feel safe when they visit a gaming site.

One of the best options for a secure Internet connection is the HTTPS protocol with built-in encryption algorithms. The system ensures maximum confidentiality of the information exchange between the gambling platform and its visitors and has 3 levels of protection:

  • encryption of streaming data in order to exclude the information capturing;
  • security of information and fixation of any changes in the incoming data;
  • user authentication to prevent the redirection to third-party resources.

Types of SSL certificates

Domain Validation

The form is used to validate the domain name of a website. The presence of a secure connection to the server is indicated by the image of a closed lock in the search bar. When you click on the icon, information on the casino owner appears

Organisation Validation

The certificate confirms the domain and identity of entrepreneurs. It is perfect for small businesses and gaming sites with a single owner.

The product cannot be used to protect network projects and does not provide information on a legal entity

Extended Validation

This is a service with an extended verification system that allows you to view data about users and the webmaster.

The certificate is recognised as the best one for business projects with built-in payment systems. The program provides complete information on the legal entity and increases the level of confidence of the audience

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Advantages of Working with HTTPS Protocols

The use of security certificates provides casino operators with the following benefits:

  1. Good safety record. Network protocols prevent third-party access to user data and increase the level of loyalty of customers.
  2. Higher positions in search engines. Search engines primarily index safe versions of websites. Unprotected resources not only lose the audience but also receive marks of insufficient security level.
  3. Increased speed of work. Working with HTTPS protocols allows operators to increase the data exchange speed by 30%. The gaming site not only loads much faster but also takes a more advantageous position in the ranking of search engines.

The Reputation of a Gambling Company and Customer Feedback

Casino reputation and customer feedback

You can assess the level of transparency of the casino’s operation not only by using special software or its algorithms but also by reading the reviews.

For example, some gambling establishments post fake positive feedback. You can avoid getting the wrong idea of the honesty of a gaming site by paying attention to the following aspects:

  • customer feedback on the efficiency and quality of the resolution of controversial issues;
  • the scope of information on clients and details of the playing conditions;
  • availability of a list of payment instruments and their detailed description;
  • speed of response of technical support service;
  • the nuances of organising the verification process on the gaming site;
  • availability of public information on the licence and its validity period.

The more straightforward the presented information is, the better. In this case, there is less of a shot that the gambling establishment is trying to confuse its visitors.

The Main Things about the Transparency Control Tools for Online Casinos

Ensuring fair play is one of the main ways to develop a good reputation and gain the trust of your audience.

The most reliable guarantees of the transparency of online casinos in 2021:

  • Cryptographic MD5 algorithms. A universal system for generating pseudo-random numbers, which allows gamblers to control the outcome of the drawings using independent external resources. The administration of a casino does not have access to the code and cannot get involved in the process of checking the results.
  • Operation on the basis of the blockchain. Decentralised technologies provide maximum protection for all information archives, including data on financial transactions. Private blocks are viewable but still cannot be changed by third parties.
  • HTTPS protocols. An innovative network connection security program with the built-in data encryption option. The use of HTTPS protocols not only guarantees the safe transfer of information but also has a positive effect on the ranking of an online gambling platform in search results.
To learn more about protection methods and tools for monitoring the transparency of casino games for money, please contact the specialists of Casino Market.

From us, you can order turnkey projects with built-in security systems and proven tools for monitoring the gameplay.

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