Costs of starting an online casino: features of the budget development

31 august 2019
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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Today, casinos are a very profitable business on the Internet. Tempting prospects attract many new players, and such slogans as «Create a casino for free» only add more fuel to the fire. It is not so good because according to statistics, more than half of start-up entrepreneurs suffer huge losses and lose their business after the first six months from its launch.

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To open a successful casino solution, you will need to make a detailed analysis of the situation on the market and have the initial capital.

You can always ask experts from Casino Market for a piece of advice and order services for the creation of a gambling project.

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Casino as a Business Project: Expenditure Headings

Usually, there is no fixed price for the implementation of gambling projects. Its price depends on many components: functionality of the platform, features of the website, software, quantity and quality of the content, payment processors, availability of affiliate programs, and so on.

A total settlements system for running a gambling establishment (approximate percentages):

  • registration of a legal entity (about 3−7% of the total amount of the initial capital);
  • acquisition of a permit (10−30%);
  • purchase (or rent) of the software (about 25−35%);
  • recruitment of staff (10−20%);
  • mandatory capital for unforeseen situations and other expenses (5−10%).

In addition to items that were mentioned above, there will be more expenditure headings, such as:

  • renewal of a permit (1−10%);
  • support for the software of an online gaming platform (10−15%);
  • advertising campaigns (50%).

Costs of Starting an Online Casino: Jurisdictions That Provide Permits

When a firm obtains a permit, it confirms the legality of its services. Certificates can be received both in offshore zones or EU countries.

A loyal attitude towards gambling can be found in the following countries:

  • Alderney. An organization, which provides permits, has started its activities in 2000 and offers entrepreneurs two types of certificates, the price of which depends on the type of document and several submitted requests. An approximate cost is seventeen thousand five hundred pounds (and its renewal — from ten thousand pounds annually).
  • Great Britain. This jurisdiction offers many kinds of licenses (including permits for land-based locations). It has eight types of certificates offered for remote operators only. Their price can be calculated on the official website of the UK Gambling Commission.
  • Belgium. Laws of 2009−2011 have limited the activity of gambling operators significantly. Thus, a foreign entertainment platform does not have the right to provide services to citizens of the country. To obtain a permit, it is essential to become the owner of a local license and create a land-based location, and it will cost about two hundred fifty thousand euro per year, plus taxes — 11%.
  • Kahnawake, Canada (the Indian reservation). The price of a license here is about forty thousand dollars (it includes the annual commission of a foreign resource and the Due Diligence valuation of investment risks).
  • Malta issues four types of permits that are valid for five years. Their price starts at fifty thousand euro, plus the deduction of an actual income of 5%.
  • Gibraltar. An approximate amount of money for the purchase of a permit is twenty thousand euro with an additional annual fee for the renewal of the certificate — two thousand euro.
  • Curacao. One of the main reasons for its popularity is the absence of an income tax. However, operators should have at least thirty-four thousand euro as a deposit on their accounts. A monthly fee of five thousand six hundred seventy euro is paid during the first two years of operation (in some time, the price can be negotiated individually).
  • Costa Rica. A permit costs not less than fifteen thousand dollars with the mandatory renewal of the contract every three months, which costs about one thousand five hundred dollars. Operators also need to pay money when they will hire a local representative and rent the office space with employees who have to be citizens of this country.
  • The Isle of Man. A permit costs one thousand pounds, and the annual fee — from thirty-five thousand pounds. Also, an additional income tax from 0.1 to charged.

White Label: an Economical Way to Get a Permit

White Labeling in Gambling

This alternative is a good solution for an independent business since it is fully prepared for the launch, and operators just need to invent a name and work on a design.

Parent companies provide beginning operators with a full range of services:

  • online gaming license;
  • software;
  • casino games and betting products;
  • access to in-demand payment processors;
  • hosting and a server;
  • marketing tools;
  • customer support.

This option has many advantages. For example, operators can use services, developments, and documentation of the parent company and not invest their own money.

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How much does the program cost?

Its price is about ten thousand dollars. But even these expenses can be avoided. Today's casino market has companies that can provide comprehensive support for a new brand, and all they ask is some percentage of future revenues.

Disadvantages of White Label

In the beginning, the activity of a casino is controlled by the parent company. Accordingly, operators receive a ready-made set of services, and they cannot change anything there.

Such an option can be good for start-up entrepreneurs since it reduces their potential costs. But after some time, it will be better to create your own legal entity, purchase a permit, and order a turnkey casino but with an ability to choose the individual set of tools and games. If something is not clear for you, please contact Casino Market, and we will help you to figure everything out.

A website from scratch or a turnkey service?

Successfulness of the gambling project mostly depends on the creation of a gaming site. Implementation of a truly qualitative, well-thought-out product with good functionality means quite significant financial costs and a possible waste of time. The process can take about six months, and a price of complex services starts at twenty-five thousand dollars.

A positive aspect of the creation of a casino from scratch is a unique engine and settings, customised specially for you.

A ready-made casino will be rather cheap — about fifteen thousand dollars. Additional expenses include a separate work on the design (about one thousand dollars) and composition services (from one to one thousand five hundred dollars).

What some people do not like about a turnkey casino is the limited capacity of bonus programs and the integration of slots. Any additional software means more costs. However, we do not think of it as of a disadvantage since even a resource with a unique design and a huge set of casino games will require several improvements after some time. New products are released annually, and some of them change the face of gambling radically.

For example, live casinos have become the trend of 2018. This format requires significant additional costs for comprehensive user support and uninterrupted online operations. Beginning operators, in most cases, cannot afford this option. The format of live casinos, as a rule, is ordered by companies that have gathered a rather big customer base and earned a good reputation. Otherwise, financial costs may not pay off.

Costs of Starting an Online Casino: the Quantity and Type of Slots That Need to be Purchased

Costs of starting an online casino

An exciting slot game is a key to success for every gambling project. There is no reason to enter the market if your portfolio consists only of one hundred games. The more products there are on your website, the higher is the probability that visitors will stay on it.

Online gaming should make users interested immediately and force them to forget about time and the amount of money they are spending. A self-respecting gambling website should have both classic slot machines (an easy slot game, which requires only a couple of minutes to understand its rules) and more advanced products with unusual storylines and bonus systems.

It will cost you a few tens of thousands of dollars to buy a game content. Today, the industry has unique offers, and their value has exceeded one million dollars.

Casino Market offers many types of the licensed software and products from the best providers in the world — from classic casino games in the form of popular «fruit cocktails» to atmospheric and surprisingly realistic slots based on famous movies, fantasy novels, and comics. If you cannot afford the content right now or not sure if it is a good idea to buy such a product, you can rent a slot game and create statistics on the slot machine’s profitability and the feedback of visitors by yourself.

Special attention needs to be paid to the creation of a unique content. It is possible to implement HTML5 games based on individual sketches. Contact our managers, and they will calculate the price of the service for you.

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How to Choose Payment Systems for Online Casinos?

First of all, it is essential to think about the needs of the target audience. Casino Market has various financial instruments and recommends operators to integrate as many payment systems as possible to satisfy the requirements of all gamblers.

We should also mention such an option as the bitcoin payment. Do not forget that the use of cryptocurrency requires a special permit because bitcoin does not belong to any of the existing countries. Accordingly, there are no clearly defined restrictions and regulatory programs.

Costs of Starting an Online Casino: Cooperation With Casino Market

This firm can be described as a trustworthy one, and it provides a comprehensive package of services, and you can make use of them for the promotion and development of a gambling establishment.

Our offers:

  • purchase/rent of games;
  • installation of software on an existing platform;
  • development of turnkey online casinos;
  • maintenance work;
  • lawyer's counsel and support throughout the cooperation cycle;
  • implementation of unique gaming products;
  • promotion, and much more.

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In case there is something that you want to make clear — get in touch with us:

  • by e-mail:;
  • in Skype: support. casinosupermarket;
  • via the feedback form.
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