Stock Exchange Machines and How They Earn You Money

1. Stock Exchange Machines User Interface

2. How Stock Exchange Machines Work

3. Are Stock Exchange Machines Legal?

4. Pros of Stock Exchange Machines

5. Software for Stock Exchange Machines

6. Where to Buy Stock Exchange Machines

Stock exchange machines are getting more common in the streets of our cities. How is it possible if gambling is now illegal? Stock exchange machines have grown very popular in Russia after the gambling clubs ban. A machine was invented that does not violate the ban and satisfies the needs of gamblers at the same time.

Stock exchange terminals

Surely, the operators were quick to use it: it’s almost the only possibility to get your business out of the Internet and to live and breathing people.

Most of them use machines by Casino market — a trustworthy contractor offering the best prices. Join them today!

Stock Exchange Machines User Interface

User interface may be one of the reasons why stock exchange machines get so many questions in terms of how legal they are. To an untrained eye they look just like regular slot machines.

There is a wheel showing the rise and fall of the stock rates. Some players even get a feeling that the winnings depend on the combination of symbols on the screen. Fortunately, the registration is not subject to certification and you can give the process the maximum «gambling» feel. Even experienced gamblers enjoy the stock exchange machines.

How Stock Exchange Machines Work

Stock exchange machines are basically used for off-market trading of binary options. Binary options are a fairly complicated product for the Russian market. Only the professional with specific education or real enthusiasts can seem to make sense of it.

In general, binary options are based on the need to guess the dynamics of the currency exchange rate (as well as precious metals and stocks). That is why they are a great fit for today's half-gambling concept the stock exchange machines have to offer.

Binary Options Trading

However, unlike regular options, in case your guess was right, the machine pays out a fixed amount of money. If you are playing on the stock, in case you win, your general assets amount is increased.

Are Stock Exchange Machines Legal?

Stock exchange machines are only remotely related to Forex. It is not trading as it is, but only a try to guess the outcome of it. Nevertheless, it is extremely hard to accuse a stock exchange machine owner of breaking the law.

If the owner does not influence the outcome of the forecast, does not «tweak» the machines and is using real exchange rates, he is on the side of the law.

Pros of Stock Exchange Machines

The main advantage of the business is that it is legal. However, legality alone would not be enough to make the machines this popular.

Stock exchange machines have a range of benefits:

  • Do not take much space. You can set up a stock exchange machine pretty much anywhere: in stores and malls, markets and bus stops, bus stations. However, we advise to set up the machines under CCTV supervision only. Each machine comes in a strong case, but strong impact on the machine can cause damages.
  • Small expenses and high income. Stock exchange machines operate independently and do not require employees. Which means that you can invest in buying them and then only pay maintenance and taxes from time to time. Judging from experience, the investments are recovered within 2−4 months of steady work.
  • Operate 24/7. Everything is automated and does not have to be supervised. You can earn money in your sleep.
  • Completely legal. Stock exchange machines do not require gambling licensing or other documents. The registration process is easier than that of an online casino.

Software for Stock Exchange Machines

These machines are new to the market, and the software for them had to be developed separately. This has its benefits: the industry had time to get rid of weird designs and faulty code.

Software for stock exchange machines

So now the software works well, and the user interface is very simple even for first-time users. This is, of course, if you are buying the machines and software from a trustworthy contractor.

Where to Buy Stock Exchange Machines

Contact a representative of Casino Market to order great stock exchange machines. We are an official stock exchange machine distributor and can offer you a variety of modifications. In addition to that, we will be happy to create a custom software based on your needs. The display and some of the settings can be customized.

If you order stock exchange machines from us, you can expect continuous support and answers to all of your questions. In addition to that, if you are not sure about how profitable the business is going to be, you can also rent the machines from us. This way you can test them and make an educated choice. Low prices are guaranteed!

Request a callback or contact us to buy stock exchange machines:

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