Creating and Executing an Optimum Release Strategy in a Competitive Market

12 january 2022
Author: James Burton
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In light of the release of iSoftBet’s brand new title, Moriarty Megaways, a few of the company’s executives gathered to talk about the strategies that were followed throughout the development and the launch of the game.

Optimum release strategy in a competitive market

In the industry, hundreds of titles are released monthly, and it is quite challenging to create something unique and innovative. For maximum productivity and success, the developers need to work together with experts from a few main business sectors that will be described below.

Games and Content

The gaming expert Mark Claxton voices his opinion on the importance of the data-focused approach to the products. He stresses how significant it is for every successful developer to analyse the market and cater to the needs of particular groups. Learning the strategies of reaching target customers and providing the best experience for them, as well as cooperating with gambling operators for this purpose, is a goal for all developers.

Speaking of Moriarty, the expert clarifies that they have done plenty of thorough research to brainstorm a concept that would stand a chance to become popular among British customers, as well as a catchy title.

The development team had to work hard to produce and refine the cutting-edge game mechanics, incorporate interesting features, and perfect the models. Their main goal was getting British players fascinated and making them return to this product again and again.

The game’s mechanics are already quite familiar to the players, and there is a large amount of new content that is directly aimed at a particular audience. In Claxton’s opinion, these are the main ingredients of success for every game developer, in addition to powerful partnerships and the viewpoint of localisation.

Compliance and Regulations

Mark Halstead states that every game needs a certification, as well as a lot of checks, to be able to launch on the market. Additionally, it is important to remember that there are no two titles that are exactly the same. During their work on Moriarty, the team had to check with various other labs to make sure that all the compliance rules were obeyed, and in the end, they obtained their certificate.

Even after the game is launched, there are still a lot of regulations to go by. Besides, it is worth taking into account that the market is constantly changing, and there may be plenty of alterations to existing rules. It is connected with the fact that there are a number of growing markets, and the company has to learn their needs and supply these territories with products.


The most important thing about marketing, according to the executive Virginie Luce, is leading campaigns that would inspire customers and make the company stand out. She stresses that it is crucial to work together with the affiliates who advertise the features of your game. As an example, she provides media channels that the developers could partner with to demonstrate their product in the most flattering way and make it reach the necessary audience.

The launch of Moriarty was a particularly memorable event due to the strong work of the marketing team, which hosted a virtual murder mystery game a day before the official release of the product. A lot of cooperators, associates, and consumers were invited to this party, the central figure of which was the main character of the game.

Mark Claxton, who is responsible for games and the creation of content, also joined the event and talked about the major features of the new release. Later on, a competitive slot tournament took place, and the winners advanced into the next round, where they participated in a murder mystery-themed match.

In general, these additions significantly enhanced the overall experience, which the company is proud of. Still, developers need to remember that such things only succeed when the product is unique and of high quality. In addition, the operator has to be given some time before every release to get familiar with all the required information and set things up in preparation for the start.

In the case of iSoftBet’s major launch, the team cooperated with the well-known betting company, William Hill, in marketing and other aspects.


iSoftBet’s commercial specialist, Federica Faggiano, tells about the company’s experience in strategic approaches, such as targeting particular customers and growing a certain audience. For this reason, they chose to work together with such a famous and reputable operator as William Hill.

Faggiano advises all developers to brainstorm their future business plans thoroughly.

It all boils down to the fact that the values of the operator, that you partner up with, need to align with yours. You need to check whether they have any titles that could compete with your game, and do research on how similar releases on their platform have done in the past. Other than that, it could be a good idea to check their main demographic and their needs, since generating interest before the launch of the title is a crucial thing to do.

iSoftBet has qualified teams that rigorously research every aspect that is necessary for the new release’s potential success. You can order the iSoftBet software from the Casino Market aggregator company. This will be a key to your game’s future triumph.

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