Crypto Transfers in Casinos: How to Choose the Best Payment System

11 june 2021
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Author: James Burton

Today is the best time to buy a Bitcoin casino and bring your business to a completely new level of development.

Bitcoin casino: popularity of crypto projects

The popularity of crypto projects is constantly growing. The largest representatives of the traditional economy began to reckon with digital money: banking systems VISA and MasterCard, the international payment platform PayPal, and other financial services.

Casino Market specialists will inform you about the latest changes in the market, the peculiarities of working with crypto payments and the benefits of starting a crypto casino.

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Cryptocurrency Market Capitalisation

In the spring of 2021, the crypto market demonstrated another colossal growth spurt. In April, the capitalisation of the industry exceeded $2 trillion.

Bitcoin has risen in price by more than 100% since the beginning of the year. The total value of the largest currencies after BTC amounted to $422 billion.

The continuing popularity of digital assets is backed by the following facts:

  1. The growth in the number of users. According to the University of Cambridge, there are more than 100 million active owners of Bitcoin wallets in the world. It is almost 2% of the total population of the planet.
  2. Worldwide recognition. Most states, to one degree or another, have officially recognised electronic money and created legal rules to regulate the market.
  3. State digital currencies. Economically developed countries are preparing to release their crypto archives. The united international financial organisation Central Bank Digital Currency has already been created.
  4. Large-scale external investments. The largest investment and commercial organisations in the world are interested in the development of the market: Google, Fidelity Investments, BlackRock, Tesla, etc.

Reasons for the Popularity of Digital Coins

Bitcoin casino software: reasons for the popularity

The development of Bitcoin casino software is one of the most popular investment niches.

Reasons for the popularity of electronic money


There is no single digital asset management centre in the world. All owners of crypto wallets are involved in the production, operational functions and control of financial flows. At the same time, banks or other intermediaries are not included in the transaction chain


To conduct an operation, only a wallet number and a personal key password are needed. The personal data of the participants are not indicated. It is technically impossible to track the transfer

Low commission fees

Since banks do not participate in the formation of transactions, the commission fee is set by an operator of a gaming platform or by the administration of a payment system.

Very often, Bitcoin casino solutions allow users to make monetary operations without commissions. No charge for replenishing and withdrawing is implied. A fixed percentage is set only for currency conversion within the system

Inflation protection

The technology is based on a fixed sum of coins — their total number cannot exceed 21 million units.

Built-in protection makes the currency resistant to any external economic factor and not subject to inflation even without backing from gold reserves

Transaction speed

Crypto casino scripts are capable of processing thousands of applications per second.

All clients of the system take part in the formation of information blocks. Therefore, the operating load is distributed evenly. The transfer speed remains consistently high, regardless of request frequency or transaction volumes

Overview of Highly Rated Digital Currencies

Blockchain technologies let developers create new financial instruments regularly and improve available services.

Check out the most popular and recognisable platforms:


This is the ground-breaker of the crypto market. Its history began in 2009. The capitalisation of the currency has exceeded $20 billion. Today, it is the most demanded and expensive digital coin in the world.

In 2017, the Bitcoin Cash service separated from the main branch of the system. The improved model of the financial instrument allowed to increase the volume of transactions several times and reduce the production capacity for mining.


The capitalisation of the coin is $68 million. The platform is built on decentralised technology. It allows working with financial assets and launching new cryptographic applications on a basic template.

Ethereum’s tools are now on their way from a monetary system to a fully-fledged independent programming language.


The volume of the internal market is $30 billion.

A unique feature of the system is the fact that the digital payment program works in conjunction with a distributed ledger database. This combination of technologies made it possible to abandon mining and support financial transactions with autonomous crypto protocols.


The platform was originally developed as an absolute clone of Bitcoin. It has been redesigned and improved several times to let participants process a much higher volume of transactions per second, in comparison with BTC tools.

The capitalisation of the currency is $5 billion.


The program was created to eliminate the shortcomings of the Bitcoin and Ethereum platforms. Today, mining inside the system does not consume as many resources as on other platforms. Moreover, project participants receive about 5% of the staking reward.

The currency does not support smart contracts now. That is why it is often underestimated. However, the prospects and technical parameters of the system are higher than Ethereum’s indicators today.

The Most Popular Payment Systems Supporting Crypto Transfers

Payment systems supporting crypto transfers

To launch a project using a cryptocurrency casino script, an operator must choose one of these options:

  1. Only cryptocurrency payments. A gambling platform will accept digital money without the possibility of converting and withdrawing it in fiat tokens.
  2. Hybrid monetary operations. Both cryptocurrency payment systems and traditional financial instruments for working with fiat money are embedded in a Bitcoin gambling script.

If you plan to connect the maximum number of multicurrency modules to your platform, pay attention to the following tools:


The peculiarity of this platform is in the fact that the system is not regarded as a payment instrument because it does not work with fiat tokens directly. Special internal denominations are used for transactions within the WebMoney system.

The platform works closely with the INDX cryptocurrency exchange and enables the system participants to work directly with traders.

The features of the instrument:

  • no commission for monetary operations within the system;
  • a built-in conversion program;
  • a flat tax is provided for replenishing a cryptocurrency wallet — 0.8%;
  • it is possible to store digital assets and receive dividends.


The crypto payments support program was launched in 2020. More than 26 million participants have access to operations with digital assets.

Within the platform, it is possible to:

  • sell and buy electronic monetary units;
  • store coins as digital assets;
  • use cryptocurrencies for purchasing goods and services.


The platform positions itself as an intermediary between the holder of a digital wallet and traders of crypto exchanges. The system implies no commission for working with assets based on Binance. The service has unique tools for converting coins into euros and dollars.

Users can participate in the referral program.


The digital payment support program was introduced in 2018. The company provided its customers with a convenient virtual service and plastic crypto cards:

  • Visa MCO. The product is not sold for fiat monetary units. To receive it, a client needs to buy at least 50 internal system tokens — MCO. The platform is linked to the exchange. It offers interesting bonuses and cashback options to users.
  • Flexible Crypterium Card. The cards are sold for cash. They can be ordered in 178 countries. The purpose of the product is everyday payments with automatic conversion of coins into euros.


This service is very popular in the CIS countries. Previously, the program worked only with fiat currencies. Since 2020 it has started supporting digital monetary units. Only Bitcoin payments are available today. However, it is planned to expand the line soon.

The Main Things about Gaming Crypto Payment Systems

When buying a Bitcoin casino script, you get the opportunity to enter the gambling market quickly and bring your business to a completely new level.

  • At the beginning of 2021, the price of Bitcoin has increased by more than 100%. The less popular coins had a combined value of $422 billion. The total capitalisation rate of the cryptocurrency market is $2 trillion.
  • Cryptocurrencies compete with the traditional financial system. Almost all countries of the world began to reckon with the digital market. Economically developed countries are actively discussing the prospects for releasing their state electronic assets.
  • Turnkey Bitcoin casinos can accept only cryptocurrencies or work with hybrid payments. In the second case, an operator receives an extended financial toolkit with the opportunity to convert and withdraw coins into fiat tokens.
  • The largest financial systems in the world have started supporting Bitcoin payments: Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, WebMoney, Skrill, and others. Moreover, electronic coins can be used as digital assets for receiving dividends or an everyday payment method (through plastic cards).
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