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Attention, Online Fraud Noticed: How to Secure Personal Data

Updated 30 june 2021
Author: James Burton
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In the context of recent fraudulent activities connected with the social media accounts of the company, Casino Market wants to alert our clients about potential scams. Online criminals are capable of luring personal data by disguising themselves as the representatives of the organisation.

Casino Market notifies about the importance of checking the identity of online experts and never exposing valuable information without a prior agreement. We also introduce common methods of data stealing.

Risks for Personal Information Online

Personal information: online risks

Statistically, 1 out of 10 people suffers from data theft by internet criminals annually. It underlines the constant spreading of cyber frauds and the necessity to protect against them.


This is one of the most common ways to obtain personal information and use it in a malicious way. In most cases, a criminal imposes himself as a representative of the company and contacts a client through social network accounts, e-mail addresses, or phone numbers.

A persuasive and professionally-sounded story convinces a victim to believe that he communicates with a real company worker. The obtained data does not seem very impactful at first, but as the conversation progresses, a criminal can ask for a phone number, ID details, insurance policy number, etc.

Identity Theft

Another popular fraudulent scheme implies receiving personal information for creating a fake identity. Sometimes, the name, a phone number, and a photo are enough to steal your “internet personality” and have multiple accounts get registered on you.

Of course, it is complicated not to use some details online. The name most commonly appears on different social networks. But the phone number is a detail that should not be publicly depicted. The ID information must be preserved even more thoroughly.

Possibilities of Criminals with the Stolen Data

After illegally obtaining the information, fraudsters do not waste a minute using the received details.

The most common ways of utilising this data:

  • purchase online with the card number on the sites without the confirmation;
  • take small loans in the web services without many obligatory details or photos;
  • blackmail people whose data was stolen;
  • raid your social media accounts, change, or delete them.

Depending on what information was lost, the damage varies from minor to unbearable. Casino Market reminds you to double-check the addresses of social media accounts that get in touch with you. Official sites usually contain all the necessary information, where you can compare communicational details.

Ways to Prevent Information Thefts Online

Depending on the means of communications, we suggest sticking to these recommendations of internet security:

  1. E-mail. Do not mention valuable data in the name of your mailbox. For example, it is vivid that indicates the name and the birth year. Also, if you receive any suspicious letters from the company you work with, it is better to contact the manager you have previously talked to or check the e-mail details on an official site.
  2. Social media. When you register on the network, make sure your confidentiality settings are configured properly. Similarly to e-mail security, do not start business communication with anyone whose name is different from the one indicated on the official pages of the venue.
  3. Online stores. Today, it is extremely easy for criminals to create clone sites of popular pages. After entering personal information for payment or registration, a user independently passes confidential details to criminals. So, it is advised to avoid any redirects from unknown sources and check the site names while accessing.

The Main Things about the Security of Online Data

Security of internet data: key notions

Casino Market strives to provide its clients with the best cooperation experience. The integrity of data is vital for our brand. So, we highly advise ignoring suspicious messages, coming from non-related social media accounts or e-mail addresses.

To secure yourself from fraudulent activity, we recommend to:

  • get in touch with our customer support as soon as you receive doubtful offers;
  • avoid mentioning any personal data anywhere else from the official documents;
  • ensure the validity of the experts by checking the account they used to communicate.

Casino Market warns you about the potential hazard of fraudsters due to the possible risk of losing personal data. Use only the proven communicational information that you can find on our official site. Contact our experts for security assistance and recommendations on keeping private data safe.

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