Customer Support in a Casino is an Effective Way to Retain Players

13 february 2020
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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Technical support service plays a key role in the creation of a positive image of the brand. Poor service will scare gamblers away, and it will lead to huge financial losses for the gambling business.

Why do you Need the Customer Support Service

Customer support service in a casino: why do you need it?

The online casino support service is closely related to marketing. It helps to effectively communicate with clients both before and after the registration and deposition.

When choosing a platform, many users primarily focus on the beautiful design and the presence of interesting games in the catalog of a casino.

Customer support service is less important for users when they first visit the gaming site. But when problems emerge (often due to the fault of the gamblers themselves), technical support immediately becomes extremely useful. It is at this point that clients understand how important is fast and good communication.

According to statistics, one disappointed visitor will tell another 9 users about his problem but only 4% of the disappointed customers turn directly to the operator. At the same time, only 5% of users share their positive experiences. In other words, one gambler who did not like something “takes” a lot more potential customers than a loyal player brings.

Thus, online casino support service is an effective way to retain customers as bonus features and unique slot machines.

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Internal and External Maintenance

First of all, owners of a gaming site should decide what kind of casino support they need.

Outsourcing of the Personnel

The first approach includes the involvement of an external team of specialists. These are well-trained people, professionals of their craft.

Requirements for operators:

  • Employees speak several languages, depending on the characteristics of the resource and the target audience.
  • Managers are familiar with all the nuances of the gambling industry, and they will help you to understand many technical issues. Very often, they have vast experience in the gambling field, which completely destroys the communication barrier between the operator and the client.
  • Employees are excellent psychologists who show patience and flexibility to different types of users.

All that operators need to do is to provide clear instructions related to the brand’s policy and features of the gambling platform.

Customer support is often included in the package of services when you order the creation of a turnkey gambling service. In this case, it works remotely, usually, in the developer's office. Operators should pay a monthly fee for maintenance.

There are many options on the market when, in the first months after the launch of the casino, the support provider operates for free. It all depends on the signed agreement between the customer and the developer.

Creation of Your Own Team

Having a personal staff has several undeniable advantages, such as close relationships with the team and careful monitoring of its work. In this case, employees are more customer-oriented since they consider themselves part of one big business.

On the other hand, this can become a vulnerable spot for the company’s activity, especially if it is a young company with minimal experience. It is also worth taking care of the organization of the additional office space, the purchase of computer equipment and special software, and the training of the staff.

Experts recommend already promoted brands to create their own technical support service, and for new companies, it is better to outsource this function. However, everything is very individual and depends on the specifics of a particular Internet platform.

How the Casino Support Service is Arranged

Support in a casino: how it is arranged?

To organize competent customer support, you should consider the following factors:

  1. Working time. A perfect situation is when the casino support service works round-the-clock and 7 days a week. This principle is followed by the companies associated not only with iGaming but also with retail, travel services, and the financial sector. As a rule, managers work in shifts: no more than 8 hours a day. There are also special employees who can help users in emergency cases.
  2. Ways of communication. Contact information should contain e-mail, Skype, Telegram, and feedback form. Some large portals add a mobile helpline number to quickly find the right specialist. The more communication channels operators provide, the easier it is for customers to contact the company.
  3. Detailed FAQ. There are many situations when players have problems because they ignore the basic rules and principles of the service. In this case, employees redirect applicants to pages with the platform policies and the most frequently asked questions. The task of operators is to develop a detailed FAQ. In the future, it will save time for both gamblers and operators.
  4. Personalization. It is good if there are several departments that specialize in different categories of clients. For example, you should take care of the presence of VIP managers for those gamblers who bring decent profit to the service. Also, the staff can include employees who deal only with financial matters, such as the depositing and withdrawal of money, arbitration, and other aspects.

The Main Functions of the Support

Technical support has several responsibilities, the list of which includes:

  • Responses to the requests of customers via e-mail, Skype, and other means of communication. The main thing is to react as quickly as possible. The speed of response plays a key role in the evaluation of the work of the service.
  • Monitoring of the website’s functioning. Many technical problems can be prevented if the resource is timely monitored. Errors can be associated with the unexpected failures or incorrect actions of users. In the second case, the task of customer support is to accurately point out all the mistakes and provide a detailed briefing.
  • Verification of documents. Gamblers may not provide personal data during the registration on the gaming site but in case of the withdrawal of funds, managers must carefully check all applicants.
  • Provision of information on the new opportunities. This may be the long-expected release of the slot, the expansion of bonus programs, organization of interesting tournaments, and other marketing solutions.

Many operators integrate special chatbots into the structure of their websites, trying to minimize the participation of technical support.

In practice, bots can help to cope with a small set of problems, and for more high-quality service, it is always better to have a personal manager.

An online casino is a too complex and many-sided thing to entrust the customer support to a chatbot. 


The importance of technical support should not be underestimated. The retention of the target audience, and, therefore, the income of your business, depends largely on its work. If one of your main goals is to satisfy customers, you will have to make sure that customer support consists only of skilled professionals.

Online casino support is a priority for the Casino Market company. From us, you can order a support service package for your gambling platform, turnkey solutions, unique video slots, and the multilevel software.

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For all questions, please contact us:

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