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Design and Maintenance of Online Casino Functionality

20 may 2022
Author: James Burton
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The development of new high-tech entertainment in the online world is a key moment in the positive gaming experience.

Online casino functionality: design and maintenance

To maintain the demand for games on the Internet, developers use such solutions:

  • 3D graphic design;
  • video;
  • animation;
  • the newest technologies.

When it comes to the amusement industry, there are developers like Evolution Gaming and Microgaming, which impress the audience with their state-of-the-art casino products.

Casino’s Software Composition

The main task lies in the idea and visualisation of the game, which should give the user a sense of the virtual world. Most often, this is done with the use of 3D technologies. Besides, special characteristics and different functions add a certain feature. The simplest example is slot machines.

Ideas for games that attract players are most often taken from:

  • comics;
  • films;
  • TV series.

Stunning product success depends on a combination of factors, such as:

  • diversity of topics;
  • volatility;
  • audiovisual effects.

Online Casino Technology

Adobe Flash was previously used in the sphere to create a smooth animation for computers. Nowadays, a lot of gamblers use tablets or smartphones to play their favourite games. Therefore, much more advanced tools are now being used for development.

Modern programming languages such as HTML5, which belong to the latest generation of HTML, make games adaptable and accessible from any device. The decisive factors in the user’s choice of the platform are graphics and animation, which have become more qualitative and softer.

The developers understand that games are a product, and the most crucial players are experts. Therefore, to attract users to online casinos, owners should buy only high-quality and admirable content.

Game Testing Phases

Game testing: phases

The key part of the creation process is the game test, which takes place during the whole development procedure, that is, from the beginning to the moment of launch. When checking the product, the design is corrected, the quality is improved and all errors are fixed.

This is what alternate testing looks like:

  1. Static testing and risk analysis.
  2. Alpha test phase.
  3. Evaluation.
  4. Test and check by external forces.

Testing Methods

The gambling market is filled with huge competition. That is why testing is necessary. The process requires specialists with relevant experience, and the latest technologies, and tools.

There are various testing methods:

  • tests for its function;
  • compatibility tests;
  • penetration tests;
  • location tests;
  • regression tests;
  • performance test;
  • testing of online casino gaming systems and joint tests;
  • usability tests.

Thus, the gaming industry is filled with a variety of adaptations to meet consumer needs.

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