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26 april 2022
Author: James Burton
Source: www.yogonet.com
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Gamingtec (GT) is an independent and leading B2B software developer in the iGaming sector. In order to enhance brand awareness, Gamingtec publically introduced its gaming portfolio at ICE London's stand N8−210.

Gamingtec introduced its portfolio at ICE London

Andrei Beu, the Commercial Director of Gamingtec, said that the brand is currently looking to expand in Latin America and then set foot in the rest of the continent. The CEO added that the company is ready to meet Latin America’s marketplace terms.

Gamingtec offers a number of unique technologies, including the core, enabling the integration of numerous sportsbook APIs, gambling APIs, and payment service providers. Beu pointed out that the crown jewel technology is the GT Orbit, the highly-tailored front-end solution. The Director believes GT Orbit can provide the desiring level of experience for most gambling operators.

The Goals of the Gamingtec Team

Gamingtec is going to fund several events. The goal is to scatter the GT presence worldwide, not only in the large Europe market. The team seeks to significantly increase brand recognition and cooperation with the multiple operators by resorting to any possible channels and ways.

Andrei Beu indicated that development is also a noteworthy aim of the GT team. He explained that the company has an ever-growing «roadmap» and is trying to hold a space for new operators looking to obtain particular flexibility. That way, operators' goals and achievements will boost the development of Gamingtec.

The Strengths and Threats of Gamingtec

Andrei Beu deems that the company is set apart by its flexibility and space for any operator’s idea fluent implementation. The CEO outlined that the fact that Gamintec is comparatively young makes it possible to realise the most innovative ideas, which distinguishes GT the most.

We are not reinventing the wheel. We are trying to make it easier and easier for the operator to choose what they need,

— Andrei Beu said.

GT’s Key Appealing Aspect

The tailored visual part is a tremendous advantage of Gamingtec. The Director said the bespoke frontend solution could be built from scratch and meet any of the partner’s demands and wishes almost in no time. Beu relies on his vast and experienced team of talented full-stack developers.

We are here to partner up with pretty much anyone […] We are open to negotiating terms,

— finished the Gamintec Director.

Source: www.yogonet.com
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