Does One Need a License to Run a Sweepstake? The Casino Market Expert Answers

Even though sweepstake services feature a free entrance ticket for participation, you still need a gambling license to offer the official legal competition to the visitors of your platform. In order to get permission, you will have to find a proper jurisdiction that will be able to host your gambling service. Unfortunately, not all countries allow registering such establishments on their premises. Therefore, the choice is limited by the most popular variants, advised by Casino Market:

  • Curacao
  • Costa Rica
  • Belize
  • Gibraltar
  • Malta

Gambling license to run a sweepstake

In order to get the desired certificate, you will have to go through a few legal stages in the chosen jurisdiction. Make sure you contact the local authorities before applying for a sweepstake license since the procedure is unique for each state. At the same time, it includes a few features that are common for all destinations:

  1. First and foremost, you must collect the necessary documents to be able to apply for a license. The list includes copies of IDs, bank certificates, company registration papers, and others. Check the updated list within the gaming commission where you are going to resort.
  2. Apply for the proper license. If you need several of them, don’t forget to mention the entire list.
  3. Pay all the necessary fees that the local authorities require. This will enable the final stage of reviewing your application.

If you have completed everything, wait for your sweepstake license to get ready in up to a month.

However, there is also a possibility to save some time and resources in case you resort to such professional companies as Casino Market. It offers convenient turnkey licensing services that will make you forget about the possible problems. In the end, you will have a final certificate, granting you access to the operational process.


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