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Top 10 Mystical Slots: the Best Halloween Games in 2020

12 september 2019
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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All Hallows' Day is an original horror-themed holiday, which is traditionally celebrated on the night of October 31 to November 1. If earlier, Halloween was popular only in Catholic countries, then, today, it is celebrated all over the world and is almost the same popular as Christmas.

An interesting fact: Halloween can be described as the result of a mixture of half-forgotten profane rites and Christian dogmas. According to the legend, that evening, the druids of the British Isles have opened the doors of their old houses to the departed souls. Living relatives had to welcome supernatural forces in an appropriate way ― a delicious food, prayers, and a bright bale-fire, which illuminated the road that led to another world.

The holiday took the modern shape only in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Of course, all commercial industries have paid attention to such a large-scale event. If we are talking about the gambling industry, the slot game development in the genre of horror is one of the constant fields of work, which guarantees constant popularity to providers.

You can buy casino games on the horror topic at any convenient time but it is on the eve of All Hallows' Day that such products will cause a real furore between visitors. The Casino Market company has prepared a collection of the best hair-raising and mystical Halloween slot machines.

We offer gaming slot machines for sale at the most affordable price, access to the latest market releases, and the ability to connect the best products from the world’s leading suppliers.

The Halloween Slot from Microgaming

The Halloween slot from Microgaming

This atmospheric product from Microgaming is a great opportunity to purchase a game that is based on the plot of a cult American film of 1978, which tells us the story of a terrible serial killer who began the history of his crimes at the age of six.

The slot pleases gamblers with the presence of a full set of ominous attributes, a stunning and atmospheric background sound and unexpected inserts in the form of the film's soundtrack and silhouettes of the main characters that appear from time to time against the background of the panel.

By launching the slot, players take a journey to the serial killer’s house, and during the bonus level, they will have a real battle with a crazy ghost, whose shadow is always close on their heels.

Fans of tickling their own nerves will also appreciate the presence of bonuses, increased multipliers, symbols with the advanced functionality, and high RTP percentage (96−98%).

The Endorphina's Mystical Voodoo Slot Machine

Mystical Voodoo slot machine by Endorphina

Each new release of slot machines with interesting storylines from this provider is a fascinating, atmospheric adventure that does not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated gamblers. On the eve of All Hallows' Day, it is time to become the part of the creepy and mysterious world with the voodoo magic.

Gamblers will walk in a gloomy forest, in the foggy twilight of which a special ritual will be held. The colour gamma of the slot is selected perfectly: acid and emerald shades become moccasin and «fade» to black, which is illuminated by rare flashes of scarlet.

Thematic attributes make the game even more atmospheric: they can be found both on the reels, and these attributes can be the background elements as well (dolls with sewn eyelids and mouths, human skulls, a heavy fog, the full moon, and a huge black raven). Moreover, there is the rhythmic sound of drums.

The Vampires Casino Game from Amatic

The Vampires slot by Amatic

Another variation on the theme of charming but deadly bloodsuckers can be found in a slot from the Austrian supplier Amatic. The background for the game is a scary forest landscape in green and black colours. The spires of a Gothic castle strain after the mysterious full moon, which is barely shining in the mysteriously dark sky.

Among the game symbols, we can name stylised card denominations, an image of a snow-white wolf, and a mansion of the vampire family. All elements look bigger due to the silver moonlight fleck that occurs when the reels are spinning. Thanks to the soundtrack, the game becomes even more atmospheric.

Blood Suckers: a Creepy Slot Game from NetEnt

Blood Suckers slot by NetEnt

The action in this slot by NetEnt takes place on an unknown street drowning in the night’s fog. Obviously, symbols were carefully selected. Here, you can make combinations of icons with holy water, the Bible, cloves of garlic, a bloodstained wooden stake, and portraits of sharp-toothed monsters.

This game has additional elements that can increase the size of a prize:

  1. Scatter (an image of a vampire bride). The combination of three identical icons launches a cycle of 10 free spins.
  2. Bonus (a portrait of a vampire hunter). Three identical images open an additional location ― the lair of sleeping vampires. Players will have to search for their rewards by opening the eternity boxes.

The Exciting Game The Vampires by Endorphina

The Vampires slot machine by Endorphina

An interesting slot takes users to the old Gothic castle ― the laid of the vampire family. Developers have managed to create the feeling of a complete presence, while the design of the slot is made in a cartoon style.

Each element here only emphasises the chosen theme: the age-long dust and cobweb on the grey walls, faceless statues, garlands that were made of human skulls, and the full moon above the abandoned cemetery.

Among standard symbols, there are:

  • a wooden stake and a hammer;
  • a bottle of holy water;
  • the Bible;
  • a revolver with silver bullets;
  • owners of the mystical house ― an elegant vampire and three charming sharp-toothed ladies.

Elements with wide functionality in The Vampires slot from Endorphina

The type of image

Brief description

Wild symbol

A bat with a bloodstained mouth expands to the entire panel and can replace any icons except for special symbols


A vampire who has got close to the girl’s throat brings a reward regardless of where on the screen it appears. Three identical images start a cycle of 10 free spins


This is a glass of blood. Three such elements activate a new level. Gamblers will have to take a walk in the cemetery. After pouring blood on one of the tombstones, they will meet a guest ― a ghost emerging from the grave with the prize

Pumpkin Power: the Original Slot Machine from Novomatic

Pumpkin Power slot machine from Novomatic

Casino Market has a casino slot machines rental service from the world’s leading providers. We always have the latest gambling releases, which suit perfectly to the theme of the gloomy holiday. One of the spectacular solutions of 2020 is a thematic slot from Novomatic.

The action takes place in the twilight, against the background of a forest filled with terrible rustles, a chilling fog, and the swish of the wings of bats. Symbols in this game provide it with a special atmosphere.

On the reels, gamblers can see:

  • stylised card denominations;
  • a precious adornment in the form of a ring with the wings of a bat;
  • a stub of a candle on a gold candlestick;
  • a black cat sitting on a folio with spells.

In addition to free spins, the developers have provided an additional draw. An interesting feature is that the prize is awarded not after the distribution of cards but after the use of dice.

The Halloween Fortune Slot: the Atmospheric Game from Playtech

The Halloween Fortune slot by Playtech

The embodiment of the Halloween theme from Playtech mesmerises. Players are taken to a forest edge with the trees stripped of their leaves that are hiding in the darkness of the night. Behind the half-transparent reels, which look like they are soaring, you can see the witch's hut.

Symbols in this slot are very impressive ― players will have to collect combinations of the following elements:

  • a cauldron with a boiling potion of the witch;
  • a bottle with the magic elixir that looks like blood;
  • a candlestick made of the human skull;
  • a picture with the logo of the game;
  • images of charming witches on the brooms;
  • an old wearable mascot;
  • a black cat with sparkling eyes.

The bonus game deserves special attention: users have to help the witch to prepare a mysterious potion. The players' choices are an additional factor that determines the size of the prize during 20 free spins.

Dia de Los Muertos ― the Atmospheric Horror from Endorphina

Dia de Los Muertos slot by Endorphina

The game reminds us of the ancient pagan ritual that became the ancestor of modern Halloween. The plot is built on the celebration of the national Mexican holiday when the souls of the dead return to the real world to visit their living relatives.

The background of the slot machine amazes with its harmony and deep colours ― a path cobbled with marigolds (traditional «flowers of the dead») and illuminated by a myriad of burning candles.

The symbols in the slot are also at height: skulls painted in different colours.

Against the scarlet-black background, it is simply impossible not to notice special icons:

  1. The scatter symbol (an endless flat land with cacti against the background of the setting sun). The element appears randomly on the screen and brings a reward regardless of other combinations. Having collected three such images, players can activate a cycle of 20 free spins.
  2. The wild symbol (a charming girl in a traditional mask for the Day of the Dead). The item appears only during additional free spins.

Miss Fortune by Playtech: the Interesting Themed Slot

Miss Fortune slot machine by Playtech

This is another unusual solution from Playtech that can tickle your nerves on the eve of All Hallows' Day. Gamblers will need to visit the witch, who looks like a very modern businesswoman (glasses, a strict hairstyle, a business suit, and stiletto shoes).

A distinctive feature of the slot machine is three special characters. Each of them is responsible for a special option (a reward in the form of free spins, an increased coefficient, and an ability to take part in an additional round).

Lucky Count from Aristocrat

Lucky Count online casino game from Aristocrat

It is another version of the legend of Count Dracula. The special feature of the slot from Aristocrat is a creative animated design that evokes a smile rather than goosebumps. The background of the slot is the image of the vampire himself, who is hiding from sharp looks behind the flap of the black robe.

Among the symbols, we can name a statue of the wolf, a blood-red rose, a statue of the lion, a goblet filled with blood, and a candlestick that makes the darkness of the dungeons in the castle less gloomy. All elements are carefully chosen and, during the gameplay, they reveal a story about the everyday life of the world's most famous bloodsucker.

Horror-themed Gaming Slot Machines for Sale at Casino Market

All Hallows' Day’s eve is a great time for the next update of the collection of games in your gambling establishment. Leave an application to the managers of Casino Market, and we will find the best solutions that can create a palette of emotions for players.

We offer casino slot machines rental and an opportunity to buy casino games on the most favourable terms. Our catalogue consists of the best releases of 2019−2021 and the widest range of exclusive developments. We are ready to offer you the content for already existing gaming sites, and we also deal with the slot game development from scratch.

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