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Effective Attraction and Retention of Players in Online Casinos

01 january 2020
Online casino, Marketing, Management
Author: James Burton
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The Conversion portal has published the final data, according to which the iGaming field grew by 3.9 billion euros in 2019. In 2020, the figure will increase by another 5 billion euros, and this is according to the most conservative forecasts. The key to a high profit is the growth of the target audience of online casinos, so the task of operators is to attract and retain potential customers.

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Conversion of Players in an Online Casino

Conversion of players in online casinos

Conversion of players in a casino is one of the main indicators of KPI, which means “key performance indicators”.

Metrics of the conversion in a casino are a block of human KPI. Operators analyse the percentage of users who performed the desired action and from the number of customers who had the opportunity to complete it. There are three basic indicators of the conversion in a casino.


How to calculate it

What does it mean

“From visits to the registration”

Percentage of the registered visitors to the official gaming site

The minimum value indicates the low quality of attracted traffic. It is also worth reviewing the design of an online casino

“From registration to the deposit”

Percentage of those gamblers who are ready to play for money, and who have made their first deposit

A small percentage indicates an ineffective strategy in terms of the distribution of bonuses and other free prizes for the registration

Churn rate

Percentage of those customers who stopped playing, from the total number of the registered users

A low indicator means that it is necessary to plan the retention of players in the casino

When analysing human KPI, it is also worth taking into account the lifetime customer value. It illustrates the total income received by a gambling resource during the client’s gaming history (registration in an online casino is the end of the user’s activity on the website).

If you divide the amount received by the number of months in a certain period, it will be possible for you to find out how much you have managed to earn on a specific gambler.

To increase the attractiveness of the casino, it is important to know how to operate KPI. Therefore, a good marketing strategy includes two main areas:

  1. Attraction of users.
  2. Retention of players in the casino.

Well-thought-out marketing where attention is paid to both types of activities will provide high profitability of a casino. Much depends on the investment in a business, so only professionals should deal with the promotion of a gaming site.

How the Design of an Online Casino Affects Customer Engagement

Online casino design: why it is so important

The target growth depends largely on the design of a website. The pleasant appearance of the platform will create a good impression, while the unsuccessful visuals, on the contrary, will scare away potential customers.

A good online casino design should meet the following requirements:

  1. Simple and decent logo. It should be relevant, recognizable, and it should not lose its relevance over time.
  2. Good colour scheme. You can use black as a background image: it helps to focus on the content as much as possible. Shades of green, blue, and red, which are perfectly combined with each other, are also suitable.
  3. Harmonious placement of elements. Letters, symbols, numbers, and images should correspond to the gambling theme.
  4. Imitation of a land-based casino. To do this, use such “tips” as dim lighting during the round or hand, flickering lights, and visualisation of the dealer. Themed soundtrack adds a special charm.
  5. Simple navigation and structure. The design of a casino should be not only stylish but also useful. The platform must be structured so that you can quickly find a particular function or a thematic section. A good design of a casino provides instant “jumps” between pages.

Retention of Players in an Online Casino

Marketing support of an online casino includes several effective tools. Let us consider the most popular of them.

Special Offers

This tool is used both for the creation of new slots and the promotion of already existing slot machines. It is also a great solution, with the help of which you can increase cross-sales during the activity of the resource.

There are the following categories of special offers:

  • A free game launches a specific video slot without betting on real money. This option can be implemented on an ongoing basis or with the use of a trial version.
  • The cashback program returns part of the lost amount of money to the day-to-day balance of a client.
  • Frequent Player Points (FPP) are awarded for activity, the attraction of new gamblers, and participation in interesting draws. They can be exchanged for free spins, extra bonuses or cash.
  • The bonus system is an excellent reason for returning to the gambling portal. Well-thought-out online casino support may include welcome and reload bonuses and dividends for the number played rounds. Many operators also offer sports betting.

CRM Systems

Customer Relationship Management is an excellent tool for retaining the best users who provide sufficient profitability for the business. Typically, a CRM system comes along with the software for a gaming site. In this case, operators can install it independently.

CRM systems are used to generate statistical information on the behaviour of gamers. It refers to such data as time spent in the casino, the average size of bets, prizes, and losses. All this allows you to work more effectively and plan profitability indicators for the future.

Push Notifications

Newsletter increases conversions by 40%. The main thing is to write the letters competently and send it in an appropriate way. Notifications should be original and unobtrusive and contain useful information (for example, a reminder about the special offer or release of an updated slot).

Limited Time of the In-Game Events

These can be tournaments organised for each online slot or 24-hour poker marathons. The source of inspiration is popular holidays (Halloween, Easter, Christmas), on the eve of which it is advisable to organise exciting games.

Many platforms offer daily tasks. They must be completed in a certain time (for example, from 6 pm to 9 pm). The purpose of this tool is to develop the habit of gamblers to return to the game every day.


Any activity in the online casino (registration and the subsequent activity of visitors) involves communication between users of the platform. To do this, players use groups, chats, clubs, and private messages.

Operators need to provide all the available communication channels so that players can easily communicate with each other within the service.

VIP Programs

The retention of customers is the main goal of casino marketing. It is important to highlight such players, demonstrate the loyalty and that the gambling establishment is interested in them. Among the tools, we can name free sessions, presents, participation in exclusive draws, savings schemes, and other solutions.

How the Registration Form Affects the Retention of Gamblers

Casino registration form: why it is important for players

The registration form in a casino is the first thing the clients see when they visit the gaming site. Taking into account the global trend, which is aimed at escaping recognition, the registration in an online casino game should be made as quickly as possible and require a minimum amount of information.

It is good when the registration form contains a small number of lines to fill out. Customers do not easily trust new Internet resources, so they are not ready to disclose private information.

It is advisable to request additional data when withdrawing funds to a payment card. In this case, the bank will expect the scans of the passport and other personal documents of the applicant.

Technical Support in Online Casinos

Technical support should work clearly and smoothly, round-the-clock, and seven days a week. Professional support in a casino is one of the unobvious factors of the retention of the target audience.

At first, players almost do not pay attention to the presence of such a department in the structure of the platform but already after the first difficulties, the casino support service becomes almost the only assistant for gamblers.

In a casino, customer support should conform to the following parameters:

  1. Quick query answer. Ideally, a casino support service is required to respond within 10―15 minutes. It is also worth integrating special chatbots that will help you to resolve all the issues that may arise.
  2. Monitoring of the operation of a platform. Technical support is responsible for informing players of their incorrect actions and quick fixing of all problems with the website.
  3. Verification of documents. This aspect can be missed during the initial registration of a gambler but when depositing/withdrawing funds, there should be a scrupulous verification.
  4. Messages about upcoming tournaments and special offers. In the process of communication, you can unobtrusively mention the upcoming bonuses and events that will be held in the casino.


Attraction and retention of gamblers is an important process that will bring a high profit and allow gambling establishments to remain in-demand for many years. These goals are achievable but the main thing is to choose the right marketing strategy.

Casino Market offers effective promotion of your gambling business. We work with different target groups, launch original bonus offers, and use an active newsletter by e-mail.

Our team of specialists will conduct a marketing analysis of your company to offer a set of tools that will be useful for you.

One of the most successful and cost-effective solutions is a ready-made turnkey online casino. You will receive a multi-level platform with profitable slots, a stylish design, and reliable software. And your gaming site can be launched literally on the next day.

Do you still have any questions? Then contact our manager and learn more about the best offers of Casino Market:

  • by e-mail:
  • on Skype: support.casinosupermarket
  • via the feedback form.
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