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Individual Casino Slots: the Creation of a Unique Content

28 december 2019
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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Original games are extremely popular in the gambling world. The reason is simple: it is not so difficult to create them as it might seem at first glance. On the other hand, slots give casino operators a significant advantage ― they reach a wider audience and increase the level of income from gambling.

The Development of Slot Games: What are the Benefits

The development of individual slots

Individual slots, if placed in your casino, will bring you many advantages.

Effective Advertising

The development of slot games is part of a successful marketing strategy. The addition of new entertainment is a great newsbreak for a successful advertising or PR campaign.

Very often, new releases become the basis of a large-scale promotion, distinguishing the brand from a dozen identical companies. This is a common practice ― the use of slots when promoting a gambling club and carrying out other marketing campaigns.

Target Audience Gain

Expansion in the number of visitors to the casino is one of the classic ways to increase the profitability of the gambling business. The development of slot games attracts the target audience.

Users are already tired of slot machines with standard game mathematics and simple design. They want something unique and truly exciting. Only original slots can bring such emotions, especially if they will be really of the highest quality.

Unique games will be excellent leverage for the audience of the new gambling project. It is important for new casinos to create their own pool of users within the shortest possible time, and individual slots will help to cope with this task.

Financial Aspect

To add a unique game to a casino, operators have to pay only once ― to the contractor for the provided service. And if you buy software from the world’s leading providers, a slightly different scheme will be necessary. In addition to the base cost of the slot, a casino owner pays a certain percentage to the developer of the product. The amounts and frequency of payouts depend on the conditions of the signed agreement.

Those operators who decide to create individual slots will be able to resell games under franchise agreements in the future. Additional income is guaranteed, as well as the strong advertising of an online gaming site.

Good Experience

Collaborative work on the release of slots is always the best practices for an entrepreneur. Perhaps, a casino owner will be so attracted by the idea that he will offer only unique products on his platform or decide to refocus towards the development of software for gambling systems.

Online Slot Emulator: What to Pay Attention To

The development of original slots for online casinos with Casino Market

The development of any solution begins with the necessity to write a detailed SOW. In the case of original games, this task includes two sections: the game emulator and the technical component. As a rule, a customer gives his recommendations regarding the first section.

To create individual slots, it is important for operators to consider the following nuances:

  • Theme and storyline. In the gambling industry, one of the trends of 2020 is slot machines based on popular TV shows and movies. Players will happily visit those gaming sites, on which such solutions are offered. Those unique slots look stylish and unusual, the subject of which is related to sports events, holidays, and events from the world of culture. You can also develop a game that will show users some popular tourist destinations (regions, countries, and cities).
  • The game mechanics. It is important to consider the principle of scoring, the number of reels and paylines, the type of a panel, and other attributes of the slot.
  • Bonus features. The more bonuses you can offer, the more active gamblers will visit your website. A good slot should have not only a basic set of functions (free spins, jackpots, scatters, and risk-games) but also some unique features.
  • Additional options. It can be, for example, a soundtrack, which varies depending on what is happening on the screen.
  • Visual design. You should consider the design of the game and its separate elements, background images, and the presence of video clips and animations of the main characters.

Technical Features

This aspect is controlled by developers, and a lot depends on the level of their professionalism. There are several main factors that distinguish high-quality software from the third-rate:

  • Modern technology. Individual slots created with the use of HTML5 technology are very popular. You can buy such games at Casino Market.
  • The flexibility of the software. For this, the developers use special API encryption with access to such options as data exchange, mechanics, and rendering. In addition to the HTML5 base, many programmers use the C# scripting system to make the product more flexible and adaptive.
  • Cross-platform. High-quality games can be played both on desktops (Windows, Macintosh, Linux platforms) and mobile devices (Android, iOS, WebGL, and other systems).
  • High productivity of graphics. It is provided by SVG technology, which comes with the HTML5 module. Additional tools (LWRP, HDRP) keep variable image scaling and rich graphics when switching from one operating system to another.

The Development of Original Slots

After the creation of the SOW and the concept of a future game, the search for a team of professional programmers begins. Cooperation with such world’s leading providers as NetEnt, Microgaming, and others is a common practice. Customers will receive a unique and dynamic slot with original mechanics but the price of such a service is not reasonable.

You can also contact a specialised studio that develops slot games. Such services can be ordered at Casino Market.

We have been creating games for virtual casinos for many years and are ready to share our experience with operators and owners of gaming sites. Our slots are distinguished by a realistic picture, high-quality soundtrack, original themes, and magnificent bonus rounds.

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