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Emerging Gambling Trends in Asia: Top 5 Tech Innovations

13 september 2022
Author: James Burton
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A market research and consultancy company called Niko Partners, which focuses on streaming, eSports, and video games in Asia and the Middle East, revealed the publication of their study.

Gambling trends in Asia: top 5 innovations

The Casino Market team provides the main summary of the latest findings.

Key Research Results

In terms of entertainment and the deployment of new technologies, Asia is at the forefront.

The most significant innovations that are changing how consumers play games:


The term «games as a platform» has replaced «games as a service» in the alternative reality. The surge in popularity of digital entertainment during the pandemic in Asia hastened this tendency.

The innovations that make up the meta-universe basic components are both those that are already in use and those that are being developed. The agency thinks that soon, creating titles containing alternative reality components will be the most profitable.

Web 3

Web 3 is influencing how games are:

  • created;
  • networked;
  • released;
  • monetised.

Most entertainment products in Web 3 (like play-to-earn — P2E) have only begun to explore new money-making strategies. Supervision of crypto tokens and NFTs affects the appliance of Web 3 in gaming as well.

Such titles are getting a lot of attention but there are still tech issues, such as how to make P2E models sustainable.

Cloud Gaming

As internet infrastructure evolves and the number of 5G-connected phones grows, cloud gaming has strong development prospects in Asia.

The niche products take a lot of data, demand a steady web connection, and may have significant input lag when played in places with inadequate Internet. Authorities across Asia are working with telecom companies to develop and improve the 5G technology.

According to Niko Partners analysis, 500 million people in Asia will be able to use cloud gaming solutions by 2025, with subscription services being the most common.

Innovation in this vertical will result in more expansion via:

Extended Reality

VR, AR and MR gaming

In Asia, AR and VR entertainment constitute the most advanced forms of XR, with Mixed Reality technologies following behind.

AR gained popularity in Asia thanks to mobile devices spread and applications like Pokemon Go. There is also a rise in VR product interest in the area.

More than 40% of the study participants said they were considering buying VR gear. These are:

Virtual Influencers

Asia is the home of online celebrities who work as:

  • streamers;
  • brand ambassadors;
  • idols;
  • entertainers, and more.

In terms of digital influences in the realm of video games, Japan is a key leader.

In the east region, such personas are becoming more popular. Artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual human technologies are being used more frequently to create digital superstars.

Although frequently positioned as risk-free, businesses using such Influencers still need to take a significant part in controlling brand identity to forge real connections with supporters.

Overall Thoughts

According to Lisa Hanson from Niko Partners, several businesses and investors claim they are working in Blockchain, NFT and metaverse gaming directions. As they evaluate the potential for development and contribution over the coming years, it is crucial to look at the presented and real execution levels of the crucial issues in Asia and MENA.

These essential emerging trends, as they are currently manifested in Asia, are defined by the research.

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