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Euro 2020: The Main Sports Betting Marketing Trends

30 december 2019
Author: James Burton
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This year will go down in history thanks to the European Football Championship. We have little time before one of the most important sporting events. Betting website owners explore information about the most relevant marketing tools that will help them to attract and retain as many users as possible. The Casino Market team analysed the main trends and created a recipe for the successful promotion of your business during the championship.

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Euro 2020 betting prospects

Live Betting as a Great Way to Attract the Attention of New Players

Millions of players around the world are waiting for Euro 2020 to support their favourite teams and try their luck. According to many statistical studies, live betting is in the highest demand among sports fans today.

Undoubtedly, the development of the Internet has allowed people from all over the world to monitor the results of matches in real-time mode. The popularity of live betting can help you get more attention from users. Moreover, excitement plays a special role here. The European Championship is an essential event, which will be watched not only by football fans but also by ordinary citizens of European states and many other countries of the world. The best solution for promoting your business and making a profit during this period is a well-thought-out advertising campaign consisting of the following key elements:

  • exclusive bonuses for live betting offers;
  • attractive odds;
  • live broadcasts.

Speaking about online broadcasts, it is worth noting that many users register on betting websites in order to get the opportunity to watch a match for free. However, some people can start to get involved in the game. As a result, they may decide to bet right during the competition. Do not forget about this chance to get additional profit.

Support for Local Teams

Support for your country’s national team is an exclusive opportunity to present your website to the whole world. It is worth noting that this type of promotion has been used by the most significant players of the global betting business for a very long time. Financial support for the teams allows the bookmakers to place their logos on the uniforms of the players, or on advertising banners in the stadiums.

Of course, this way of promotion involves large investments. If you are developing your business and are not able to provide financial support to your local team, you can support it, for example, by posting fascinating and informative articles about matches with its participation on your website. Besides, you can offer unique bonuses and increased coefficients for your customers. Players will get more chances to win when betting on their favourite team. In turn, you will expand your potential audience thanks to the increased attention of local sports enthusiasts.

Pre-Match Same-Game-Multiples and Their Benefits

Pre-match same-game-multiple at Euro 2020 Championship

Euro 2020 is the best time for pre-match same-game-multiples. Many matches are taking place almost every day. Each game is characterized by great excitement and fantastic emotions. Undoubtedly, all players have already identified their favourites and outsiders. Pre-match same-game-multiples is an excellent opportunity to try their luck and test their analytical skills.

Follow the wishes of your audience. Offer attractive odds and profitable bonus programs for pre-match multiples that will bring more opportunities to earn for those who are monitoring Euro 2020 events. In order to maintain public interest in this type of betting, you need to motivate your users with the help of high-quality content. Remember, your materials should be as useful and informative as possible. Analyse previous matches and make forecasts for future tournaments. Post static information that may help your players understand the overall picture of the championship.

In addition, do not forget that the information presented on your website should be easy-to-perceive and straightforward. Too long articles and sophisticated graphics will confuse your clients, and they will not want to read such materials to the end. Develop the multiples section on your platform to attract and retain more players. This type of betting is demanded among a vast audience, do not lose your opportunity to earn more and present yourself during Euro 2020.

Margin Betting Opportunities

Margin Betting is not as widespread as, for example, live betting. However, it does not lose its popularity and relevance among the most devoted football fans. It is worth noting that only quite gambling and risky players are ready to make such bets, since the chances of winning depend on the accuracy of their predictions. At the same time, margin betting is characterized by high coefficients. Make this fact your main trump. Offer high odds for Euro 2020 matches for your clients.

Moreover, you can create special bonus programs that will allow the bravest lucky ones to get a decent bonus for series of winning margin bets. When attracting an audience that is interested in margin betting, you will get really experienced players who not rely only on their luck but also monitor sports events, statistics, and analytical reviews constantly. Such users make bets regularly, devoting quite a lot of their time and money to this activity. Such a target audience will be able to become your regular customers.

Take Full Advantage of the Sporting Calendar

As mentioned earlier, the content published on your website has the same impact on the audience as promotions, odds, and bonuses. Euro 2020 is an event that will interest not only sports enthusiasts, but also many other people. Very often, they are looking for announcements of sporting events to keep abreast of the most important matches. Post information about Euro 2020 tournaments on your platform. Complement such sporting calendar with short, informative, and valuable facts and vivid photographs.

Importantly, do not make your publication too overloaded. As a rule, people are looking for concise and useful information about upcoming matches. Let the users get what they want. Do not limit yourself to one review. Remind your audience of the forthcoming events with the help of analytical articles. Show statistics of different countries from previous championships. Publish some facts from the history of Euro 2020. 

Sports betting platform at Euro 2020

Pay enough attention to the development of the image of your website. Do not forget that the betting platform includes not only things that relate to financial aspects. Its content and user-friendly interface will attract more and more new players every day. Turn your project into a meeting place for real sports enthusiasts.


The main thing that owners of betting websites should understand is that marketing consists of many elements. This means that you should not pay your attention to only one of the above trends. It is necessary to work with different types of betting and attract various target audiences. Besides, the promotion of your project is not possible when using only one tool. This comprehensive solution should include:

  • focus on the most relevant trends;
  • attractive bonus programs;
  • high-quality content (you can learn more about Casino Market by contacting our manager);
  • sponsorship;
  • interaction with social media.

To avoid common mistakes and get a good result, you need to think through your marketing strategy to the smallest detail. Collaborate only with professionals.

Casino Market has vast experience of working with many successful projects. We can develop a unique marketing plan that will meet all your requirements. In addition, our experts will provide you with full informational support. We are always ready for cooperation!

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