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Relevant Online Casino Trends in 2020

13 december 2019
Online casino, Marketing, Management
Author: James Burton
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The gaming business is legalized in more than 80 countries. Moreover, the number of such states is growing every year. At the same time, about 70% of the profits from the gambling industry comes from the online area. The Technavio analytic centre experts expect that industry revenue will reach $60 billion in 2020.

IGaming is becoming the driving force of the gambling market, and the fact that 2020 casino trends are associated with this segment is logical. Innovative technologies and new achievements are presented on the Web. Many of them are developed through the joint efforts of several progressive sciences.

Online Gambling Trends Worth Your Attention

Online gambling trends in 2020

The lion's share of profit comes from online casinos and betting platforms. The main trends of online gambling are localized in this direction.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Possibility to make payments using alternative currencies gives users access to resources located in other jurisdictions. It is also a great way to get around multi-level identification, especially in the context of an active desire of people to remain incognito.

Many gamblers prefer cryptocurrency payments to avoid taxation in case of a big win. We do not support this phenomenon in no case. However, this approach is actively practiced throughout the world, and the authorities cannot do anything about it today.

Many casino trends in 2020 relate to resources using blockchain technology and digital money.

Variety of Content

Two key areas will interest many users:

  • Games on popular culture themes. The collection of video slots from Playtech was created based on the Marvel comics. It gained a resounding success. This concept is far from the only example of profitable solutions based on fantasy films, series, and television shows that have been loved by many people. Top developers are striving to occupy this promising niche, so we will see many slots based on famous artworks in 2020.
  • Social games. Their main advantage is the possibility to play directly in the WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, and Telegram accounts, upload results, and statistics share achievements of users with their friends and subscribers. Analysts expect that free social games will stimulate the development of the gambling market next year.

Growth in the Number of Female Players

In such economically developed countries as the United States and the United Kingdom, the percentage of female gamblers is 40% and 49%. Over time, these numbers will increase. The average age of users is 25-35 years.

Given the online casino trends, many operators have already launched platforms designed exclusively for women(for example, Pink Casino, Cameo Casino, 888 Ladies, Maria Casino, and others). The gaming content is centred around alternative versions of popular melodramas and animated series.

New Markets

New online gambling markets

Although the gambling business is legal in many countries, it is still banned in some states today. Users from such countries try to bypass the blocking using platforms registered in offshore zones. In order not to lose revenue from taxes, the authorities of such states should revise the policy regarding the legalization of the gaming industry.

Casino trends are associated with the opening of new gambling markets:

  1. South America has high growth potential, especially when considering the legalization of gambling in Colombia and Chile. The local population likes sports betting. Therefore, large corporations focus on this direction.
  2. Africa. The priority countries of this region are Nigeria, Kenya, Congo, and the Republic of South Africa. A good Internet connection and the lack of strict linking of user pages to bank accounts are the main advantages of this continent.
  3. Eastern Europe. The gambling industry was legalized in Ukraine (Bill No. 2285-D passed the first reading). Moreover, Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria plan to expand the range of iGaming services.

Original Ways of Promotion

Traditional marketing tools are not effective in many cases. Therefore, it is essential to develop a unique strategy for promotion on the Internet.

Mailouts and advertising presented in an unobtrusive format are working well today. However, aggressive campaigns bring minimal results. Users just used to ignore them.

Modern Technologies

Online casino trends: modern technologies

It is challenging to consider online casino trends in isolation from innovative solutions of gambling culture. New technologies were used in previous years and will be actively introduced in 2020. These are not just casino trends but a global tendency.

AR and VR Technologies

According to the forecasts of the Technavio centre, the use of advanced opportunities will provide an increase in iGaming revenue by $300 million annually.

Augmented and virtual reality will solve the following tasks:

  • Improving the quality of the gameplay, including real money games. Such platforms attract gamblers, reproducing reality very accurately. To take yourself to the ground-based gambling hall, you need just to put on a headset and launch your favourite video slot. Modern technologies will do the rest.
  • Growth of the target audience. Implementing AR and VR technologies is one of the most effective ways to bring Millennials and Homelanders to the gameplay.
  • The fight against social problems. Doctors are using AR and VR to treat ludomania in the US and Canada. The Loto-Quebec operator developed its own application, which prepares customers for big winnings psychologically.

VR products are presented in the libraries of such famous providers as Microgaming, Novomatic, and NetEnt. This list will be replenished with the solutions of other well-known developers in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence

As in the case of virtual reality, AI is not a new solution, but its possibilities are used in the gambling industry only by 10 %. Probably, everyone remembers 2017 when the Libratus AI-bot earned $1 million at annual Texas Hold'em tournament.

Online casino trends connect AI with the formation of personalized offers for users. The algorithm analyses the actions of a particular visitor of the platform to provide him or her with an optimal package of proposals.

AI is used to improve the game process, as well as to combat gambling addiction.

Networking as a Success Factor

Networking is characterised by personal communication with potential customers, investors, and contractors. It is significant for successful business cooperation in many areas. The gambling industry is no exception here. This approach will allow you to establish necessary business ties quickly and effectively.

Thematic conferences and exhibitions are the best places for networking. The trend is supported by large-scale events in the industry. For example, the area of the world exhibition ICE Totally Gaming was 22.5 thousand square meters in 2012 and 45.5 thousand square meters in 2019. This year, the organizers promise to surprise all the guests of the large-scale event by inviting more unusual exhibitors.


The gambling industry is growing and developing actively, primarily due to the use of artificial intelligence, AR, and VR technologies. The global trends of 2020 also include sales markets expanding, the target audience changing, and the widespread use of cryptocurrencies. The iGaming sphere is changing and improving, as we do.

You can find out more about new industry offers, contacting Casino Market. Modern slots, live casinos, card, and board games, as well as other solutions, are presented in our catalogue. Choose the best options for yourself!

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