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Everi Acquires Payments Solutions Provider Ecash

11 february 2022
Author: James Burton
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A large acquisition has happened recently in the world of gambling and finances. It came out that Everi, an influential gaming provider, has made the financial solutions supplier Ecash a part of their business in an impressive multi-million deal.

Everi acquires payments solutions provider Ecash

Basics of the Deal

It is known that the agreement was evaluated at over 30 million USD. Everi was thrilled to work together with their new partner because of its innovative financial and technological solutions that can benefit both companies in the long run. The new collaboration is set to open a lot of opportunities for Everi to promote its content in the United States, Australia and other countries.

Everi, the headquarters of which is based in Las Vegas, is planning to make a few payments to fully acquire the other company by 2024. The group will also pay some extra money to contribute to the mutual growth of the 2 merged businesses.

Everi's Plans

The representatives of Everi stated that they are fully planning on paying for the deal with the money they have right now and the income that they will acquire later as the enterprise grows. The deal is set to be fully completed in approximately 2 months.

Everi's high-ranking official, Randy Taylor, said that the group is thrilled to greet the new employees and colleagues that arrive from Ecash in light of the acquisition. In his words, this merger was a significant strategic decision that will help the company expand its portfolio and services.

The executive is of the opinion that Ecash's diverse set of products, qualified employees and wide client base will greatly contribute to the growth of his company. It will be a strong benefit to Everi's entrance into the Australian market.

Even more advantages from this acquisition for the Las Vegas-based company will be growing their consumer base in some markets of North America, Here, the group is not active yet. Taylor concluded by saying this is the best possible scenario for his enterprise as they continue planning fresh strategies to take over new jurisdictions.

More Comments

Following the agreement, Andre Soussa, who used to operate in Ecash, will take the position of Australian managing director for Everi. He has also voiced some of his opinions and expectations.

The official said that his group could not be happier to become a part of one of the world's leading solution providers. He stated that there are plans to integrate the existing production by Ecash with Everi's creations for a better flow of work. This way, the new merger will be able to reach more opportunities and clients.


This is not the first acquisition for Everi. Last year, it successfully cooperated with the MIC group by gaining access to its assets. That deal was funded with the money that the provider already had on hand, and Everi expected it would lead to more effective financial operations.

2021 was one of the most lucrative years for the American company, as it has upped its revenue to record numbers even despite the harmful influence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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