Evolution Sees FY Revenue and Profit Rocket after Record Q4

10 february 2022
Author: James Burton
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The highly successful Evolution enterprise has reported some statistics that relate to the earnings of the company in the last financial year. According to the data, there has been a significant rise in profits, which was mainly influenced by a strong performance in the final quarter of 2021.

Evolution sees FY revenue and profit rocket after record Q4

Statistical Data of 2021 in Evolution

As the reports show, the general revenue of the last year has managed to hit over 1.07 billion EUR, which is more than 90% higher than the results of 2020.

As the primary cause of this development, the company names receiving commission from both new customers and the ones that already are with the company. Some of the other reasons are increased profits from live casinos and the generator of random numbers that arrived when the company acquired NetEnt.

Geographical Data

The group has also revealed how much revenue was brought by every continent. Europe is in the lead with 416.9 million EUR. It is also worth taking into account that the UK and Nordic countries' revenue is counted separately from other European countries (81.3 million EUR and 73.2 million EUR respectively).

The Asian profits amounted to 286.4 million, while the Northern American region brought the company 114.5 million EUR.

Important Milestones

In 2021, the company managed to achieve a few significant goals, especially regarding the expansion of the North American market. For instance, some live casino titles were launched in Canada in cooperation with CBN and AGLC. The group partnered up with Betway in the United States, allowing the operator to distribute their content. The live casino was launched in New Jersey along with Penn Interactive.

Evolution has also initiated an acquisition of DigiWheel, a smaller company that specialises in creating gambling wheel mechanisms. Some other achievements were intensive promo on the market in the Netherlands, where the company has just started out, and the subsidiary Ezugi obtaining a British licence.

In the words of Evolution’s high-ranking representative, Martin Carlesund, 2021 is a highly successful year with plenty of accomplishments. One of them was establishing 1,000 live tables, which became a prominent development compared to last year. The executive also noted that the pandemic has presented some extra challenges, which the team took on with diligence and dedication.

More Statistics

There has been a listing of the full costs that have been spent last year, The number stands at 414.8 million EUR, which means the profit of 654 million EUR was made. These numbers are pre-tax. There have been financial expenses of 6.5 million EUR and a tax of 42.1 million EUR. The general net profit of the company in the past year was 605.4 million EUR.

The company has led a brilliant fourth quarter of the year, with most of the revenue falling on this time. The profit earned during that time stood at 300.2 million EUR, which became a record for the company. Out of these earnings, 237.4 million EUR was gained due to the live casino business, while 62.9 million EUR came due to the RNG operations.

There have been 115.7 million EUR of the operating expenses. The earnings before taxation skyrocketed to an impressive 206.9 million EUR. Excluding the financial spendings of 292,000 EUR and the 12.7 million EUR of taxes, the profit of this quarter was 171.6 million EUR. This is a massive improvement since 2020.

Comments from CEO

In the words of Martin Carlesund, the previous year, especially its ending, has become extremely successful and lucrative for the company, and now, his team is ready to continue its productive work. He stated that the announcement of new products has already taken place, and it was an insight into the future of the company in 2022, as it continues growing on the market and introducing new experiences.

The high-ranking executive looked back at 2021 and its accomplishments. He used this chance to express his gratitude to coworkers and employees for their daily hard work and devotion to the business.

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