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Gambling and Betting in 2022: the Impact of a New Strain of Coronavirus

Updated 29 november 2022
Online casino, Land-based solutions
Author: James Burton
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Quarantine measures have made significant adjustments to the work of operators. The market has transformed, new business areas have appeared, and some, on the contrary, have lost their relevance.

Gambling business: general info

Casino Market specialists suggest that entrepreneurs get acquainted with the impact of the Omicron strain on the gambling niche in 2022. We study expert opinions, trends, and profitable areas for investment.

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Development of the iGaming Industry

The 2019 pandemic gave a tangible boost to the growth of the online casino segment. According to, an American edition, from 2020 to 2026, the market will demonstrate a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 11.49%.

According to experts, in 2022, quarantine restrictions caused by the emergence of a new strain of coronavirus will affect the development of the industry only indirectly. Most analysts believe that the market has already experienced major shocks in 2020. After that, the online environment increased the volumes, and the land-based sector lost ground.

Bartosz Magelski, the chief SEO specialist in the MyLead marketing company, said:

Many operators are experiencing significant productivity growth. Obviously, this is because people have to stay at home, which means they make use of the services of gaming sites more often. Besides, in many countries, traditional casinos are closed for quarantine and become unprofitable.

A similar opinion is shared by Alex Miller, director of communications in the 3snet affiliate network:

The iGaming sphere holds up well, much better than other verticals (for example, betting or lottery niches). Platforms that offer games for money with a well-developed bonus system and a stable service will always win.

A study by Swedish Lund University found that due to restrictions on sports events, there has been an increase in interest in online betting platforms. Usually, players choose simulators of team competitions (football, basketball, tennis), and eSports wagers.

The Gambling Industry and New Strains of Coronavirus: What to Focus on

Among the key business strategies that are used by entrepreneurs to remain competitive during the pandemic time, we can name:

Diversification of activities

This tactic was chosen by many land-based casinos and bookmaker offices in 2020, and it has paid off. In 2022, due to increased quarantine measures, the focus will shift to online entertainment even more than before.

Thus, some casinos have organised a 24/7 broadcast of video from offline gambling halls. Thanks to this, operators managed to retain their customer base and valuable employees, as well as to increase revenues.

Online bookmakers have launched sports simulations and eSports betting solutions. Instant lotteries and virtual poker bets will also bring a good profit in the coming years

Emphasis on digital technologies

The decision to move to the internet space is connected with higher requirements for the performance of gambling platforms. Such modern IT solutions as Big Data or AI come to the rescue of entrepreneurs.

For example, the first of the above-mentioned technologies allows business owners to process large amounts of data without the use of manual labour. The information obtained is used to improve client service and customise the audience by interest.

Artificial intelligence is the basis for the creation of chatbots. Smart assistants advise players and are used as additional gaming platforms

Improvement of security

In 2022, operators invested in the improvement of the security of online casinos. This is due to the active growth in the number of cybercrimes that the industry is exposed to.

An excellent choice is the purchase of multitasking security software. The main tasks of the solution include user verification, protection of the perimeter of the iGaming portal, and control of internet payments

Preferences of Gamblers in 2022

Preferences of gamblers: types of content

Let us consider the types of entertainment content that were extremely popular this year:

Live Games

This segment is chosen by those who liked to come to land-based casinos before COVID-19.

Thanks to the use of modern technologies (video streaming, shooting from different angles), such a task as playing in the online environment is not much different from the physical presence in gambling halls. Advanced platforms provide high-quality images and an exciting user experience.

The main trends in the field of live entertainment:

  1. Wide variety of content. To be competitive, it is important to expand the product line. Traditional baccarat, blackjack, and roulette can be supplemented with solutions from Asia, such as Sic Bo or Dragon Tiger. The interactive wheel of fortune with short 30-second rounds also works great.
  2. Availability of auxiliary rates. They will diversify the user experience and increase the size of the average check. This can be a bet on numerical combinations, intermediate results, a gap from the leader, etc.
  3. Improved functionality. It is hard to imagine a modern live casino without a built-in chat, a history of bets, a video replay system, a section with statistics, and other useful options. It will also be a good choice to launch multiplayer tournaments or arrange the tables for VIP clients.

Sports Simulators

Before quarantine restrictions, virtual sports were considered a niche area. Although it was included in the providers' catalogues, it did not give tangible results in terms of the number of clients and the amount of profit.

Everything changed in 2020 when almost all competitions were cancelled. Then, the focus shifted toward sports simulators, and in 2022, this direction remained relevant as well.

A striking example is the largest British national hunting race, Virtual Grand National, which has been taking place in virtual mode since 2020 when more than 5 million people subscribed to the ITV British television company to watch horse racing in the 3D format. The proceeds from the broadcast of $3.3 billion were redirected to the needs of the UK National Health Service.

Gambling providers are actively introducing sports simulators, and software vendors are doing everything to make virtual competitions more exciting.

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The latest trends in the program development:

  1. Expansion of the geography of sports. If earlier, football and basketball were considered the most popular ones, then now, brands mostly offer virtual tennis, volleyball, and hockey. Computer simulations of horse racing and dog racing are also extremely in-demand.
  2. Improved gameplay. Manufacturers model the 3D environment in such a way as to ensure maximum audience engagement. Providers add new locations, features, and game formats, organise tournaments of forecasters, and offer advanced statistics and analytics.

eSports Betting

Experts predict that by 2026, this market will reach $10.4 billion.

Such steady growth is explained by the stable interest of the audience and the timely reaction of the industry to emerging challenges. Thus, during the pandemic, many offline eSports tournaments were cancelled. The organisers found a way out of the situation by starting to hold competitions online. As a result, the sector not only has not lost but even increased its profit by several times.

In 2022, Omicron had a minimal impact on the eSports niche. Operators that have integrated this type of betting into their catalogue of offers will receive a stable income regardless of quarantine restrictions.

The latest trends in the cybersport market:

  1. Multiplatform. In 2022, those companies that provide stable audience coverage on different types of devices have won. In addition to traditional consoles and desktop PCs, gamblers use smartphones and equipment connected to Smart TV. At the end of 2021, smartwatches created by the Fnatic company in collaboration with the Gucci brand appeared on the market.
  2. Creative approach to the promotion process. Software vendors, business owners, and tournament organisers make money from in-game advertising. This is the placement of logos, banners, and animated videos, as well as the launch of thematic promotions, draws, etc.
  3. Streaming. It improves communication with the audience. Operators immediately receive feedback and react instantly, increasing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and instantly adjusting to market realities.

Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling: main principles

A study conducted by the UK Gambling Commission showed that the number of players suffering from ludomania increased by 2.4% during the pandemic. In other European countries, this figure varies between 1.4–5.8% (Scandinavians were affected the most).

In 2022, due to the spread of Omicron, the number of players increased. Experts associate the problem of gambling addiction with the worsening financial situation of citizens (many people lost their main income during quarantine) and forced social isolation.

In connection with the current situation, the authorities impose restrictions on operators and oblige them to adhere to the principles of responsible gambling:

  • The Belgian regulator has set a maximum user account replenishment limit of €500 per week on all local sites, including online casinos, betting platforms, and online poker portals.
  • The United Kingdom has prevented entrepreneurs from accepting bets in debt. Organisers of games for money and lotteries must check the credit history of customers before they are allowed to visit the site.
  • The Spanish government has restricted the advertising of casino entertainment on TV and radio. It is possible to show marketing videos from 1 am to 5 am.
  • Latvia has banned the operation of gaming sites and betting platforms until the coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

In 2022, regulators adopted a tougher policy, introducing new limits on advertising, the maximum size of bets, and time spent on a casino portal.

The Main Things about the Impact of the Pandemic on the Gambling Industry

The distribution of Omicron accelerated the market’s transition to the online format.

  • This year, the emphasis was laid on the diversification of activities (for example, switching from offline to online, launching new gaming verticals), the use of advanced information technologies (Big Data, AI), and the improvement of the security of gambling projects.
  • Among the popular business areas, we can name entertainment with live dealers, virtual tournaments, and betting on eSports disciplines.
  • Due to new lockdowns, local regulators increased the liability of operators. The authorities have imposed restrictions on advertising and the size of deposits, additional checks on the financial condition of clients, and much more.

From the Casino Market team, you can order the following popular and secure gambling products:

Our company is engaged in effective business marketing, taking into account all requirements of the industry and adhering to the responsible gambling principle.

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