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Features of Online Casino Promotion in Messengers

06 july 2022
Online casino, Marketing
Author: James Burton
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Messenger applications have long become full-fledged communication centres and excellent bases for business advertisement, including gaming. In these systems, the thematic projects can receive good traffic and appeal to solvent customers. Messengers are also convenient for sending updates about promo opportunities and bonuses to regular visitors.

Online casino promotion: general information

Marketers of the Casino Market company offer popularisation programs, thanks to which each operator can increase traffic and, accordingly, the profit of iGaming establishments or bookmaker offices.

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Top 5 Largest Messengers in Europe, CIS, Asia

Message systems are designed to exchange digital communication and media files. They bring together millions of users and open up huge prospects for the marketing activities of entrepreneurs.

The following messengers can bring the greatest traffic:


As the research company Mediascope suggests, the system unites more than 2 billion users. It is considered the most popular in the post-Soviet countries and Europe

Facebook Messenger

This is the second most popular application, which has been installed by over 1.3 billion people


More than 500 million users communicate in the system. This is the most prominent messenger in the CIS countries


The system is used by 260 million people, and among them, there are many potential clients


This application is great for appealing to an audience from Asian countries

For operators focusing on Europe and CIS, it makes sense to promote game projects on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. WeChat and QQ are suitable for attracting traffic from Asian countries.

5 Compelling Arguments in Favour of Promoting through Messaging Systems

Marketers advise concentrating on effective promotion strategies in messengers for several reasons:

  1. Access to the targeted customer base. The most active online players are men aged 18–34 with a high-income level. They constantly utilise messenger applications, subscribe to thematic channels with pleasure, and play in the system.
  2. Quality contact. Internet users have long ceased to respond to banners and familiar advertising on sites, and e-mail messages. Apps are much more convenient since promotion campaigns are focused exclusively on the customers that initially have an interest in receiving updates about the casino. Another plus is the feeling of personal communication with a support representative.
  3. Relevant tools for interaction with the audience. As the statistics show, more than half of the world's inhabitants use the Internet and spend at least 2.5 hours a day on instant messengers. Therefore, marketers are advised to pay special attention to these promotion channels.
  4. The ability to legally advertise gambling. In the industry, there are many limitations to marketing activities. Some popular sites prohibit the advertising of casinos. Telegram and Viber open up new opportunities for promotion, and it is also available on Facebook Messenger with the written permission of the resource administration.
  5. Communication with clients in real-time. Means of interaction in instant messengers are delivered at once. Users can get feedback from bots or tech support staff in minutes. This helps online casinos establish trusting relationships with customers and quickly resolve emerging issues, which has a positive effect on the social standing of companies.

Gambling is a highly competitive business niche. The cost of customer acquisition and retention is constantly rising and, according to Gartner Report, will increase by 80% by 2025. Therefore, it makes sense to use new opportunities and tools to work with the desired public.

General Step-By-Step Scheme of Client Interaction

Casino interaction with audience: step-by-step plan

The marketing strategy provides for 4 stages of communication between gambling resources and customers via instant messengers:

Attracting Traffic

Casino operators need to create chatbots that will promote projects with the help of special messages. They can work in several ways:

  • send promotional materials to gamers who may become casino customers;
  • post on the news channel;
  • publish press releases with links to the casino resource;
  • create branded promo materials to increase project awareness.

Attracting New Casino Customers

Not all users who visit casino sites are ready to bet real money. To enlist the loyalty of clients, gambling resources offer free games that can be launched directly in messengers using chatbots.

Another good tool for engagement is the launch of thematic communities open for collaboration. They are beneficial in collecting the maximum amount of useful information about potential customers and establishing high-quality feedback.

Online Casino Conversion

Engaged users are already willing to spend money on entertainment. Operators need to make sure that the replenishment of the deposit, the game and the withdrawal of funds are as convenient as possible.

For registration and placing money, it is better to use one resource so that users do not have to go to the sites of payment systems. This can alert clients because entering personal data somewhere new can be unsafe.

Visitor Retention

Attracting new customers is expensive, so online casinos try to keep regular visitors. Chatbots help organise loyalty programs that offer the following tools:

  • accrual of bonuses;
  • launching tournaments, mini-quests and other involving events;
  • cashback, etc.

The Main Things about Casino Marketing Using Instant Messengers

Instant messenger marketing: key tips

Promotion of gaming projects in message systems allows operators to attract new visitors to their sites and effectively retain regular customers.

  • Casino marketing in instant messengers requires fewer resources than, for example, SEO. Operators have the opportunity to reach a new audience and attract paying clients.
  • Casino owners can legally advertise their businesses. In Telegram and Viber, you can freely promote gambling sites, and to work in Facebook Messenger, you need to get permission from the resource.
  • High-quality communication with the customers is easy to organise using chatbots. They automate loyalty and feedback programs.

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