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Gambling Business of the New Format: the Latest Trends of 2021

11 may 2021
Online casino, Management
Author: James Burton
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The casino business has been and still is one of the most promising investment areas. The industry managed to overcome the economic crisis of 2020 not just without losses — the market turnover has increased significantly. In March of the last year, the size of the average deposit in online games increased by 3%.

Gambling business of the new format: trends of 2021

In this article, the Casino Market team will tell you how to launch a gambling business in new realities and what IT trends have struck a chord with the audience.

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Attractive Features of Live Entertainment

Casino software with live dealers is one of the most promising investments in the coming years. During a global pandemic and self-isolation, the live sector has become practically the only alternative to sports betting.

According to statistics provided by 1Ante, about 30% of revenues from traditional betting operations are accounted for by the market share. The popularity of the industry is growing so rapidly that in the near future, the industry may completely give up on pre-match betting.

Features and benefits of live content:

  1. The range of offers. In the live casino, gamblers play roulette, baccarat, card games, and lottery. There are many types of entertainment: from classic drawings to rounds with additional bonuses and progressive jackpots.
  2. The fairness of the game. Live casino software allows an unlimited number of users to participate in sessions. The dealer does not compete with a specific gambler, which increases the chances of winning for each participant. Games are being broadcasted from several angles. Casino visitors can view the history of the drawings at any time — there will definitely be no fraud.
  3. Live communication. Advanced IT technologies make it possible to maintain uninterrupted multi-channel communication with all casino visitors. They can communicate with the dealer and other users and contact the support service at any time using the multilingual chat.
  4. Gaming strategies. Live entertainment attracts gamblers with its interactivity — everyone can try new strategies and tactics to get the best result.
  5. The feeling of presence. High-quality HD broadcasts allow users to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a real gambling establishment. The industry giants (NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech) offer innovative products with several additional features: walks around the gambling hall, unique profile pictures, interaction with other items (cups of coffee, furniture, etc.).

Gambling in the Mobile Format

The share of the mobile iGaming industry is 42.6% (statistics provided by Research and Markets).

Leaders in the field of delivery of gambling traffic via portable devices:

  • 49.2% — Oceania;
  • 42.4% — Europe;
  • 40.8% — regions of Asia;
  • 27.3% — North America;
  • 21.1% — Latin America.

Experts note not only the growth of the mobile sector but also an increase in the average check for a game played on personal devices. For example, residents of Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark) spend from 330 to 485 dollars a month on mobile bets.

Formats of mobile gambling establishments

An adaptive version of the gaming site

Investors can launch an online casino as a cross-platform website. This is a standard digital service that gamblers are used to finding in desktop browsers but it is also being displayed on portable devices in the high-quality

Downloadable software

A more complex software product that can be downloaded to a user device. Such services, as a rule, offer wider functionality:

  • extra bonuses;
  • an ability to play with a poor network connection and offline;
  • minimal impact on the battery power;
  • access to exclusive content, etc.

Casino Games with Artificial Intelligence

Casino games with artificial intelligence

AI technologies and machine learning algorithms have quickly become an integral part of the gambling industry. The most common solution is chatbots. They are interactive built-in programs that optimise and automate most business processes.

A turnkey casino with a chatbot has the following advantages:

  1. Maximum audience coverage. The use of software robots allows operators to work in legal markets and receive casino visitors from countries where gambling is strictly prohibited.
  2. The anonymity of gambling services. Users can interact with the system without the need to register in it and provide personal data. Third parties do not have the right to access the gambler's private correspondence.
  3. Personalisation of the system. Chatbots are used not only to communicate with clients but also to gather statistics. Collection and evaluation of the reactions of users allow entrepreneurs to build the most convenient and effective interaction format, including personalisation of the newsletter and the formation of bonuses.
  4. Automation of typical processes. Using AI algorithms, operators can customise internal casino systems: static data maintenance, evaluation of behavioural reactions of gamblers, customer and technical support, newsletters, financial risk monitoring, etc.

New Payment Instruments

To stay afloat and strike a chord with the target audience, casino operators must cooperate with the world’s leading financial services.

The latest releases on the market of payment instruments:

  • strengthening of security control using AI technologies and algorithms;
  • mass implementation of voice control tools;
  • growth of the mobile segment;
  • switching from plastic and virtual cards to digital codes.

Blockchain and Bitcoin Technologies

Blockchain is a unique software algorithm that consists of interconnected information blocks without centralised management. Components of the digital chain are created by each of the participants, can be viewed by Internet users but cannot be changed after the formation of the block.

Benefits that gambling operators can get when they use decentralised technology:

  • data is automatically entered into the software register and cannot be changed after that;
  • the system cannot be hacked, and it is technically impossible to change a ready-made module or affect the outcome of the future drawing;
  • operations within the system are completely transparent and can be monitored upon request;
  • participants of the program are guaranteed absolute confidentiality;
  • entrepreneurs pay minimum commissions or none of them at all.

Popularisation of Social Content

Social content: popularisation of the format

Social and instant games are gaining more and more popularity every day. Experts of the Statista company expect that the turnover of this gambling sector will reach 450 million dollars by 2023.

A new category of the game content is created specifically for cloud standards and makes it possible to overcome almost all technical constraints, including low speed of the Internet connection and high cost of the devices for working with VR broadcasts.

A unique feature of social casinos is shareware games that are available even in those regions where gambling is strictly prohibited. It is possible to take part in sessions without the need to place mandatory bets, and prizes are paid in the form of bonuses that help users to continue playing in the main rounds.

Operators get several options for traffic monetisation:

  • broadcasting of commercials and selling PRO accounts without them;
  • built-in purchases to improve the characteristics of symbols;
  • paid access to new levels and bonuses;
  • participation in tournaments and other events.

The Main Things about iGaming Trends of 2021

The internet gambling business not only overcame the financial crisis of 2020 without losses but also significantly expanded its spheres of influence by instantly offering an alternative to sports betting and offline locations.

The most promising trends in the gambling market:

  • “Smart” games. Chatbots are the most practical and efficient way to automate business processes. The use of AI algorithms allows operators not only to personalise the service but also to organise professional customer support without the need to hire and train staff.
  • Social content. Shareware games allow entrepreneurs to work with an audience without geographic or administrative restrictions. Casinos do not pay cash rewards — prizes look like bonuses that motivate users to continue playing (the improvement of characters, access to new levels, etc.).
  • Live industry. Solutions with live dealers have become the most popular alternative to sports betting. With the cancellation of football championships and other competitions during the pandemic, the live casino market has attracted about 30% of bettors.
  • Mobile gambling. Almost half of the traffic of the entire industry is accounted for by this sector. Moreover, the average check of mobile users is much higher than the check of desktop gamblers.
The Сasino Market team constantly monitors the market and is aware of all the latest trends.

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