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Gambling Industry Leaders in 2022: Market Capitalisation

22 september 2022
Author: James Burton
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The gaming sector is still expanding, and despite macroeconomic challenges, businesses are doing well.

Top 10 gambling companies: capitalisation

The Casino Market team presents a brief overview of the top 10 leading gambling companies and their financial situation.

Las Vegas Sands

While online gambling has increased recently, LVS continues to have the largest market cap even though there are problems related to Macau.

The LVS stock still has not reached its pre-pandemic levels:

  • The company's share price is currently a little over $ 38, a significant drop from the roughly $ 70 it was worth in February 2020.
  • The brand's share price has been declining since the business's brief bounce in March 2021.

The corporation's success depends on the financial and Covid-19 recovery situations in Macau. It may take some time before the city fully restores from the pandemic, despite LVS's continued confidence that visitor numbers will revert to pre-Covid standards.

A more important question is whether investors agree with the company's optimism and if they have the resources or will to contribute to the firm.

Approximate sum: $ 29.53 billion.

Flutter Entertainment

The Irish organisation holds the silver medal place. It is hardly surprising to find Flutter in second place given the bookmaker's dominant presence in both the US and UK betting markets, especially with its FanDuel brand.

The company's share price, which is around $ 118, has recently shown steady, robust growth. Flutter finished the acquisition of Sisal, expanding its domination to Italy. The firm is set up for future development, and the majority of experts advise investors to buy the company’s shares.

Approximate sum: $ 20.9 billion.

Evolution Gaming

The brand won a bronze medal but the Swedish supplier's advantage against the next competitor in the list is rather small.

Evolution has grown along with online gambling in general and live casinos in particular. It remains to be seen if the firm can maintain this improvement. The revenue from land-based venues increases but the brand consistently posts strong quarterly results.

The price of the company’s stock is quite variable. The share cost of the supplier has increased significantly over the long run, but after peaking in 2021, it has been declining.

Although this tendency seems to be continuing, it will eventually need to stabilise. It is difficult to predict when this may happen, and the macroeconomic picture at the moment does not favour a plateau anytime soon.

Approximate sum: $ 16.6 billion.


The Australian supplier placed 4th overall in terms of market cap but, considering its significant rise over the previous 5 years, the brand is still a very strong competitor.

Aristocrat, a company that makes ground gaming machines, was naturally badly struck by Covid-19, but like so many other businesses, it has successfully made a recovery:

  • The firm's share price has decreased since peaking at more than $ 32 late last year.
  • However, it has virtually rebounded to pre-pandemic levels despite the decline.

Approximate sum: $ 15.2 billion.

MGM Resorts

The corporation is primarily a land-based distributor with operations in Macau and Las Vegas.

The activities of MGM Resorts in the US have assisted in balancing a decline in Macau income, resulting in an overall yearly rise of $ 1 billion for Q2. The brand has been able to lessen the consequences of Chinese casino capital losses, although many other market participants were negatively affected.

The corporation has so kept making progress toward recovering from Covid-19. In March 2020, the share price of MGM Resorts fell to less than $ 10 after multiple lockdowns and closures. However, it is currently worth more than $ 33.

Approximate sum: $ 13.11 billion.

Caesars Entertainment

After Covid limitations were repealed, Caesars, like many other land-based operators, experienced an increase in customers.

Although its income has gone up again, sadly, investor confidence has not:

  • The brand's second-quarter earnings led to a brief gain in stock price.
  • Year-to-date, the company's share price has dropped from over $ 89 to less than $ 45.

The recent financial performance and bigger goals of Caesars suggest that this might only be a minor setback. Many experts advise investors to purchase the company's stock right now, which may be wise given the business's previous records.

Additional revenue will also come from a wider operational niche since Caesars entered online sports betting. The brand is aiming to profit from the web industry like many other terrestrial distributors, although it has had less success with wagering than MGM Resorts. The company's brick-and-mortar casinos are and will continue to be its main source of revenue.

Approximate sum: $ 9.67 billion.


Even though it is still very much a newcomer, the company has managed to establish a strong presence in the US bookmaker market because of its fresh vigour. However, the adage «slow and steady wins the race» may be advantageous for DraftKing.

The brand has spent a lot on advertising and promotional deals in its effort to take over the North American region. Even if the company's top line has grown by double digits, DraftKings' costs have been rather large:

  • The firm made $ 466 million in sales in the second quarter.
  • The business recorded a net loss of $ 217 million.

However, investors' confidence has not changed, and the stock price of DraftKings increased. Shareholder support for the company's plan may decline in the future, especially when a recession approaches, but for now, DraftKings is choosing to spend more money.

Approximate sum: $ 8.34 billion.


The primarily online operator Entain has had rapid growth in recent years. However, the company's stock is now worth a little over $ 13.6 after falling from around $ 19 at the beginning of 2022.

This is probably the outcome of the market stabilising after the epidemic. The operator's digital business has therefore suffered as terrestrial distributors have started to resurface. According to the corporation, its second-trimester performance was affected by «tough 2021 comparators.»

Entain's success has also been harmed by:

  • a withdrawal from the Netherlands;
  • more stringent affordability standards in the UK.

Nevertheless, the operator has been able to develop and perform better than experts had predicted because of its increasing retail sales. Despite an «uncertain» macroeconomic prognosis (citing the brand’s CEO Jette Nygaard-Andersen), the majority of analysts forecast a strong growth trajectory for Entain.

Approximate sum: $ 8.2 billion.

Wynn Resorts

Las Vegas and Macau are the 2 cities that make up the brand's storyline. The former has recovered greatly from the pandemic, but the latter still struggles with various issues. The majority of analysts expect Macau to recover in the next year if no other problems occur.

Wynn Resorts will have to depend on its belief in a future restoration to persuade shareholders to stay the course. The firm’s CEO Craig Billings continues expressing optimistic opinions.

In 2022, the share price of Wynn Resorts fluctuated:

  • It currently stands at $ 64.02, which is a little improvement over last month.
  • However, compared to the over $ 80 stock price that appeared at the beginning of 2022, this is a substantial decline.

Many experts share Mr Billings' confidence. The company's position is now rather safe, but that might alter if recession concerns come to pass.

Approximate sum: $ 7.44 billion.

Française des Jeux

Covid-19 harmed the French national lottery FDJ, similar to many terrestrial enterprises, but it has subsequently made a comeback. Although its income has increased again, investors' faith has not. The stock price of FDJ has declined year-to-date, going from about $ 38.6 to less than $ 31.7.

Given the present euro-to-dollar exchange rate, currency swings have influenced the company's market value. However, a long-term pattern of declining confidence points to a deeper issue: market participants do not view FDJ as a profitable investment.

The firm has been unable to gain back the trust of its shareholders after encountering several challenges in the middle of 2021, including:

  • an EU investigation;
  • Goldman Sachs reducing its rating, etc.

The fact that FDJ made this list despite the difficult condition of the current market is proof that they are on the right path. As the French national lottery distributor, the firm keeps up its commitment to charitable causes.

Approximate sum: $ 5.97 billion.

Overall, there is a good mix of online and offline activities, but it is difficult to predict if this balance will remain the same in the coming year. Especially for Wynn Resorts, LVS, and MGM Resorts, a lot depends on Macau's comeback. The first two could be forced to drop several spots in the list if the city takes too long to recover.

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