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Gambling Markets with Great Opportunities in 2022

01 july 2022
Author: James Burton
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iGaming is increasingly expanding and becoming available to users around the world. However, regulatory measures vary in different countries.

Gambling markets: great opportunities in 2022

The Casino Market team presents an overview of the wagering markets in the most ambitious regions.

New Regulations in the UK

The kingdom is one of the most loyal destinations for gambling and sports betting operators. However, the situation may change dramatically soon.

The authorities plan to ban bookmakers from sponsoring sports teams in a few years. That will cause suffering for the English Premier League because clubs are funded by wagering companies. For distributors, this is a pretty big change as the majority promote their brands through cooperation with sports championships.

A more tangible innovation for players will be the revision of the Gambling Act 2005. 16,000 responses were received from those who suffered differently from the niche. The main requirements of entertainment opponents were to cancel some types of bonuses and free bets.

The country is still considered the most liberal in the gambling direction. However, the announcement of recent measures indicates a change in the view of local authorities.

Booming Markets of North America

Since the cancellation of the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 2018, casinos and betting are rapidly spreading across the countries. Operators are regulated at the state level, so almost all Americans have access to entertainment. However, Utah and Hawaii are fierce opponents of the industry.

The limit on bets, which used to mean that they should be in the form of a parlay, was removed. Residents can enjoy sports wagering on individual events.

Canada is keeping up with its neighbour and is taking steps to legalise the gambling industry. Ontario is already leading the way in allowing online betting.

Limitless Opportunities of South America

In the region, countries have different visions of the amusement sector.

Even though for many years in Brazil there was a complete ban on gambling, the country has now embarked on a course of adoption of the industry. Currently, horse and sports betting are allowed, and there is a state lottery.

Argentina is the second leader of the region. Here, each of the 23 provinces controls gambling independently. 16 areas have already legalised all forms of online entertainment, although participants can only bet at virtual platforms licensed by the local authorities.

The Potential of South Africa

The local population is passionate fans of rugby and cricket. People love to make bids on these sports.

Although there is no complete ban on online betting, there are certain restrictions. Players can wager virtually with distributors that are regulated and taxed by NGB and local governments.

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