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Gambling Traffic in 2022: What Affects Online Casino Attendance

08 july 2021
Online casino, Marketing
Author: James Burton
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New gambling projects appear on the Web with enviable regularity, toughening competition many times over. In order to successfully enter the market in such conditions, the operator needs to focus all efforts on developing an effective strategy for attracting and retaining traffic.

Gambling traffic in 2022: online casino attendance

What actions to take so that the new turnkey online casino receives a consistently high attendance? Experts from Casino Market will let you know.

We have prepared an overview of the most promising trends in 2022 and a list of the best marketing tools for gambling.

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Characteristics of a Successful Game Project

A lot of factors influence the profitability of a start-up:

Response Speed

According to Google statistics, the user makes the first impression of a web resource in 3–5 seconds. During this time, the portal should fully load and provide the client with the requested information.

In order for a turnkey casino to successfully develop and not lose its customers, it is worth choosing a concise design without an abundance of pop-up windows, animated splash screens, video ads and other components that can negatively affect page loading speed.

Design and Navigation

The site should have a well-thought-out structure with thematic sections and high-quality content.

A mandatory criterion is the presence of a detailed information section with a description of:

  • the rules of the game;
  • privacy policy;
  • conditions for wagering bonuses and payouts;
  • licence number and expiration date.

It will not be superfluous to add a FAQ. The Casino Market team recommends adapting the section for voice search or adding a chatbot dialogue box to the site. According to the Google think tank, more than 70% of internet users prefer to communicate with the support service than to search for information on their own.

Another plus of a turnkey casino business is the presence of widgets. This is a set of programs that simplify interaction with the platform. For example, icons for quick navigation and identification through social networking pages.

Filling the Resource

This is not only about the variety of the game catalogue, but also about the quality of information materials. In addition to entertainment, you can add to the site:

  • descriptions of the gameplay;
  • reviews of new products;
  • feature articles (for example, about the biggest wins in history, etc.);
  • ratings;
  • various strategies for card games, more.

The task of the operator is to monitor the relevance of the content and update it regularly.

Mobile Version

Mobile traffic accounts for more than half of all internet users. The presence of a version of the mobile gaming site guarantees multiple increases in sales markets and a constant increase in the audience.

Mobile Options

An adaptive version of the site This is a full-fledged copy of the gaming resource, displayed in a mobile browser. The site duplicates all the functionality of the main platform and does not require additional plugins to be downloaded
Downloadable Application

In the Casino Market studio, you can buy an online project in the form of a mobile application for installation on a user device. The program can be downloaded to the phone and not only duplicates the main functionality of the resource but can also be supplemented with such features and options:

  • special bonuses for the mobile game;
  • the option to launch slots without connecting to the network;
  • automatic saving of results in case of session interruption;
  • portrait mode with simplified navigation

Trend Tracking

Even high-quality content gets boring over time, and users leave in search of new experiences. Fruit slots are a good example. In the line of each brand supplier there are traditional "one-armed bandits", but all of them are presented in a separate category "Classic" and, as a rule, are designed for beginners and ardent adherents of casino traditions.

Now there are several trends in the trend:

  1. AR and VR solutions. Augmented and virtual reality technologies create the effect of complete immersion and guarantee an unforgettable session experience. Thematic products are already in the catalogues of Microgaming, NetEnt and other rating providers. Playing in VR format allows not only to fully concentrate on the session but also to chat with like-minded people, walk around the casino hall and even interact with non-gaming objects (for example, put a cup of coffee on the table or throw a chair at the opponent).
  2. Story content. Now thematic games about nature, politics, the world of show business, etc. are in vogue. Moreover, in addition to the main plot, several side branches, different difficulty levels, the ability to play as several characters, and more can be built into the product.
  3. Skill games. An interesting recent trend is slots with the winnings that do not depend on chance, but on experience, reaction speed and other skills. As a rule, in such games there are several levels of difficulty, there is a choice of characters, a large selection of side storylines.
  4. Social games. A unique casino content format with no cash winnings. All rewards received by users are aimed at continuing the session. These can be free spins, access to closed levels, coins for buying character upgrades.

Gambling Traffic Analysis

Gambling traffic analysis: advantages

In order for the development of an online casino to bring the maximum return, the operator must constantly analyse the attendance of the resource.

Research of user reactions and channels of attraction will give an understanding of:

  • what external sources give the maximum response;
  • in what geographical area is it best to promote the project;
  • what dynamics gives advertising in certain time intervals;
  • which pages of the site are the most visited.

General statistics of visits are maintained using web analytics and special software counters. By the volume of incoming traffic, you can evaluate the number of unique users and the quality of the acquisition strategy.

Traffic Channels

Traffic source analysis is one of the most important aspects of a website's internal statistics.

Types of external transitions:

  1. Direct traffic. The most desirable option is when the gaming site is saved in the browser bookmarks or its domain name is entered by the user in the address bar.
  2. Search traffic. Transition option when the portal falls out in the list of search engine results for a given key.
  3. Referral channel. The user enters the site of the slot machines through a link posted on an external internet resource.
  4. Advertising. Clicking on an advertisement, banners at the top of the search engine results or through partner sites.
  5. Email distribution. Login to the site through a link from an email.

The Most Popular Platforms for Getting Gambling Traffic

Having decided to buy an online casino, you need to take care of the channels for attracting customers in advance.

The most popular sources of gambling audience in 2022:

  1. Social media. This can be the development of an online casino along with its thematic page or group, ordering a place and promotional materials in already promoted publics. Communication in social networks allows you to build the most trusting relationship with potential customers, “warm-up” the audience before the game and keep gamblers up to date with the latest news and promotions.
  2. Thematic forums and blogs. On such a site, there are no real money games themselves, but there is information about the nuances of running a session, industry news, various strategies for increasing winnings, etc. Advertising on forums is good because it is seen by an already interested audience ready to start playing.
  3. Video channels. Another recent trend is the maximum visualisation of content. Text information is not perceived as quickly and efficiently as graphic information. Therefore, you can order the creation of the best turnkey online business with an emphasis on the visual component and make targeted attractions through YouTube and other video platforms. Moreover, instead of using direct advertising, you can make reviews of new products, broadcast the passage (streams) or test various gaming strategies.

Bonuses as a Way to Influence Casino Attendance

Bonuses as a way to influence casino attendance

The operator must not only constantly attract new customers to the platform, but also retain active users.

Our aggregator studio has prepared several effective online casino software solutions that can increase audience interest and extend the session time:

  1. Promo codes. Gamblers are very interested in various time-limited offers and promotional codes that allow you to easily receive a gift. The word "free" is loved by all users without exception. This turnkey casino solution will not only increase the conversion of the site but also give a good return on search results.
  2. Reviews and video tutorials. A special video explaining the rules of the game will perfectly cope with the task of unobtrusively involving the client in the gambling process. Moreover, reviews and educational materials can be additionally monetised using built-in advertising or sold under a paid subscription. Plus, video content is now getting additional positions in indexing by search engines in Europe and the USA.
  3. Ratings and expert assessments. A good example is the prediction tables on betting sites. The creation of an online casino can be organised according to the same principle and add statistics on previous draws, gambler reviews, tournament ratings and other figures to the main description of the game. Such a decision will create an “atmosphere of general activity” on the site and increase the credibility of the resource.
  4. In-game bonuses. Special programs that do not imply cash payments. These can be extended limits, additional playing time, increased multipliers, short-term access to closed levels, etc. The main objective of the bonus is to encourage the user to continue playing and return to the site again.
  5. Cashbacks. A great way to "sweeten" the loss. The system can be configured to regularly return a certain percentage of unsuccessful bets. Moreover, the refund amount can be both paid to the player and transferred to game bonuses to extend the session time.

The Main Things about the Specifics of Online Casino Attendance

External traffic is the main source of income for the gaming platform. The main task of the operator is to make the start-up as attractive as possible for the audience and motivate customers to return regularly.

  • A quality gaming site should load in 3–5 seconds. This time is enough for the user to make a first impression and focus on the desired component. We recommend designing the resource as concisely as possible and refusing any elements that affect the performance of the platform.
  • The audience is attracted to trends. Fruit machines can be presented on the site in the Classic category. The main focus should be on industry novelties: live content, slots with elements of augmented and virtual reality, skill games, etc.
  • The best way to keep an audience is through promotions and bonuses. In addition to the standard welcome payouts, you can use in-game rewards aimed at extending the session, cashback programs, promotional codes, paid video tutorials, etc.

With the Casino Market studio, the question of how to open an online platform with minimal risks is solved in just 2 clicks. You just need to contact our manager and describe your preferences for the turnkey casino software, as well as your other wishes.

We are ready to bring a start-up of any format to life and offer:

Our organisation can also help you out with finding suitable turnkey casino websites for sale. Leave a request and become the owner of a promising highly profitable business project right now!

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