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Conversion Increase: Gaming Sites with the CRM System

Updated 01 december 2022
Online casino, Marketing
Author: James Burton
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Attraction and retention of gamblers are important business tasks for each entrepreneur. The profitability of an iGaming project, as well as the recognition and prestige of an operator directly depend on the quality and volume of online traffic.

Modern CRM systems help entrepreneurs to achieve the desired conversion on a casino platform. The main advantage of such solutions is the collection and processing of real-time data, which significantly raises customer retention rates.

Online casino with a CRM system

From Casino Market, you can buy a turnkey gaming site with a built-in CRM system. We offer a complex product that includes games, financial services, and a licence issued in a respected jurisdiction.

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Key Performance Metrics of an iGaming Project

As a rule, to evaluate the success of a casino business, the following parameters are used:


Percentage of visitors to a gambling platform who completed a targeted action — registered or made their first deposit.

The conversion is calculated for each reporting period — day, week, or month. Before organising any advertising campaign, it is necessary to make a detailed conversion forecast. After that, the data is compared with the actual number of attracted users

Customer lifetime value

A metric that reflects the net profit from each player throughout his history of games launched in an online casino.

The main goal of marketing and implementation of a CRM system is to increase the indicator. It consists of two parameters: the period of loyalty of a user to the iGaming platform and the size of his average check

Churn rate

The number of clients who, for one reason or another, decided to stay on the gaming site to play. The indicator is often given as a percentage of active customers

Net gaming revenue

This is the operator's real profit, which is defined as all the bets placed by gamblers minus the operating expenses.

The latter include the payment of winnings, royalties, licence fees, taxes, salaries, as well as marketing expenses

Average revenue per user

To calculate this parameter, NGR is divided by the number of active users for the reporting period

Advantages of Installing a CRM System for Casinos

CRM system for casinos: advantages

Operators spend huge amounts of money on the promotion of their business, including cooperation with affiliates, the connection of SMM channels, and the publication of materials in the media. The task of scheduled traffic arbitration is partially fulfilled. However, as soon as clients get to a gaming site, a minimum of resources are dedicated to its subsequent conversion.

The installation of a powerful CRM system solves the problem of effective user retention. The program significantly increases the percentage of registrations, placements of the first deposit, the loyalty of customers, and their lifetime value on a gaming portal.

Benefits of connecting a CRM system:

  1. Real-time work. The solution operates 24/7 — it continuously collects data about players, analyses the received information, and offers entrepreneurs relevant development scenarios. Business owners are always aware of the latest changes (which slot machines clients like to play, what bonuses encourage them to make a new deposit, etc.).
  2. Wide functionality. The CRM system performs a wide range of routine tasks — from tracking the preferences of users and generating reports to integrating a modern bonus program and creating advertising layouts. All functions of the program are collected in a single interface window and are characterised by easy navigation and tooltips.
  3. Simple communication. A multi-channel CRM solution can be used by employees from different departments of a gambling company. Administrators, sales managers, architects, and financiers will be able to coordinate their work in the live mode, without wasting time on the planning of various offline meetings.
  4. High reliability. The system processes large amounts of data, and therefore, it is logical that increased protection requirements are put forward for their storage. As a rule, operators use local cloud servers with a high security level and limited access rights.
  5. Development of a bonus program. The CRM product is a proven aggregator of special activities provided for gamblers who have access to welcome bonuses, cashback, free spins, points for a high position on the tournament table, and seasonal campaigns with valuable prizes.

Efficient Methods for Improving Conversions

The indicator shows the percentage of players who not only visited the casino site but also placed the first bet. In practice, it often happens that those users who went to the deposition page did not complete the target action.

The CRM system monitors such situations and offers the following effective methods for solving them:

Delivery of a Pop-Up Message

The content of such a notification is determined automatically based on the relevant data and the behaviour of users.

The CRM program analyses:

  • the source of internet traffic;
  • the phase at which the potential client remained;
  • specific clicks on the page, and other relevant data.

In the message, operators offer a welcome bonus, a free game, assistance in the registration process, and the deposition of funds. In 90% of cases, a pop-up message is enough for gamblers to perform the target action, which is the placement of their first bet.

Sending an SMS or Push Message

If players still leave the payment page and do not replenish their accounts within an hour, entrepreneurs can send them an SMS or push notification.

It will remind users of a personal bonus that they will automatically receive upon making the initial deposit. In a few days, the system will send an e-mail again with a relevant link to go to the gaming site.

When potential clients return to the platform, the program will react instantly by writing another targeted message inciting gamblers to complete the replenishment process.

CRM System for Retaining Valuable Clients

Customer retention with CRM systems

When people replenish an account in an online casino, the CRM solution automatically considers them regular customers of the casino. Therefore, the lion's share of the subsequent actions of operators is aimed at retaining them and increasing their average check.

To provide the best user experience, the program collects and processes information on:

  • relevant games (slots, card entertainment, bingo, and live products) that are of interest to players;
  • real-time balance changes;
  • wins and losses of gamblers;
  • previously provided bonuses, including cashback, free spins, and points for inviting friends;
  • the size of deposits, and other data stored on the operator's server.

Based on the information received, the CRM system develops an effective retention strategy for each user.

A striking example is sending an individual bonus to each interested player.

Such a gift is calculated on the number of points or the amount of money that the client lost during the recent session, as well as based on LTV and ARPU indicators. Users receive the most personalised rewards, and the money is credited to their account at the right time.

The Main Things about the Use of the CRM System

The Casino Market company offers entrepreneurs to connect a profitable gaming site on a turnkey basis. Huge experience in the industry helps us create modern iGaming projects that are characterised by high profitability and good response from clients.

When buying a turnkey platform from Casino Market, business owners receive:

  • a powerful resource with a large selection of gambling solutions and settings;
  • a multilingual financial aggregator for fast transactions with a minimum commission;
  • a catalogue of video entertainment from Microgaming, Habanero, Amatic, and other top providers;
  • a well-thought-out CRM system for successful interaction with users.

The turnkey online casino is available in a free demo version — you can test the software within the next 10 days.

  • A CRM system is an effective tool for attracting and retaining customers. The decision to use the program helps entrepreneurs achieve impressive business profitability: improve conversion, net gaming income, and other metrics.
  • The advantages of implementing a CRM service include smooth real-time operation, a wide range of useful settings, and high security. Administrators can also create an individual bonus program based on the analytics that was gathered.

To launch a turnkey online casino with a relevant CRM system, please contact our managers.

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