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Gamification Strategy: How It Boosts Casino Client Engagement

01 august 2022
Author: James Burton
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Andrzej Hyla from Wazdan is sure that customisation and gamification can raise player engagement and retention, improve client satisfaction levels, and boost operator revenue.

Gamification strategy in online casinos

Casino Market has overviewed an opinion of the expert to share the most significant thoughts.

Gamification Influence

According to Mr Hyla, the availability of technologies that boost punter engagement has sparked bitter rivalry among various distributors and vendors.

The expert claims that the Cash Drop advertising tool was created with this information in mind. It enables operators to construct special marketing campaigns that are then controlled by his brand. This guarantees that promotions will continue and no resources will be squandered.

This instrument is a customised advertising tool that gives players random prizes. It was built in response to input from partners and users. Offering improved entertainment features without interfering with gameplay considerably aids operators in increasing engagement and retention.

The Necessity of New-Generation Products

Gamification is not a fresh concept. It has been debated for a long time in the gambling industry, but interest in it has increased recently. According to Mr Hyla, the full potential has not yet been completely realised.

User involvement is closely related to gamification. New generations of casino punters are seeking cutting-edge and distinctive playing opportunities. This fact caused a significant push in the business to create innovative solutions drawing in new customers and retaining existing ones.

Different Perspectives

Gamification is a vast subject that could be discussed from both operators' and game developers' points of view.

Gamification is seen by operators as a tool for:

  • attracting new clients to the portal;
  • rewarding the platform's most devoted and engaged users.

To differentiate a business from competing ones, distributors can employ various incentives and promotions.

Developers consider gamification as a chance to:

  • add intriguing elements to engines;
  • raise the level of product complexity.

Players feel more appreciated and are likely to return to a game if they have a sense of flexibility about the experiences.

Content creators enhance engagement by adding:

  • payout-increasing mini-games;
  • skill and mission-based bonus rounds.

Differentiation Point of the Company

Wazdan’s main distinguishing feature from competitors lies in the obsession to provide punters with unsurpassed experience, as the head says.

Personalised content is a tried-and-true method of boosting audience interaction. The company was able to enhance customer connection and encourage its partners' profits growth by creating a variety of amazing in-game features that quickly set titles apart from others.

Gamification Elements in Wazdan’s Products

The proprietary Freedom of Choice set enables players to control a unique entertainment experience based on their interests.

Buy Feature lets players participate in bonus rounds at any moment and enjoy the session in its entirety. Users that participate in Cash Drop are given a variety of prizes at random, which results in distinct outcomes for each session.

The crowning achievement of Wazdan is Volatility Levels that give punters the freedom to choose the magnitude and frequency of successes. Rare but bigger winnings are made in high volatility mode, whereas the inverse is valid in low.

Provider Plans

Andrzej Hyla notes that the company is working hard to create new features and promotional tools that will be useful to both distributors and gamblers.

The representative adds that their Player Engagement Suite ensures a higher level of user engagement and enables entrepreneurs to get great business indexes.

The company intends to roll out and improve more interaction-boosting features, such as:

  • Collect to Infinity;
  • Cash Infinity;
  • Wild Rampage with Hold & Collect;
  • Sticky to Infinity.

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