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Greentube is Going to Expand Operations in the US: Strategy and Partners

17 may 2022
Author: James Burton
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Greentube's background in the US is relatively new, having officially launched in New Jersey last year. However, it is incredibly active and rapidly developing. They have spent some time preparing for the US and have carefully chosen a strategic approach that the company believes would succeed in the country.

Greentube: growing Influence in the US markets

The CEO Markus Antl analyses the outcomes of current operations thus far, as well as aspirations for expanding markets in the United States. He also discussed the major elements of the company's latest agreements for the area.

The impact of social casinos is expected to perform within the portfolio of the firm. Moving into Michigan is a significant step in the North American expansion plan.

They see enormous opportunities in Michigan. The County's business and indigenous operators earned $ 131 million in net gross revenue from iGaming last month, which is outstanding.

The company is currently in negotiations with state operators about introducing their material to regional players. Greentube realises that their product correlates well among North American gamers based on the experience in New Jersey and the social gambling offering in the US.

New Jersey Experience

Greentube had excellent success in New Jersey, with the local audience appreciating their content. They have concentrated on collaborating with the region's leading operators, which has provided them with a powerful springboard.

The firm already gained a lot of knowledge about the particular gamer population and unique preferences through efforts in New Jersey. They intend to use these analytics to enhance and personalise product inventory in the regions, along with the introduction of different localised items.

RSI Partnership

Greentube's cooperation with RSI is a significant accomplishment. The product is currently live and doing well with its clients in New Jersey. They have a lengthy history with RSI in Colombia, but also serve the online casino in the United States. Additionally, Greentube intends to expand this alliance into new markets and accelerate its combined approach.

The goal is to work with players who have a multistate aim so that they will all together experience new market opportunities. Since RSI is already functioning in over 10 states, they are an excellent partner for Greentube.

Market’s Opportunities

The possibilities in the United States cannot be underestimated. Operators and suppliers from all over the world are now competing for a presence and market cap because more states pass online casinos.

Greentube has focused on developing games using famous mechanics, like Hold N Spin. To suit the interests of the particular audience, they have also produced market-specific material, such as Wild Lines: American Eagle TM, a typical stepper slot game.

Launching in the New States

Greentube: launch in new states of America

Greentube is concentrating on the 3 key states:

  • New Jersey;
  • Michigan;
  • Pennsylvania.

They also closely monitor legislative changes throughout the US, and Connecticut is on track. These states represent almost 90% of the potential markets for them at this point. The company is currently in the process of acquiring the license in Pennsylvania.

Greentube wants to ensure that they handle the US in the right manner before concentrating on increasing their reach. Other potential areas to keep an eye on are New York and California, which have the option to become large if carefully controlled.

GAN Works with Greentube

This collaboration is significant since it allows the firm to cover a broader new fan base with its social gaming content.

As Greentube increases the scope of such entertainment with GAN, they will gain:

  • a variety of useful information on consumer interests and other game-related data;
  • help in creating content for the RMG portfolio.

As licensing proceeds and they release RMGs, users will be acquainted with the material, offering them a significant edge. Greentube can also detect a regional imbalance in player bases, which is useful to continue improving and expanding the offering.

Greentube Pro 2.0 Success

Greentube Pro allows ground casinos to keep their customers by providing online social gambling. They have access to unlimited title collections from NOVOMATIC, Greentube developers, and also various unique characteristics. For example, direct-to-player marketing is meant to keep users interested.

With more states enabling iGaming, operators join the RMG field. Greentube Pro will have a benefit because their clients are not only acquainted with multi-channel game options but will be able to play them on a smartphone and PC.

Social Content’s Role

Operators can utilise social casinos to attract clients into the RMG sector and to retain ground players involved if they are unable to reach a commercial facility. It is an effective strategy for acquainting a new audience with slot games that are unfamiliar to them. As a supplier, the brand may use the information from social casinos to improve their range of RMG products.

There are personalisation elements that are now employed in social gaming but are not yet applicable in the RMG arena due to regulatory limitations. Greentube will investigate opportunities for incorporating the best and appropriate options for RMG, but only where permitted by local laws.

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