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Greentube Presents a New Version of the Ski Challenge Game

02 september 2022
Author: James Burton
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A well-known gambling developer Greentube resurrects a widely acclaimed amusement Ski Challenge as a brand-new eSports app.

Ski Challenge eSports app from Greentube

Debut Information

The company joined forces with ski federations of such countries:

With new and expanded functions, the solution will offer genuine eSports gameplay.

Participants compete on well-known ski tracks that were aroused by real-world venues in the winter sports instalment. This product conveys all the thrill and adrenaline of the famous activity in actual reality.

Fans will have unique access to well-known sports tracks, and those that have never been in the game before. It will also offer thrilling fresh elements like clothes and gear customisation.

The Ski Challenge franchise's active and global fanbase is eagerly awaiting its return. The application will be accessible year-round as opposed to simply during the skiing period. To maintain users' interest after the game’s presentation, further functions and locations will be appended.

Leader’s Input

Ski Challenge made a name for itself as a famous product, during a time it was playable on a desktop, according to Michael Bauer, a representative for the developer. The creator is delighted to not only reveal the rebirth of this well-liked entertainment but also to offer it as a genuine eSports application edition.

Mr Bauer thinks the public will like the enhanced version's special functions, and the brand has some large-scale ideas for the franchise's future.

Partners Feedback

Diego Züger, a spokesman for Swiss-Ski, stated that it is a wonderful opportunity to present the game to a new audience. The agency has seen how well-liked the previous edition has demonstrated to be with gamblers. The representative said it has been an honour to participate in the title's creation, as the provider has done a fantastic job of conveying the thrill of the sport.

According to the Austrian Ski Federation's spokesperson Christian Scherer, it is challenging to produce a game that is as exciting and vibrant as real skiing, but the developer has succeeded in doing so.

The agency is confident that participants from all around the globe will respond favourably to this fresh solution since it lets them feel the excitement of sport realistically.

The German Ski Federation's representative Stefan Schwarzbach commented that it was tremendously satisfying to see such a sophisticated and engaging finished application. The corporation is happy to have worked with Swiss and Austrian agencies to create the app that will be a success on a worldwide level.

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