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How to Create a Profitable Bitcoin Casino in 2021: The Complete Guide from Casino Market

27 april 2021
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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Crypto casinos become more and more popular with users. According to the forecasts of, by 2023, the capitalisation of the digital currency gambling market will exceed 500 million dollars.

Crypto casinos: popularity in 2021

The Casino Market company offers its clients to buy a Bitcoin casino in the form of a well-thought-out script or a ready-made turnkey solution.

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In 2021, it is an excellent choice to invest in Blockchain technology for being able to quickly enter the market and easily scale your business.

Key Features of Blockchain Technology

The term means a continuous chain of millions of interconnected blocks. They store information on the transactions in a wide variety of economic sectors: from stock trading to the gambling industry.

The data in the Blockchain is converted to a hash format. This is an advanced cryptographic encryption technology that protects against altering.

The main elements of the Blockchain are:

  • Distributed registry with immutable records. A publicly available list of transactions, the data of which cannot be duplicated, deleted, transferred or stolen. The registry is encrypted using the SHA256 class mathematical algorithms. In the gambling field, a distributed Blockchain registry is used to conduct secure transactions.
  • Smart contracts. These are sets of rules that are stored in the Blockchain network and are automatically adhered to. Smart contracts are often used in the development of Bitcoin slots and control of the honesty of online casinos.

The Impact of Blockchain on the Gambling Industry

Blockchain in the gambling industry: impact

In early 2021, published a press release on the use of digital content in the gambling industry.

Bullet points mentioned in the above-mentioned press release:

  1. The capitalisation of the cryptocurrency sector in the iGaming sphere has reached 161.83 million dollars. The market value of the industry is affected by both a smooth increase in the rate of digital currencies to fiat signs and an increase in the total number of business transactions.
  2. It is a priority area to launch a crypto casino. In addition to gaming sites, entrepreneurs create decentralised iGaming applications and programs for identifying gamblers and protecting casinos. Crypto games are becoming more and more popular — slots, cards, and roulette.
  3. The market value of gambling projects that accept Bitcoins is 35.7 million dollars. This is 22% of the total market capitalisation, which makes this type of cryptocurrency the most in-demand one. In addition to Bitcoins, developers use Litecoins, Etherium, etc. (22 types of currency).
  4. More than 30 thousand users visit Blockchain casinos every week. In those countries where gambling is strictly prohibited, people are especially interested in visiting gaming sites. Among such jurisdictions, we can name China, Japan, the USA, Canada, and some European countries.

Advantages of Using Blockchain Tools

The research illustrates the increasing demand for crypto technologies in the gambling industry.

Let us consider the main advantages of Blockchain projects:

High level of security

Bitcoin casino software is reliably protected against internal and external threats: hacker attacks, money theft, improper use of assets, and disclosure of confidential information.

All data on the conducted transactions are encrypted with the use of cryptographic tools.

Over the 13 years of existence of the Blockchain system, it never failed, which once again confirms its high level of security

Cost reduction

To start a Bitcoin casino, operators do not need to obtain a licence in a chosen jurisdiction, open bank accounts or install additional security software.

In the case of the ready-made Blockchain projects, many business processes are automated. This helps to save some money and spend them on the strategic development of the company

Non-centralised operation

The activity of an iGaming resource does not depend on changes in the legislation and geopolitics of the selected region, innovations in the taxation system, and banking services.

Crypto casinos are completely independent projects with excellent prospects for business scaling

High speed of financial operations

The time it takes for money to be credited to the Bitcoin wallet is only a few minutes. The flow of funds is not affected by the work of banks, customs offices, and other regulatory bodies.

Bitcoin transactions are exempt from any taxes and commission fees

Popularity among gamblers

Gamblers choose crypto casinos for the good speed and anonymity of payments, protection of personal data, and control of the honesty of the results of games.

The undeniable advantage of Bitcoin platforms is their availability from anywhere in the world. Users can play casino entertainment even from those countries where gambling is strictly prohibited

Nuances of Launching a Legal Crypto Casino

Entrepreneurs can open a Blockchain casino that supports only digital money or create a website with multi-currency payments. The second option is preferable since it expands the geography of users. Gamblers get access to various payment methods and a large selection of games.

An excellent choice is to add a crypto payment option to the structure of an already existing platform. This will broaden your audience coverage without losing the customer base.

Many prestigious jurisdictions allow Blockchain casinos to operate under a gambling licence. According to UK law, for example, digital currencies are considered “money or its equivalent” (Gambling Act of 2005). Operators can legally accept bets in Bitcoins without being afraid to lose a licence or pay fines.

The Main Components of a Modern Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin casino: main components

To launch a profitable online casino on a Blockchain platform, operators need the following software components:

  1. Financial module. For gambling platforms that accept settlements only in digital money, it is enough to create several BTC wallets. If casino owners are planning to work with fiat money, they will need to have full-featured payment gateways, such as Bitcoin, ADVCash, Ripple, and NIXMoney.
  2. Catalogue of video games. Many well-known providers have Bitcoin slots in their product ranges. Operators can install games from XProGaming, Microgaming, Novomatic, Endorphina, and other reliable developers.
  3. Gambling platform. This is a set of software components responsible for the effective administration of the iGaming project. Operators can manage player accounts, launch bonus campaigns, organise tournaments, and create reports. The platform has built-in API gateways for connecting external components, for example, a chatbot or partner service.

From Casino Market, it is possible to order a turnkey Bitcoin casino. You will receive an excellent product that can be launched immediately.

The solution contains a well-thought-out platform, a wide range of games, and a modern financial aggregator.

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How to Promote an iGaming Project Based on Blockchain Technology

Most often, entrepreneurs use the services of partner companies. Providers attract high-quality internet traffic with relevant affiliate links. They are published on various platforms: from social networks and instant messengers to specialised media.

There are several popular affiliate services that are used to promote Bitcoin casinos:

  • TruePlay. The program works according to the Revenue Share scheme. The publisher receives a percentage of the operator's net profit for each attracted gambler — up to 60% of the total income of the iGaming project. TruePlay contains a lot of useful options, for example, the payment of bonuses for activity. The affiliate program works on the basis of Blockchain.
  • Gambling Craft. This partner service supports several types of cooperation, including CPA, RevShare, and hybrid. RevShare payouts reach 50%, and the maximum CPA earnings are 450 dollars for one attracted player. The program offers a sub-affiliate scheme of work, a wide range of individual settings, and the possibility of withdrawing winnings in digital money.

Monitoring the Honesty of the Outcome of Games in a Crypto Casino

Blockchain projects attract gamblers due to their transparent operation. In Bitcoin casinos, there is no system upset, manipulation of results or non-payment of winnings. The honesty of the results of games is monitored thanks to the smart contract system.

Gamblers are offered the following options:

  • to check the balance sheet of an online casino (to make sure that the operator has enough funds to pay out the prize money or a big jackpot);
  • to analyse the RTP percentage and the game volatility (reliable information on which slot machines gamblers are recommended to play to win more often).

Smart contracts for Blockchains are often used by affiliates. The system allows you to effectively track statistics for all users and monitor earnings and operational expenses for affiliate marketing.

The Main Things about Promising Crypto Casinos

From Casino Market, you can buy a modern turnkey Bitcoin solution.

It is possible to order various services: from the installation of a ready-made casino script to the integration of software under the White Label scheme.

  • Today, Blockchain technology is actively used in the gambling industry. You can open a Bitcoin casino, create unique slots, launch an honesty control program, and develop security software.
  • Blockchain casinos are distinguished by the high speed and anonymity of transactions, high level of security, and smooth operation. Users can launch slots and spin the reels even from those countries where gambling is strictly prohibited.
  • To establish a profitable crypto casino, operators will need to have a catalogue of video games, a financial service, and a gambling platform.

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