Opening of a Casino in Kyrgyzstan: Formation of the New Market

27 april 2021
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Author: James Burton

Since April 21, 2021, land-based gambling projects in Kyrgyzstan are considered to be one of the most promising sources of the replenishment of the public treasury. The majority of members of parliament voted for the reconstruction of the gambling sector.

Land-based gambling business in Kyrgyzstan

In this article, specialists of Casino Market will describe the current state of affairs and tell you how to establish a legal casino business in Kyrgyzstan.

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Historical Background

Special locations for playing casino games were established in the country in the early 90s and could be found by gamblers almost at every step. At that time, the opening of casinos in Issyk Kul and other regions of Kyrgyzstan was practically not controlled by the government.

  • In 2009, the country recognised poker tournaments as sports and allowed their organisation.
  • In 2011, the authorities completely banned gambling activity. The law affected not only card games, roulette, and slot machines. Lotteries and bookmaker’s offices here were also strictly prohibited, and the number of locations has decreased several times.
  • In 2015, all valid gambling licences were revoked. Only the People's Lottery state monopoly had the right to organise sweepstakes and drawings.
  • The fraught debate was organised in 2016 to understand whether it is a good idea to legalise casinos again or not. The members of parliament offered to create a closed gambling zone with the international flight connection — Manas. But this initiative was not endorsed.
  • It became possible to open casinos in the country only in 2021. The legislative authority passed a bill on the organisation of a special restricted area in the Issyk Kul region.

Innovations That Were Validated on April 2021

Project initiators offered the parliament to create a restricted area in Tamchy, the international airport of the Issyk Kul region, away from significant state facilities and public infrastructure.

It is planned to allocate an area of ​​1,200 hectares for the organisation of the gambling zone. Slot machines in Issyk Kul will be installed in 7 casinos that will be located next to the hotel and catering chain and other entertainment zones.

Those investors who decide to open a casino in Tamchy will work within a special legal framework. Its provisions will not affect other administrative areas.

The legalisation of casinos in Kyrgyzstan: legal background

Financial calculations

People who will visit the land-based casino in Tamchy will be able to make payments in any currency.

Business owners themselves will lay down the rules for conducting operations

Visa-free regime

Any tourist of the age of 21 and more can visit gambling halls. The exception is people with the dual citizenship


Any offline casino in Kyrgyzstan should provide the local population with job opportunities:

  • 50% for frontline employees;
  • 10% for the board of directors of the company.

There are some age restrictions for employees (they should not be less than 23 years old)

Prohibition against the attendance

It will be impossible to enter the restricted area for anyone but casino employees. All foreign citizens over 21 years old will be able to visit the facilities if they are not included in their blacklists

Distribution of profits

To establish a casino in Issyk Kul, investors will have to pay about 40% of the annual income to the government budget

Single control system

An authorised body, controlled by the parliament, will inspect the casinos and issue gambling licences

Prospects for the Legalisation of the Kyrgyz Gambling Sector

Legalisation of the Kyrgyz gambling sector: prospects

If people will be allowed to visit casinos, the country will get the following benefits:

  • new local and foreign investors with vast experience;
  • annual replenishment of the treasury by 7 million dollars or even more;
  • more than 10 thousand new job opportunities.

The government promises several benefits to foreign gambling investors:

  1. Tourist infrastructure. The opening of a casino in Kyrgyzstan guarantees a stable influx of foreign customers. The country does not have access to the sea but is famous all over the world for its mountain resorts and surrounded by regions where gambling is against the law.
  2. Stable political environment. Despite the state monopoly in the lottery business, all conditions will be created for casino operators so that they can work stably and legally in Issyk Kul.
  3. Loyal tax burden. Having decided to operate under a local licence, casino owners will have to deduct a single tax levy that does not exceed 40% of the company's turnover.
  4. A constant influx of customers. Kyrgyzstan has very favourable geolocation: it will stably be of interest to players from the Russian Federation, Asia, and other countries where it is not allowed to play casino games.

The Main Things about the Gambling Market of Kyrgyzstan

The government has studied the ways to control the industry that are used all over the world and in April 2021, passed a bill on the legalisation of the land-based gambling sector.

The country decided to follow the example of the Russian Federation and create a special closed area where locals cannot enter.

The main provisions of the law on the legalisation of casino games:

  • The area of ​​the gambling zone. The construction process will take place within a separate territory.
  • Simplified visa regime. The casino business in Kyrgyzstan will be focused on the foreign audience. People over the age of 21 will be able to visit the restricted area. They will be able to place bets in different currencies at the discretion of the casino administration.
  • Staff. 50% of employees should consist of the country’s residents.

Casino Market will make sure that you implement a gambling project in Kyrgyzstan within the shortest possible time.

We offer those who want to establish a successful land-based casino business the following set solutions:

  • hardware devices;
  • multi-game rooms;
  • displays, joysticks, game consoles, and the related equipment;
  • slots and software for gambling clubs;
  • cash register equipment;
  • furniture;
  • binary options, and much more.

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