How to Open a Gainful Gaming Club in Dodoma

22 december 2021
Land-based solutions
Author: James Burton
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There are 52 states on the African continent, and only 5 of them do not allow their citizens to participate in gaming activities. Representatives of the playing market have already entitled the sphere of land-based and web casinos in Africa one of the most promising directions for niche progress.

During different years, several countries have been the leaders of the amusement industry in the region. At the beginning of 2022, Tanzania is rightly considered a dominant gaming destination on the continent. Sports betting is well-liked here, but the true appeal of the amusement industry is the promising land-based activity of the casino business in Dodoma and other big towns.

Gaming clubs in Dodoma: how to open

Casino Market has prepared a detailed overview of a small but confident African place with high potential in the gaming sphere. Order our services in the configuration and organisation of brick-and-mortar and web gambling projects on the continent and beyond.

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Learning the Sector Before Buying Slot Machines in the Remarkable Town of Dodoma

Over 60 million inhabitants call the country their home. People here are building a stable economy, with decent money being earned by the majority of the population. Speaking about casino land-based and even web solutions, the state is considered one of the most progressive among the countries of East Africa.

Key notions about the entertainment sphere in the state:

  • Brick-and-mortar facilities have been permitted here since 1992, and online manifestation was introduced in 1999.
  • Working conditions of managers in the 21st century have become more favourable in terms of the growing popularity and legality of land-based casinos in Dodoma and neighbouring metropolises.
  • An encouraging trend for the market is associated with the growth of the country’s economy, with an increasing number of locals choosing national establishments.
  • Trading Economics Global predicts that the Tanzanian economy will grow to $80 billion by 2023; the National Bureau of Statistics specifies the gradual growth of GDP from 6.5% in 2017 to 16% in 2023.
  • Thanks to entrepreneurs starting gaming clubs in Dodoma, the legal sector becomes saturated with a lot of new positions and revenues for the government.
  • According to the latest data by the Gambling Board of Tanzania, 27% of the taxes comes from sports betting, 27% from lotteries, and 31% from casinos.
  • Opening a slot machines’ club in Dodoma, Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, or other destinations requires an owner to pay $45 for each piece of equipment.

Opening giant land-based casino complexes in Dodoma is not only a lucrative activity. Thanks to the increase in the number of facilities in the first quarter of 2019, over 12,000 people got a job, with 4,000 directly in the industry and 8,000 — indirectly.

As for the beginning of 2022, there are 9 brick-and-mortar venues in the country:

  1. Le Grande Casino.
  2. Las Vegas Casino.
  3. Sea Cliff Resort & Casino.
  4. New Africa Casino.
  5. Kilimanjaro Casino.
  6. Safari Casino.
  7. Kings Casino.
  8. WinBet LifePark Mwenge.
  9. Palm Beach Hotel & Casino.

Casino Market is constantly monitoring the activity of the sector in Tanzania. The demand for new playing venues is still high. Order our support in the creation of a solid brick-and-mortar project in the heart of Africa.

How Much Does It Cost to Arrange and Start an Operation of the Land-Based Casino in a Prosperous Destination?

Land-based casino business in Africa: overall cost

Money is a question of great importance in the gaming industry. An entrepreneur will need them everywhere if he wants to assemble a lucrative entertainment complex. Luckily, with adequate preparation and substantial support, it is possible to cut expenses significantly and buy an appealing venue with slot machines in Dodoma.

Necessary amounts for the smooth operation:

Selection and purchase of the territory

Casino houses are usually located in the suburbs of Mwanza, Dar es Salaam, and other big localities. The price of the territory there is lower than closer to the centre.

With the prior analysis of the propositions, it is possible to match these expenses at the level of half a million dollars

Designing and engineering of facilities

How to configure and open a brick-and-mortar casino in Dodoma to ensure maximum attraction from the side of Tanzanians? To develop the necessary infrastructure, an entrepreneur needs a living and an eating facility for maximum appeal to potential clients.

It will guarantee a steady influx of punters since they will have hotels to stay in and meals to enjoy

Calculation and ordering of the equipment

Slots, playing tables, roulettes, and other entertainment will cost a manager approximately a million dollars.

A few more hundreds of thousands should be devoted to the necessary programming support for keeping up the smooth working process

Application for the licence and covering its expenses

The price for the legal operation on the territory of Tanzania varies around $200,000. This sum is smaller in comparison to South Africa, for instance.

Meanwhile, the number of global requests of how to buy a venue with slot machines and tabletops in Dodoma and Cape Town is on the same level, implying quite a similar demand

Recruiting the labourers and arranging safety

The installation of CCTV systems, finding securities, training pit bosses, and getting employees for hotels and restaurants are other significant points in the venturer’s budget.

The availability of staff in the neighbourhood makes it possible to maintain a steady operation without the need to search for workers abroad

How much does it cost to prepare and start a lucrative land-based casino in one of Tanzania’s metropolises? The answer is around $4–6 million. These are the expenses for the brick-and-mortar establishment that an administrator is obliged to make. It is essential to keep in mind the necessity of extra contributions into promotion for reaching the cherished levels of attendance.

The Main Things about Land-Based Casino Organisation in Eastern Africa

Land-based casino slots in Africa: key notions

Lucrative projects are primarily originated in 2 places: where the service is proven to be of decent demand and in the regions with low supply. Tanzania is related to the second group, with the necessity for gaming establishments urgently attracting new investors.

Before starting a land-based venue with the casino business on the premises of the state, it is essential to remember that:

  • the country is considered one of the most progressive in East Africa in terms of the amusement sector;
  • operators can apply for work permits in Tanzania but should be ready to comply with taxation policies: 27% for sports betting, 27% for sweepstakes, and 31% for casinos;
  • it is possible to receive support from the government, since opening a gaming club in this African state creates working places for locals (in the first quarter of 2019, more than 12 thousand people got a job within the sector);
  • the cost of starting a lucrative facility in this locality is estimated at around $4–6 million, plus the necessary expenses for promotion and increasing brand awareness.

How to open a gainful gaming club in Tanzania's key city of Dodoma without risks? Purchase the required propositions at Casino Market.

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Our specialists will ensure the elaboration of a lucrative playing facility with all the necessary elements on the territory of Tanzania. Check our official website for up-to-date contact details and inquire about cooperation conditions.

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