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How to Open a Gaming Club in Cape Town: Trendy Entertainment in Prominent Place

03 december 2021
Land-based solutions
Author: James Burton
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The organisational strategy for building a casino must be one of the innovative concepts that can come to the mind of an aspiring venturer. It is actually quite a profitable idea, especially with a decently selected location. For instance, it is reasonable to open a gaming club in Africa — a great place to initiate such an activity.

All countries in the continent are currently trying their best to accumulate maximum resources to keep up with the rest of the world. The Republic of South Africa is a leading example here.

Gaming club in Cape Town: turnkey casino

The state has stable economic growth and an excellent penetration level of high technologies. Cape Town is not only its legislative capital but also the most populous destination. Casino Market offers an in-depth analysis of its casino land-based solutions that clients can order and utilise for their benefit.

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How Much Does It Cost to Start a Land-Based Casino

The main issue when dealing with this niche is financing. A new playing destination requires significant contributions and cannot exist long without subsequent upkeep.

Entrepreneurs can open a land-based casino in Cape Town, but they need a significant budget that will be spent on:

Finding and purchasing the location

With more than 400 square kilometres wide, the capital has a lot of appropriate positions to fill. Currently, there are 5 officially registered land-based casinos in Cape Town.

While the rivalry is not pressing, the better the location is, the more expensive it will be. An operator should be ready to take the desired land in a long-term loan. It is a common experience

Building the facility

An integral thing to remember when opening a slot machines locale in Cape Town — a casino will not be the only venue a venturer will have to assemble.

Usually, playing houses are adjacent to hotels with restaurants for better retention of clients. Designing such a complex requires several thousand dollars or even over a million

Obtaining the necessary documents

Permissions for conducting entertainment activities of this kind can be received from the corresponding RSA commissions. Besides, it is necessary to have licences for the rest of the facilities that form the entire complex.

Prices for such documents are high and can reach a million dollars. The main reason for this is the large profitability of the sphere

Buying slot machines in Cape Town

The next integral step in forming a lucrative playing environment is ensuring a quality atmosphere in the gaming house. The Republic of South Africa has a few leading suppliers of equipment and hardware that know the region well.

The number of slots and other amusement should be considerable (i.e. the biggest local casino has almost 8,000 pieces of equipment) to compete with the rivals

Setting up a promotional campaign

Playing venues in the RSA are not advertised through television, big boards, or similar real-life methods.

After the start of a gaming club in Cape Town, an entrepreneur should dive into the Internet. The use of such marketing means as SMM, SEO, and affiliate schemes guarantee a steady inflow of clients to the hall

These are the main expenses an operator needs to be ready for. The overall price of the land-based casino business in Cape Town is approximately 4–5 million dollars. In addition, a venturer needs to reinvest up to 70% of income into advertising. It will secure a stable growth of brand awareness and profits.

Where a Manager Should Buy Slot Machines in Cape Town

Slot machines in Cape Town: content creators

The manufacturers of gaming equipment and software are plentiful for clubs in the region. It is just essential to find the one that matches all your preferences and budget. So, the answer to the question of how to buy slot machines in Cape Town to ensure a stable workflow is by resorting to experienced and reliable manufacturers.

Content creators that are worth particular attention:

  1. IGT.
  2. Konami.
  3. Merkur Gaming.
  4. Novomatic.
  5. Aristocrat.

A lot of playing houses own hardware systems from these companies. The main reasons for this are excellent quality and reasonable prices. Apart from that, there are a few other explanations in favour of picking these brands for starting a land-based casino business in the zone.


The firm was founded in 1975 as a ground-oriented creator of entertainment content. Initially, IGT worked exclusively in the retail segment and reached considerable success in this sphere.

The supplier was one of the first to:

  • elaborate products with electrical and micro platforms;
  • integrate the software featuring progressive winnings in all its slots;
  • brought to the sphere a recognised “ticket-in, ticket-out” scheme (the outcome of the draw is mentioned on the card).

After a successful experience in the ground industry, IGT increased performance and began sharing its production capacities to the online sector in 2005. In 5 years, it became a demanded provider, with hundreds of retail and web operators not knowing how to open a casino in Cape Town without its content.


A leading representative of the gaming market proposes certified products in the African zone. The brand is on the list of the 20 biggest gambling holdings globally. Konami is good at developing solutions for ground and web entertainment to recognised halls and portals in the international arena.

Key retail signature marks of the manufacturer:

  • slot equipment in the universes of Silent Hill, Contra, Dance Dance Revolution, Metal Gear Solid, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with regular new additions;
  • pachinko pinball hardware that has gained recent recognition among South Africans;
  • arcade destinations (vertical and horizontal entertainment based on skills);
  • the Fortune Cup system for horse racing that has all events pictured on big-resolution screens.

Merkur Gaming

The organisation suggests reviewing a colossal selection of internet-oriented products as well as hardware for land-based casinos in Africa.

The vendor’s supply comprises:

  • numerous slot-based activities for beginning and established halls in RSA;
  • sweepstakes terminals and corresponding software;
  • furniture for retail establishments;
  • online support if the club is present on the internet arena;
  • tabletops, poker rooms, and all the necessary instruments for organising them.


The vendor is one of the most prominent creators and supplies almost everything other brands have. It also includes a few unique peculiarities to boast of. Cabinets for ground facilities are one of them. It comes as a package of screens, sound systems, and appliances for retail areas.

Novomatic’s terminals are elaborated multi-functional equipment with integrated entertainment over at least 2 monitors. It creates a wholesome overview and panoramic atmosphere. The company’s experts connect all ground terminals into a single network, facilitating the process for punters.


How to open a gaming club in Cape Town with a full package of entertainment and administrative software? Aristocrat submits its amazing solutions for this particular region. Effective managerial systems are combined smoothly with different gaming equipment, starting from traditional slots and ending with poker rooms.

Besides the hardware, the company also proposes unique software for retail and web projects and suggests using their Games Development Kit. Such a wide embrace of the sphere allowed Aristocrat to conquer almost the entire niche.

The Main Things about Initiating a Solid Land-Based Casino in Africa

Land-based casinos in Africa: key notions

The gaming industry in a rapidly developing continent has become a milestone for a lot of modern states. RSA is one of the vivid examples of smooth industry implementation for the benefit of the neighbourhood. As a result, attentive entrepreneurs understand how to open a gaming club in Cape Town due to the favourable conditions of the destination.

Aspects to be aware of to enter the playing sector smoothly:

  • The RSA and its capital have been noticed to have stable economic growth and an excellent penetration level of high technologies — a perfect recipe for initiating a gaming project.
  • How much does it cost to start a land-based casino? Approximately 5 million dollars, with expenses on finding the location, building the facility, obtaining the documents, buying slot machines, and setting up a promotional campaign.
  • The purchase of games and other hardware is the core of any playing hall. In Cape Town, such brands as IGT, Konami, Merkur Gaming, Novomatic, and Aristocrat are the top choices for entertainment equipment.

For a wholesome organisation of the gaming business, it might be a wise idea to rely on experienced assistance. The guide company Casino Market has successfully implemented dozens of projects in RSA and other countries. The company’s cooperation with tier-one suppliers guarantees the finest product supply to the facilities.

Order proficient assistance from the company and become a recognised businessperson in the area. For a detailed negotiation of all nuances, reach out to customer support via official contacts on our site.

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