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How to Open Offline Gaming Clubs in Johannesburg: A Tour to a Progressing Continent

02 december 2021
Land-based solutions
Author: James Burton
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South Africa is a rapidly developing country. With a population of 60 million, it holds a firm 35th position in the world’s GDP ranking (gross domestic product) — $416 billion. While heavy industries remain prevailing on the market, information technologies seem to be pushing progress persistently. Thanks to the development of innovative elements, such directions as the entertainment sphere are evolving steadily.

There are plenty of land-based casinos in Africa that function with the latest equipment and cutting-edge software. Moreover, contributors (including overseas) look for ways to start a booming land-based casino business in the biggest cities of the RSA.

Gaming club in Johannesburg: how to open

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Land-Based Casinos in Advancing Africa

According to H2 Gambling Capital estimates, the total market value in the zone equals $5 billion in 2021. South Africa is the largest operational region.

The Gross Gaming Revenue index of the country is $2.4 billion by 2021 — almost half of the entire neighbourhood. This is 10 times more than Nigeria, which has the 2nd largest turnover. The numbers become even more impressive when you find out the annual growth — an average of 21% over the past decade.

Before you open gaming clubs in Africa, it is essential to keep in mind the following details:

  • Any manifestation of this entertainment had been banned until 1994. That year, the Democratic Party issued new laws regarding the possibility to license new lottery and casino facilities.
  • By the beginning of 2021, there are plenty of ground gaming venues all over South Africa. There are more than 40 in total, with at least one in every metropolitan area (Rio Casino, Montecasino, Emperors Palace, Gold Reef City, etc.).
  • The National Lottery yields around 5 million financial operations on a weekly basis. Sweepstake activities are an insanely widespread way to participate in gaming events in the state.
  • Casino-oriented land-based solutions as business projects are quite common in the locality. New entrepreneurs appear on the radar regularly due to favourable legislative nature and adequate taxation (5.2% compound annual rate).
  • Wagering on horse racing is the third popular manifestation of this entertainment. Multiple legislative bodies can host events in the RSA: Gold Circle manages KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape, while Phumelela monitors the other regions.

Whether an entrepreneur plans to start gaming clubs somewhere in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Soweto, or other metropolises, he should constantly track the situation with the sphere. New amendments are not frequent, but an understanding of the general atmosphere benefits novice and experienced operators a lot.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Prosperous Land-Based Casino?

Land-based casino in Africa: how much it costs

Setting up a gaming hall is a multi-level process. It requires a solid initial budget with the subsequent upkeep of the facility. One of the beneficial ways to enrol in the sphere is to open land-based interactive casinos in Johannesburg — an incredibly crowded destination.

The establishing process as well as the cost of stages of a new gaming club:

  1. Place. The first thing to do to prepare for the purchase of a playing hall is to buy cheap land. The closer the location to the centre of the city, the higher the cost will be. At the same time, more people will know about the facility.
  2. Entertainment. Big gaming halls in South Africa own, on average, 2,000 playing spots. The biggest ones may have this count exceed 8,000. A new entrepreneur can buy slot machines from vendors in Johannesburg to be able to compete with similar clubs.
  3. Accommodation. A huge explanation why playing houses are so expensive to assemble is the necessity to be paired or connected with hotels. By offering visitors comfortable living quarters, owners ensure longer participation in interactive entertainment.
  4. Licence. Permits for casino operations are expensive. It is explained by the high profitability of gaming venues. Additionally, operators should show their seriousness of intentions when they open a land-based casino, for example in Johannesburg. The cost may reach a million dollars or more.
  5. Staff and security control. A single manager will not be able to take care of the entire facility. That is why recruiting corresponding personnel is crucial. An entrepreneur should think about all positions in the playing house and adjust venues (hotel, restaurant, bar, etc.). The safety measurements should be on the highest level as well to guarantee the protection of visitors and the integrity of their gameplay.

These are the primary expenses for building a successful club. An entrepreneur is expected to have a considerable budget to begin working on this market. Besides, before the complete payoff, it is necessary to keep up the project to withstand the rivalry of the niche.

The disclosure to the issue of how much does it cost to be able to start auspicious land-based casinos in the RSA relies on diverse factors. In general, the build-up of a fully functional playing house equals up to 5 million dollars.

Where to Buy Slot Machines and Other Content in Johannesburg

Slot machines in Johannesburg: where to buy

The key element of a self-sustainable hall is relevant entertainment. The fitting hardware with adequate programming support should be installed in a facility to ensure positive acceptance by visitors. To open a felicitous slot machines’ house in Johannesburg without any doubt about its proficiency, an entrepreneur ought to contact leading vendors for quality products.

Which content creators design reliable propositions for gaming halls:


The supplier proposes a comprehensive assortment of 400+ slot machines.

Greentube’s Omni-channel approach is at the forefront of gambling evolution, providing the perfect acceptance of land-based amusement


The Austrian organisation has over 25 years of operational possibilities in the gaming sector behind its back.

Amatic has been creating slot machines for the ground establishments, proposing innovative entertainment to managers from all over the world


An experienced team has progressed alongside their unique algorithm, bringing recognisable world’s images to the retail casino industry.

As a result, intuitive playing options, bonus rounds, different multipliers, and more features are now available to millions of punters globally


The brand has extensive experience of achievements in the land-based niche. Many punters recognise the company when coming across its games.

A unique feature of EGT is its mini-slots. They assist managers in extending their public by appearing in regular entertainment for getting various bonuses and prizes


The manufacturer suggests more than half a thousand titles that include popular images of Game of Thrones, Jurassic World, Playboy, and others.

The portfolio of slots never stops growing while keeping high quality of hardware and programming parts, backed up by innovative features

How to buy state-of-the-art slot machines in Johannesburg and make no mistake in the selection of content? It is beneficial to resort to these providers since they surely create machines of the highest quality. The customer supports of these manufacturers are easy to communicate with. They will gladly help establish a favourable playing environment for a gaming hall anywhere in the world.

The Main Things about Building a Lucrative Ground Project in the RSA

This part of the world can benefit a lot of entrepreneurs if they understand the subtleties of the market. The land-based casino business in Johannesburg, Soweto, or other metropolises can be profitable if the manager follows a standard setup plan to a desirable result.

Key notions to keep in mind when organising a gaming hall in the RSA:

  • As of 2021, the total market value continent-wise equals $5 billion. The country generates almost half of this revenue — $2.4 billion.
  • There are over 40 clubs in the state, including such tycoons as Rio Casino, Montecasino, Emperors Palace, Gold Reef City, etc.
  • When asking how to open stylish casinos in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, or any other city, an entrepreneur should consider prices for a place, entertainment, accommodation, and licensing.
  • On average, expenses for initiating a new playing facility in the RSA equal 5 million dollars.
  • Greentube, Amatic, Igrosoft, EGT, and Microgaming are the top-tier suppliers of gaming hardware for local facilities.
If you are an entrepreneur with little or no experience in the entertainment segment but are eager to know how to open a gaming club in the premises of Johannesburg, you can resort to an aggregator company.

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The Casino Market guide organisation is a proficient mentor of the sphere, helping novice and established venturers develop ground projects in the entire world. For more information, be sure to follow the contacts on our official site.

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