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How to Organise an Opening of a Gaming Offline Club in Pretoria

11 december 2021
Land-based solutions
Author: James Burton
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Can you guess the country with the biggest potential in the entertainment sphere on the hottest continent? It is the Republic of South Africa. The conditions for constant progress of the industry are favourable enough. Many entrepreneurs from the entire world look for ways to become participants in the market.

Opening gaming clubs in South Africa is a completely realistic possibility. Some regions have all prerequisites for a successful foundation and management of the facility. The country’s capital is a great example of this. Casino Market offers its quality assistance in starting a gaming club in Pretoria.

Gaming clubs in Africa: how to open

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Regulatory Measures of Land-Based Casinos in South Africa

The amusement sector in the country is governed by the National Gambling Act that was issued in 2004. The law applies to all types of offline manifestations. It means that in the case of the creation of a playing venue in Pretoria, it is essential to receive a working permit from a dedicated authoritative body.

What are the main aspects of brick-and-mortar gaming in the area?

  • The National Gambling Board is the key committee that looks after the sphere in the state. The body emerged with the creation of up-to-date gaming regulations.
  • At the same time, the legislative measures are built in a way that the country’s capes accept applications, approve or reject them, and renew operational licences for club owners.
  • To open a land-based casino facility in Pretoria, an entrepreneur needs to resort to the Gauteng commission and file the necessary documents for receiving a working permit there.
  • Entertainment content that is allowed in playing halls on the province’s premises includes slots, tabletops, bingo, arcades, card games, and local variations of popular amusement.
  • The main requirement for venturers who are planning to start a brand-new land-based casinos business here are the principles of responsibility. In case of deceiving punters or facilitating the development of gambling issues, severe punishments are applied.

As of the end of 2021, there are 2 official playing establishments on the territory of the capital. These are Time Square Casino Menlyn Maine and Carousel Casino. Considering the density of population in the city (750 thousand nationals), this is not enough to quench the gaming demand. So, opening a venue with slot machines in Pretoria is an excellent operational possibility.

How Much It Costs to Start Fruitful Land-Based Casinos in the Zone

Land-based casino in Pretoria: overall cost

For launching a decent establishment with high-performance levels, and considerable annual attendance, a significant initial budget is required ($5–6 million). The creation of similar playing complexes is expensive for a good reason: all nuances must be well-thought-out to eliminate any chance of failure and a risk to lose invested resources.

A descriptive spreadsheet of how much it costs to initiate the start of land-based casinos:

Legal building premises

First, an entrepreneur should have the authorities of the province allocate him the necessary place. Since it is a commerce structure, the cost of the documentation will be high.

On average, it will add up to 500 thousand dollars for an attractive spot in the suburbs

Participating facility and more

How to open a solid casino in Pretoria and ensure its success? Add a place to live in and to eat at. The 2 existing facilities in the locality have dedicated hotels and restaurants.

A venturer should also take care of clients’ basic needs. Considering that 60% of all punters will be tourists, such amenities are necessary and will cost around a million dollars


The first thing that a playing house is usually associated with is slot amusement. Surely, quality machines are the core of every playing venue.

However, a manager must be ready to “read” his audience and install equipment that will suit their preferences (roulette, poker, blackjack, bingo, etc.)

Legalisation of the activity

No land-based casino anywhere in Pretoria lacks the necessary certification. The same concerns new facilities that are about to emerge in the neighbourhood.

It is of utmost importance to take care of documentation before opening doors to punters. Otherwise, heavy fines and restrictions are imposed on the owner

Workflow assurance

Without proficient staff, it will be impossible to set up a lucrative activity. The crew of land-based casino businesses in Pretoria should include not just representatives of the gaming sphere.

Hotel and restaurant employees are also someone to take care of. Only a fully-fledged team will achieve success in running a facility

Right Choice of Partners to Buy Slot Machines Content in Pretoria

Slot machines in Pretoria: vendors

The selection of playing equipment is an important step in the casino build-up process. Poor quality of cheap hardware can lead to a bad reputation among visitors and the loss of clients in a long term. That is why cooperation with top-tier suppliers of content is integral.

While there are several internationally-renowned vendors, some of them have a particular focus on the African market that an administrator will benefit from:

  1. Novomatic. Today, the company proposes to its clients new and improved slot machines under the Deluxe brand. This equipment has a better quality of graphics and expanded functionality. Gambling experts pay attention to the features of these slots, making a focus on characteristics that do not appear in the competitors.
  2. Euro Games Technology (EGT). The vendor is known in the entertainment sector as a long-standing and trustworthy manufacturer of gaming equipment. If experienced operators are asked if there is a number one provider to buy solid slot machines in Pretoria, EGT will be the choice of the majority.
  3. Amatic. The key operational direction of the company is a configuration of quality gambling products. Web and land-based casinos in Africa gladly cooperate with Amatic to boost their gaming halls. The experts of the manufacturer elaborate unique products, work on the constant upgrade of multiplayer possibilities, create cabinets for gambling clubs, set up terminals for video lotteries, and do it all with the orientation on high technologies.

The collaboration with these vendors guarantees excellent feedback from the punters about the content. Citizens of the RSA are quite picky when it comes to their favourite amusement. So, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, buy slot machine titles in Pretoria to organise a solid atmosphere in your successful playing facility.

The Main Things about Building a Wholesome African Playing Environment

Informational support is an important aspect some inexperienced venturers may ignore during their preparation for the project launch. Studying enough material on how to get to the opening of gaming clubs in Pretoria eradicates a lot of potential issues and makes the manager profound enough to be aware of the situation in the zone.

The key aspects of the RSA main city and the state in general:

  • The amusement sector in the country is governed by the National Gambling Act, issued in 2004, which applies to all types of offline entertainment.
  • The National Gambling Board is the key committee that looks after the casino land-based and internet solutions in the state.
  • In order to initiate the gaming operation in the country’s capital, a venturer needs to resort to the Gauteng commission and file the necessary documents.
  • The financial question of the launch comprises costs for building premises, additional amenities, legalisation of the activity, and stable workflow assurance.
  • The hardware and software support can be beneficially configured under a partnership with Novomatic, EGT, and Amatic developers that specialise in the region.

Another crucial aspect for a beginning manager to consider is how to buy a venue with slot machines in Pretoria and guarantee a successful outcome. An individual elaboration with no experience may leave some configuration gaps that can eventually lead to serious troubles in the future.

Resorting to a long-standing aggregator company Casino Market might be an excellent decision. The company provides complex assistance in the sphere of web and brick-and-mortar gambling.

Among the solutions, a convenient turnkey proposition is one of the most popular. So, if you are eagerly looking for quality aid in this direction, order our services to make a positive impact on your business.

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