ICE’s Return Will Mark the Evolution of Gambling’s Biggest Trade Show

14 february 2022
Author: James Burton
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The preparations for ICE 2022 have been underway, with the representatives eagerly talking to the press about arrangements for the biggest event in the gaming industry. Stuart Hunter, who leads the organising team of the trade show, gave some insight to the journalists.

ICE will mark the evolution of gambling’s biggest trade show

ICE 2022: All the Information

Initially, February was the month when ICE 2022 was supposed to take place. Nonetheless, with the recent COVID-19 concerns, the show had to be rescheduled to the middle of April, which is the final date as of now.

As the main reasons for such postponement, the organisers named:

  • the Omicron worries;
  • travelling regulations between countries;
  • logistical issues of the congress;
  • concerns for the safety of the participants.

Even though it was considered the right decision by many, some of the major participants have still decided to drop out of this year’s lineup and wait until 2023 for the pandemic to cool down. No matter what, the organisers are still optimistic about the future of ICE 2022, stating that the decision to go through with the show is based on customer wishes.

Comments from the Head Organiser

In the words of Stuart Hunter, only some of the larger and more publicised brands have cancelled their participation, and most of them do not necessarily need the gambling show to boost their presence. However, he said that some of the smaller businesses heavily rely on the conference to promote their products, and the event needs to happen for them to get the desired boost.

During the pandemic, there have been some alterations in the lineup of officials responsible for the event. This led to Hunter and his colleague Alex Pratt becoming in charge of conference specifics and planning. The executive praised his cooperation with his business partner and stated that he can not wait for everyone to see the fruit of their labour.

The expert said the 2 of them have invested in the aesthetic aspect of the show for the participants to get immersed in the experience. He also takes pride in the fact that some exhibitors have surpassed the work of the organisers, investing a lot of time and money in their programs.

As for the most problematic aspects so far, Hunter admitted that they still need to work on some aspects of the show. For instance, the arrival zone and the space with features will have to be tended to. In his opinion, this conference will serve as a reminder of the times when people could communicate in person without all the recent pandemic-related regulations.


The conference will feature the very first communication area that will involve both in-person and online audiences. As the organiser has declared, the team put a lot of effort into presenting a live studio to the participants. It will be an information centre of the exhibition and host a lot of interviews with famous members of the industry. Those who will be unable to attend the show in person will still have access to this exclusive platform.

Hunter concluded by saying that he is incredibly proud of his team that nowadays is concentrating on getting back to normal after the challenging pandemic years. The employees are working hard to bring the best experience to the attendees.

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