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Gaminator gaming platform: making online casinos special

15 november 2018
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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The Gaminator gambling system is currently listed among the best online casino platforms. The Gaminator casino platform allows integrating original online slots from any provider. Gaminator slot machines continue to gain popularity and win gaming market.

Gaminator gaming platform

The casino gaming system provides comfortable conditions to owners of gambling clubs and players, which makes this software a reasonable solution. The Novomatic company did all it could to enable operators to add a mass of new functions to casinos and comprehensively develop projects.

What are the merits of Novomatic Gaminator gaming platform?

  • tools for personalizing administrator's panel;
  • opportunity to regulate return percentages;
  • extensive selection of tabletop games from leading developers;
  • multi-level jackpots;
  • tool package for setting up the bonus systems;
  • videoslots are presented in a wide variety (the Gaminator slot machines, as well as online slot games from other suppliers), which are constantly supplemented by new proposals;
  • multi-language support;
  • casino gaming platform is optimized for mobile devices;
  • 24-hour technical and legal support.

If you contact the Gaminator System, you will be granted an opportunity to choose a turnkey casino website for sale designed to meet every wish a beginner entrepreneur might have. The turnkey service provides a customer with a game package, customized platform, connected payment systems, and all that is necessary to get started.

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This is not yet the full set of advantages featured by a Gaminator gaming platform. We shall focus in detail on the gaming platform and why operators should buy casino software from Novomatic.

Gaminator Gaming Platform: Solid and Reliable Foundation for Online Casinos

Novomatic Gaminator gaming platform is probably familiar to any person in some way related to gambling since almost every gambler tried Gaminator slot machines. This developer is so popular that its very name is immediately associated with casino business. The company definitely deserved its high status.

Gaminator slots are developed based on the Flash technology, which allows slot games to be installed on the platform without any problems and easily run from any device. Operators have an opportunity to independently set a return percentage for particular videoslots but only within 86−99%.

Gaminator has its own live studio. So any person intending to open a gambling business using Gaminator casino system is granted an opportunity to please gamblers with a full-fledged live casino, which is greatly favored by high-rollers, i.e. players who bet big. Online videoslots is, of course, a good thing, but you have to offer visitors maximum of opportunities if you want them to choose your establishment.

All Gaminator slots are optimized for mobile devices. Recently, smartphones have become much more commonly used for entertainment content, gambling, in particular. The precautionary owner of a gambling business is simply obliged to take into account all market trends in order to improve the business in a timely manner.

The administration tool pack is really impressive. Operators can control almost every step of a player and adjust absolutely everything.

The Gaminator gaming platform system allows:

  • managing the customers (game deposit control, block and unblock tools, convenient chat);
  • practicing marketing functions (creating bonus programs, setting up jackpots, loyalty programs, working with promotional materials);
  • managing content (all games are connected without any problems, regardless of the developer).
  • using the established financial infrastructure (handy tools for money entry and withdrawal, partner program management, control of the payment services and modules, etc.).

Button "Logout all Players"

The multilevel hierarchical jackpot with flexible settings deserves separate attention. Support for multi-currency provides transparent and flexible estimations with providers. Costs of game credits from different vendors is to be set up individually.

If you decide to buy casino software from the Novomatic company you are ever granted the right to receive support and advice on legal and other important issues.

The online casino software for sale offered by Gaminator boasts improved CasinoAPI. Casino owners will easily obtain information regarding all game sessions, track activity of players' accounts. A special button to unsign any player in a casino or specific room is intended for emergency situations.

Gaminator slot machines mean:

  • advanced technologies, which allow operators to launch the progressive graphics even on weak devices;
  • no extra troubles with installation;
  • steady, secure and reliable slot games;
  • games with unique mathematical characteristics;
  • graphics of Gaminator games performed at the most professional level;
  • original sound.

Gaminator Gaming Platform: Versions

Operators can choose one of three gambling platform versions:

  • Gaminator1. This software works through cash offices and terminals. There is an option of accepting third-party payments in favor of the mobile operator. Multi-language support, ability to set up maximum bets. Permanent updates and maintenance of the integrated protocol. Gaminator gaming platform works with the jackpots and allows customizing the return rates of slot machines. The basic package includes 10 popular videoslots.
  • Gaminator2. The software works with cash offices, features support for mobile version, set-up of a maximum bet, multi-language. The developers regularly update the system. You can set up the percentage of returns. The system includes a package of tools to work with the jackpots, bonus systems, and loyalty programs.
  • Gaminator3. Support for mobile version and online casino, working with via cash offices, terminals, cash acceptors, integrated protocol that multiple languages. Maximum bet regulation. There is a set of tools for organizing tournaments and creating different jackpots. Features an alarm button. The software is regularly updated.

Gaminator slot machines

Any Novomatic platform allows casino owners to successfully earn and attract new players due to the Gaminator slot machines. Visitors will appreciate the gaming system and no longer play in other establishments. Therefore, developing an online gambling clubs based on the Gaminator system is a worthy idea.

The Gaminator3 gambling platform is rapidly conquering gaming industry and will soon become a market leader. The profound technological effectiveness and profitability of each Gaminator platform version will contribute to the casino development.

Gaminator System offers customers to purchase online casino software for sale developed by the world's leader of the industry, or to create an online casino from scratch that will feature all the turnkey solutions required for prosperous activities. You will be able to buy casino software with a full set of customized features.

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Together with qualified Gaminator System experts, you can open gambling business and become an integral member of the gaming community.

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