White label casino: a successful launch of a new gambling establishment

12 november 2018
Online casino, Licensing
Author: James Burton
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Today it is very profitable for owners of the gambling business to open online casinos, but the very process of their launch is rather complex and time-consuming and demands efforts. Thus, the main product — casino software — requires specific knowledge when purchasing it. In order to choose the right software and install it into the gaming site, you should be aware of its quality and functions.

White label casino solutions

To create an online casino on turnkey basis means to guarantee success already during the commencement of business in the area of gambling, and we recommend you to order the White label casino from Casino Market. Its specialists will help you to solve any problem that may arise during the organization of a new business.

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Gaming Platform and its Role

A platform is essential to the derivation process of any Internet project, and in such case it controls all activity that is carried out the website. The platform can be called a virtual «director» of any online gambling establishment, because the installed casino software stimulates all the mechanisms on your website.

The soft also launches the game mechanics: reels and the roulette wheel are spinning, cards are shuffling, points and winnings are awarded. In other words, if you have an intention to open online casinos, you will have to take into account all characteristics and functions of the software.

What should the casino software look like

Online casino software

Experts say that software should be, first of all, qualitative, that is, it needs to support basic functions, which are necessary for a seamless operation: gameplay, depositing, ability to pay in and withdraw money through payment services, execution of all related programs.

Therefore, when choosing a provider, you have to take into account the following factors:

  • how long does the brand exists at the market;
  • which operators have integrated its software into their gaming sites;
  • how do other gambling companies speak of this developer;
  • consumer opinions about the games from the provider.

Thus, a key aspect of the creation of a gambling establishment is the market research, which can be carried out by both marketers of your firm and a specialized team of analysts.

What stages does the process of the creation of a casino consist of

In addition to casino software you should purchase other programs and work out a few different issues.

We offer you a below-specified action plan:

  1. Purchase of a license. In order to obtain it you are to contact offshore jurisdictions and send to their commissions about a dozen sensitive documents.
  2. Drafting a business plan always necessary in case you make a decision to open online casinos. This document is extremely important for obtaining a license, and it should consist of a list and descriptions of all games, as well as the sample calculation of revenues and expenses of the future casino.
  3. Development of a website for your casino. A website created by professional programmers will rather attract the attention of players than a off-grade resource. It is better to work with specialists!
  4. Integration of software and popular games. The casino software, as it was already mentioned above, should be maximally applicative.
  5. Installation of payment systems. It is worth noting that much depends on these services, for example, corporate earnings and profit of the company’s owner.
  6. Connection of technical support services. It had been repeatedly proven that players have special requirements for technical specialists, so responses must be prompt and competent.

As you can see, even a briefly made list of tasks you have to complete is quite cumbersome, and it will be difficult to do everything by yourself.

So what is the conclusion? There should be a worthy alternative to such a way of creating a casino!

White Label Casino: a Milestone in the Creation of Casinos

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White label casino solutions have become a real rescue for those wishing to create an online casino, because it is an almost ready-made solution for launching a new gambling establishment. Those providers who offer white label online casino will do almost everything for their clients, and it will allow them to launch a new project: specialists will provide clients with gambling licenses, develop websites and integrate all necessary programs into it.

And all this will be done very quickly — for several weeks. During this period of time business owners will be able to deal with other, no less important matters. As a result, time and energy will be saved. In other words, white label is used when operators decide to buy turnkey online casino, which allows them to open online casinos in a very short time and from scratch. Nowadays it is quite a well-known solution.

What is the difference between a White label casino and the «turnkey» service? Only in names! In both cases you are given an ability to promote your brand under the license of a senior partner, since «white label» just means «pure brand» (figuratively speaking). Later, when you will be able to manage your business independently and decide on further plans, you will obtain your own license, independent from your senior partner, such major brands as Casexe.

Where to Buy a White Label Casino

This suggestion is made by both by famous providers and lesser-known companies, but it is essential to take into account the experience and reputation of developers, and to reach a decision only after the analysis of their activity.

White label casino can be ordered from a major brand Casexe that is known as a handpicked team, who is readily available to provide clients with the casino platform of its own design on an individual order.

Positive characteristics of White label casino from Casexe:

White Label casino from Casexe

  • the brand shares with its gambling license, so the owners of a new project will also have it;
  • offering of the best game content that will be installed into your website, and these games were made by the world-famous developers;
  • Casexe experts integrate popular payment systems in a single package;
  • ability to freely and profitably use the saved time for the launch and promotion of your business and also to build traffic;
  • opportunity to purchase your own license and continue to work on an individual basis;
  • preparation of a new project and its launch within a short time.

Obviously, the long and the short of such decision is a full-fledged structure that allows you to conduct a gambling business.

Offer from Slotegrator

There is also another firm that offers its partners to buy White label casino, and this company is the aggregator of gaming solutions — the brand Slotegrator. Its casino gaming platform will also allow operators to quickly launch their project, which will surely be effective and profitable.

The company Slotegrator exists at the market for five years, and has already gained an unblemished reputation. Business owners speak positively about the activity of this developer, because many of them have been using its services for a long time and prefer to order its White label casino service.

We should also mention that the game content provided by this company is quite interesting and is characterized by a wide range of themes and storylines, as well as an excellent professional design. Such content allows operators to create an online casino on a made-to-measure basis. Subsequently, such projects occupy the best positions in world rankings.

The white label casino software from Slotegrator can boast a seamless operation, and its products and services are much better than offers of competitors. The brand works with popular operators and high-level producers. There are no distinctions between countries and it does not matter how long does the firm exists at the market: if you want to become a partner of Slotegrator, all you will have to do is to constantly develop your brand and implement innovations.

What does Slotegrator offer:

White Label casino from Slotegrator

  • development of online casinos and support throughout all process of creation of a casino;
  • assistance in obtaining a gambling license;
  • advising on business issues and legal aspects of the businessman’s activity;
  • best hosting and secured server for operators;
  • assistance in choosing a domain and the creation of a website;
  • consulting on the selection of appropriate game manufacturers and the best games;
  • installation of slot machines and payment services;
  • assistance during a process of the promotion of a new casino;
  • gambling platform: selection, installation, functions, optimization and launch;
  • made-to-measure development of a website;
  • customizable interface and administrative panel;
  • consulting on a process of customization of the best bonus and jackpot systems.

White label casino has become an unbundled service.

These are blueprints and configurations for the creation of a gambling establishment. The package consists of license, content, gaming platform, recommendations from leading providers and everything else that was mentioned above. There are other factors that are fundamentally different from what other suppliers can offer and give Slotegrator significant advantages.

Today it is not an issue to order white label casino software that will work with bitcoins. Actually, this company has long applied in practice the introduction of crypto currency into the payment systems of gambling establishments, so this currency can also operate in the White Label project of Slotegrator casinos. The brand offers to buy turnkey online casino with the Bitcoin system. This activity is considered innovative and really produces a huge profit to owners of gambling establishments, because bitcoin casinos are increasingly gaining popularity.

You must admit that financial self-sufficiency is attractive for all types of business, and especially for online casinos. We also would like to remind you: bitcoin differs from other currencies in the fact that it is not controlled by any financial authority and is absolutely autonomous.

This currency exists only on the Internet and is available only to its owner — he can buy, sell or exchange bitcoins from his e-wallet.

In order to get a bitcoin-wallet you just need to log on a special website, indicate your e-mail address (not a name or a surname), and receive a personal code through which all transactions will be carried out. During all subsequent activities you will no longer have to specify your personal data, except for a personal code.

Bitcoin guarantees:

  • anonymity and confidentiality;
  • security;
  • financial independence;
  • nonsusceptibility to inflation, denomination or default.

Create a bitcoin-casino

Naturally, with such characteristics, bitcoin became a mainstream among operators of the gambling industry. And today Slotegrator offers its partners not only to produce a casino, but to buy turnkey online casino with an already installed bitcoin system, where players can pay bitcoins fully or partially. In other respects, the platform itself is no different from the software of a traditional gambling establishment.

Specialists of the described firm will consult you on all issues related to the introduction of crypto currency into your Internet casino.

Experts recommend operators to buy White label casino from Casino Market. You are going to find out how it is easier and faster to order a White label casino, get a chance to consult an expert, and also you will be provided with a casino platform. Shortly afterwards you will start earning real money.

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White label casino can be described as the most optimal solution for those wishing to open online casinos, and it does not dispense large financial and time resources. The creation of a casino in such a format is considered to be the best alternative to a self-made business organization. This service will allow you to launch your gambling establishment within a short time and start to promote it.

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