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Industry Decision Makers Prepare for ICE London

08 february 2022
Author: James Burton
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The results of the survey held among the future visitors of ICE London 2022 were published. According to its data, most of the industry's valuable players are planning to attend this large-scale event to receive some insight for their future projects and learn more about the latest trends.

Industry decision makers prepare for ICE London 2022

Everything about the Survey

The company Explori held a poll where over 1,200 of the potential attendees of ICE 2022 have voiced their opinions on the future event and many of its aspects. It turned out that the show is most likely to be attended by only three-fourths of those who have pre-registered for the exhibition in April. This might be related to its postponement from February.

77% of those who are firmly planning to attend the show are equipped to make final decisions for their company. Over four-fifths of the future attendees consider the exhibition significant for the development of their business. Meanwhile, 67% of the polled have communicated their interest in potential partnerships as the main reason for visiting the event.

Clarion Gaming's Comments

The director of the organising company, Stuart Hunter, noted that many companies are anticipating the big return of the exhibition 2 years after it last took place. He specifically stressed that the postponement of the event to April was a one-off solution because the organisation was in a critical state out of COVID-19 concerns.

On the bright side, Hunter commented that with the introduction of April dates, a lot of worries regarding the pandemic restrictions have become less substantial. The good news is that travelling to the UK has now become easier since the guests of the country will not have to take COVID-19 tests at the airport. In Hunter’s opinion, this will stimulate more businesses to consider attending the event in person.

The executive also mentioned the UK's multi-step plan on coming out of the quarantine and easing the restrictions. Some of the main changes are masks no longer being mandatory, as well as some travelling rules becoming more lenient.

Hunter said that he was fully in support of the UK official bodies that were responsible for controlling quarantine norms. He concluded by saying that things are finally getting back to normal, and ICE London will be one of the steps towards getting things back on track.

Sign-up Dynamics

A few famous participants have dropped out of this year's ICE lineup, citing the uncertainty around COVID-19 regulations and travelling difficulties as the main reasons for their decision. Hunter admitted that this was a difficult thing to deal with, especially at the last minute.

Still, he confirmed that over 450 businesses are planning to attend the event this year and that no matter what, it will stay the most influential gambling exhibition. Moreover, in 2 weeks, the organisers saw registration forms from 15 new participants.

In Hunter's words, the gambling industry has always been fully presented at the ICE exhibition. He stated that some smaller companies are reliant on the revenue that comes from the event every year and that the organisers are especially determined to work closely with them.

In conclusion, he said that the whole gambling business is eagerly waiting to come together after 2 long and difficult years. The exhibition will be a celebration of the strength, talent, and perseverance that all the participants have shown in these challenging times. The executive promised to continue communicating with clients before and after the event.

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